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  1. 1. Love Town of Salem, def that. Would have signed up if I had more time. 2. Always bet on the @CowboyinAmerica 3. Home made pho would be fun to try. 4. I wouldn't recommend the Chef Foreskin special. It's too salty. 5. Gardening. Planting fruits and veggies. 6. The Hanson Brothers from "Slap Shot"
  2. D - Condor Adrienne F - Boris the Forest @McWolf
  3. 1. NY is set to pick at #4, what do you want to see come from this pick? 2. Who's the most exciting prospect in this draft? 3. How have you spent your offseason so far? 4. After a disappointing finish last year, what do you expect to see from us this year? 5. Any hot takes for the upcoming season? 6. NYA Longest Drive Competition, who wins? 1. Love that we got Flash. Excited to skate with him. 2. Last name Jass, first name Hugh. 3. Canned spam. Lots of canned spam. 4. Exploding fireworks. 5. New York Americans are going to the finals. 6. Prob either Bird Dad or Bird Son since they can drive from the sky.
  4. F - Scott Greene D - Apollo Hackett @Gscx420
  5. derp I missed the sign ups, can I still get in? @McWolf
  6. 1. What's your favorite memory in the VHL so far? Def the playoff series against Seattle. Was heartbreaking but thrilling. 2. How do you unwind after a game? I dress up as a mime and perform on the New York subway. 3. New York Americans have an early offseason - how are you spending the extra time off? Gonna learn how to tame wolves. 4. Which players do you admire the most in the league? Got love for the New York squad. 5. What's your spirit animal? Billy Zane. 6. McWolf is retiring this season - what tips do you have for his retirement? Go Vegan.
  7. SBA +6