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  1. I'm going to sign with Saskatoon, thanks for the interest everyone looking forward to joining the league and maybe someday we will be in the same org McWolf best of luck
  2. 1. We are at about the third season mark. What teams are most likely going to face off in the next Founder's Cup final? I'm new to the league but I'm looking forward to a good match and getting to know the teams in the mix. 2. What is one trade you'd like your trade to do at this moment? I'm still a free agent but I always like to see teams make big moves so teams should always try to trade for me ;) 3. The 3rd World Junior Championship Commissioner was just hired (congrats Frostbeard), meaning the S65 WJC is about to start. Do you think you have what it takes to represent your nation? I'm not sure, I have a ways to go and figure out my identity at the top level. 4. Who are your early favourites to win some awards in the VHLM? MVP, best two-way forward, best defenseman, best goalie? Hunter Helmsley is doing work as a scorer 5. What's one song that you listen to before stepping on the ice, that will inevitably pump you up and get you ready for action? One step closer - Linkin Park 6. Describe your VHLM team's General Manager and/or Assistant to the General Manager in 3 words. Can't do it yet but my dream GM likes long walks on the beach and constant positive reinforcement
  3. Thanks McWolf, I really appreciate it. I would be very interested in Halifax, I am trying to be a solid 2 way guy with some 2nd unit pp potential, could kill penalties as well. Per your suggestion I will try to speak with a few GMs before making my call, but won't wait too long
  4. Player Information Username: Glacier Player Name: Ty Steel Recruited From: YouTube Age: 16 Position: D Height: 71 in. Weight: 183 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM