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  1. @DollarAndADream 6 GIFX and 1 BIO 👨‍🍳
  2. Review: Gotta push it more - don’t be afraid of making mistakes. An easy way to make a natural image like this one feel more stylized is by downloading “lens flare” filters and throwing it on top, to give it more dramatic lighting. Playing with color combos more too is easy to do and a good way to explore style. The text is way too timid.
  3. Review Dope vintage vibe. Love the star filters on the shoulder highlights. Woulda just softened the Mexico logo a bit to make it feel retro. It feels just too sharp. Keep it up man!
  4. Review: Def a refreshing read, love how you painted a portrait of MacBurn's inner life, from practicing gratitude to sharing the values he learned from his parents. Love the detail of not knowing what Fortnite is. The interview format gave the bio a very personal touch. Wonderful work, man.
  5. Review Dark text on black ground feels muddy and hard to read. The background is empty. You gotta push the style more on your next try. Explore giving the background depth, and blending the player with lighting textures. Play with colors more.
  6. Review: dazzling wavy fire backgroud with black negative space gives the background a lot of drama - you went bold and quiet at the same time. the simple font works well here, altho "calgary" is hard to read. love the work you did, killer stuff man
  7. Review: Wish you blended the player with the background more. Fire textures, film burns, heat waves, flares, are all elements that fit the fire motif, and woulda given the graphic are more layered, natural look. The Mexico City Kings logo is a bit awkward hidden directly behind the player.... kinda looks like a Sideshow Bob hair cut behind the player. It's a sick logo, feature it more!
  8. Review: Sick graphic, reminds me of an astronaut, esp with the sci-fi cold blue-green colors. It's dramatic and intense. Wish you went bolder with font tbh - you could gone dynamic with it since you went so stylized with the color correction.
  9. 1. What's your favorite part of living in New York? Riding the subway to Coney island at dawn and eating a hot dog while watching the sun rise. 2. What's your favorite song right now? Mac Miller Small Worlds 3. If you had a time machine, where would you go? Gonna take a polaroid of the end of the world. 4. Would you rather be rich or famous? Gave away my riches and still remained a rich man. 5. What super power do you wish you had? To be in more than one place at the same time. 6. What's your spirit animal? Probably a dog dreaming of becoming a wolf.
  10. F - Chest Rockwell D - Brock Landers G - Nathaniel Merriweather VHLM - Bay Area Boogie