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  2. 1. What are your thoughts on Moscow winning the Continental Cup? Good for them. Not particularly for or against it. 2. Who do you think is this seasons "BIG" FA? I haven't really looked at the free agency, so I'm not sure. 3. What do you think of Seattle trading away Zoiderberg? It sucks, but I feel like it had to be done in order for us to get back on the right track. 4. What are your thoughts on AcydBurn finally getting the well deserved boot? Gonna miss having him around in the locker room. Hope he does well. 5. Which one will you miss more? I don't have a preference honestly. Maybe Acyd because I spoke to him more often. 6. How do you think Seattle did during this seasons draft? Excellent. Bana probably did the best job drafting out of all teams this season.
  3. @animal74 it’s been more than 12 @FrostBeard
  4. Hard to vote for Helsinki on this one. They're losing arguably the best player in the league and their franchise goalie. I highly doubt Smith will be able to make up for their losses.
  5. S71 2153-3716-0713-2582 Doubles Week Doubles Week 5 Uncapped $1 MIL Store Cash
  6. Ola Vikingstad - C 383 TPE He's a large dude that slots in at third in the center depth chart, but will likely play on the wing in the top six to fill in for the lack of depth caused by the recent success the Bears have had. Ola was a stud in the VHLM, and is projected to be a scoring center for many seasons to come. Uhtred - RW 295 TPE Uhtred is a respectably sized winger that is highly skilled on both ends of the ice. He should find himself somewhere in the middle six this season. Finishing in third place for goals and fourth place for points, he quite literally tore it up, and appears to be on track to do the same in the big league. Zyrok12 - D 192 TPE While he's fairly new to the community, he's found no trouble creating a lot of buzz around himself. Zyrok12 will be spending another season in the VHLM to develop his game before ultimately joining the team, as they hope to be competitive again as soon as possible.
  7. Hey I didn’t get 3 mil in y1.
  8. I almost pissed myself when I thought it read Patrik Tallinder.
  9. @Motzaburgerwhat you hmmming about???