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  1. Yes, I am. It feels like I'm actually seventeen again. I can't pick out just one improvement. Very happy with the direction right now. Would that be Moscow, then? When I was younger I would have said taekwondo, but now I'd probably go with golf. Warrior. No reason. It's just what they've been handing me. Three times a month approximately.
  2. never taking tips from @Enorama again
  3. 1) The off-season is upon us. Are you more excited for the draft or seeing trade activity? 2) If we were to test free agency which position would you like to see us strengthen? 3) With training camp opening next week what will you be focusing on improving? 4) If we had a snack bar post game, which snack would you be excited to see on the menu? 5) Does your player live in an apartment, condo or house? 6) What car does your player drive? I try to tune out of hockey during the summer, but the draft is a once in a lifetime experience for a player. I don't feel confident in answering this one. Next week already? Damn. Maybe getting my old ass to the gym. Sunflower seeds. But those are always available everywhere, so... I've made enough money in my years to have a house for myself. Daily Tesla driver but I've got my fair share of Italian and Japanese 1990s gems.
  4. 1) Will you be attending this off-season's draft? 2) Who do you see meeting in the finals this post-season? (Vancouver/Seattle and Moscow/Riga remain) 3) Malmo was swept by Moscow. Do you think Helsinki would have put up a stronger fight? 4) Where would your player most likely be found during the off-season? 5) Are you anticipating a return to the playoffs for the Titans in S72? 6) Who in the locker-room has the best pre-game soccer skill? I sure hope that the team can fly me over. It's a good time. Just uhh... Vancouver and Moscow? Sounds like two big hockey cities. Perhaps. It's unlike us to not take advantage of home ice. Be found sounds so ominous. Fishing is a good bet. I'm anticipating a return to form. Spin that as you may. Virgil used to be a freestyle artist. He's cool like that.
  5. 1) Final week of the season is upon us. In your opinion who has been our team MVP? Erik. No two ways about it. He's got it all. 2) Who has been our unsung hero? Owen's been alright the few times he's been called upon. Definitely underrated. 3) Bailey is set to play his final regular season games before retirement. What will you miss most about his on-ice skillset? He creates space for others. He's slick down by the boards and draws the attention of the defense. 4) What is a personal goal of yours for next season? I'd love to present some grandeur goals, but I'm afraid I just have to be content with not looking old and slow. 5) During your time in the VHL, would you agree that the league is as competitive as its ever been? I would say so. In my earlier years we had some of the best teams imaginable but didn't get to the mountain top. That should explain all in itself. 6) When you are watching a game, what is your go-to arena food and/or drink purchase? Would likely be popcorn. Not a big soda or nachos guy.
  6. 391 D.C. Dragons @ Helsinki Titans 392 New York Americans @ Riga Reign 393 Seattle Bears @ Moscow Menace 394 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves
  7. 1) Tough go last week, still have a fighting chance with 20 games left. Do you remain optimistic? Yes, of course. We'll keep playing hard until the season is over and there's mathematically no way to go to the playoffs. 2) TOO MANY PIMS! It is clear this has hindered us in many games. What do we need to do as a team to clean up our game? No more hitting mitts on defense. 3) We'll be picking Valtteri Vaakanainen with our round 1 selection this draft. What sort of impact do you expect from his rookie season? Wow! How do you know who we'll be picking already. I'm remaining optimistic about this Vaakanainen fellow. 4) Who on the team best complements your play style? I mean, it's not very good but anyone who lets up long shots from the point. Staying in front is my playstyle, and while I don't want to block 200 shots a season, someone has to. 5) Are you a visor, cage or visor-less player? For goalies, do you wear the plastic neck-guard? I thought we were mandated to use visors here! 6) How do you tape your stick? Style/colour/etc. You've seen my white tape. Not really a style guy in that fashion.