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  1. okocha5

    MEX/HOU: S66

    lord commander chillzone, welcome.
  2. @Bushito you haven't stepped in yet so should be free reign for PenKnight?
  3. 1 which VHLM team has surprised you the most so far? Mexico and San Diego. We're doing decent and San Diego got a game off us. We have to keep getting shots and scoring a bit more, we'd be even higher in the standings. 2 what would you say to a friend to get them to join the VHL? " You know that thing I used to do years ago? Yeah that's this thing, hockey simulation league. You should try it out, it's fun." 3 if you could have added your own expansion team, where would it have been? Maryland or the United Kingdom. No idea on the branding yet. 4 what other sim leagues are you involved in? I got here from the SBA. In addition to SBA, I got into EFL recently. 5 are you watching GOT at all? Yeah, I am. I haven't been looking forward to it as much recently, but I've been watching. Only one more episode to go, probably thankfully. 6 best vacation spot ever? Obviously I haven't been everywhere in the world... Northern Italy, Copenhagen are my selections.
  4. D - Vaydar Odinsson D - Tzuyu @fonziGG
  5. G - Kallis Kriketers @PenKnight again I guess