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  1. guys... vote me for the all star game please

    1. ZP16
    2. rory


      Oh boy! I can't wait to go to the All Star Voting forum poll and vote ODIN OMAHDAHL for all star!

  2. 2 seasons in a row no ASG for me. guess 90 points as a defenseman isn't good enough 1 huevo = 1 prayer
  3. Left - Odin Omdahl (Dyl) @zepheter Middle - Ola Vikingstad (Dil) @Dil Right - Rick Osman (Dylan) @dylanjj37
  4. F - Andrew Su F - Dalton Wilcox @studentized
  5. D - Hulk Hogan G - Rayz Funk @studentized
  6. D - Lincoln Tate F - Brock Louth @studentized
  7. zepheter

    SEA/MOS; S73

    Safe to say this trade won us the cup.
  8. I didn’t pay any attention this season. Why did they trade down? Deep draft?
  9. cool chart. props to corco who wasn't mentioned but went up 36 spots
  10. i'll cry if I don't get voted in. 1 vote = 1 hat trick next season.
  11. This is money. I would definitely get behind you using these to make skill-based groups for the upcoming seasons.