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  1. hey lab I already had one successful player basically without 12 TPE affiliation is the midway point between lick and a bust a buck or a list
  2. 1.) Who is the biggest team player Houston has atm, give him or her a shout out. I think it has to be Shawty. They're trying very hard in practice and it shows up on game days. 2.) What do you think is contributing to our teams monumental success so far this season? High shot efficiency. Can't keep us from scoring. 3.) What do you say to all the haters that say we are a middle of the road team who is just getting lucky? I think they should watch closer. 4.) How many times a day does the team actually say horns up? Probably between one and
  3. Questions: 1. What part of the vhl has been your favorite so far? 2. What is the most impressive part of your game? 3. What do you think you are most known for to your team mates? 4. If you won the lottery what would you do first? 5. What movie can you watch nonstop and still love? 6. What is the oldest piece of equipment you own? going to the finals was really cool. long and effective strides. to keep a low profile? is that an oxymoron hahaha buy some new sticks. I don't think there's a movie I could watch nonstop without go
  4. man, that's scummy. Had no problem doing it for other leagues but suddenly went to at-bat for himself ?
  5. I watched one of the best football matches I've ever seen, Uruguay vs Ghana in the quarter-finals of the world cup.
  6. . What do you want your legacy with the bulls to be? 2. If you could hold any record on ice or off what would it be? 3. Who is most likely to try and prank the new players after the draft? 4. If you had to change positions what would you choose? 5. What is the most important thing for the new bulls to know about our team? 6. What is one thing your teammates do not know about you? First round selection would be enough for me. Seems quite unlikely, however. Most minutes played in a playoff game. :D That's so cool to me. I don't know the playe