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  1. @Victor where is Rayz Funk and 6million
  2. Successful more of a Dany Heatley career at best
  3. Not trying to act like a Boubabi but is this a popularity vote because I thought Palo would have this on lock
  4. 1. To see father Boubabi in Montreal @boubabi 2. I train and practice pretty simple I know 3. Well if I get drafted there or when I play there. 4. Nobody unless Matt_O counts we talked about clowns and the circus 5. Nobody at all they aren’t impressive 6. Two defensemen get 92+ Points and one wins mvp
  5. Hockey yes. But can we draft AHL players?
  6. I mean you could say these guys are nerds for coding, when coding is the reason you’re on this site so that’s a yikes. Also fresco and tfong shouldn’t be on this list so ggs make Seoul happen @frescoelmo