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  1. @DollarAndADream sup sup 8 graphic reviews here 🌪️
  2. Review: fresh af! feels clean imho. dig the balanced use of colors. Zoiderberg looks dope in red. hope this becomes an ongoing series, i need more Zoiderberg Hockey images in my life
  3. Review: digging this, I like the lighting and specks of dust you added. font work is dope too, nice that it aligns with the hockey stick. my main note is that the Toyota logo is extra distracting next to your text! they feel too connected. would be nice to blur it / obscure more.
  4. Review: freshhhh. awesome work with the jersey. I like the aesthetic you're going for - I would have just matched the shade of blue on the left arm a bit more. dope lighting too - digging how the specks of dust are turning a bit blue with the lens flare.
  5. Review: the minimal use of colors is gorgeous. text work is fire. you went bold with the red text on red background and it works. the floating geometric outlines are a nice touch. awesomeee.
  6. Review: clean image, nice cut out. i like the ice mist over the legs, it blends well with background. i like how you desaturated the player colors so he fits in more with the dark background. I also like how you chose shades of grey instead of a solid color for the background.
  7. Review: striking sig, man! the black and white portrait against a wild colorful background is a dope combo. loving the reflection effect too. the text is tough to read (and a little blurry.) maybe consider giving it an outline edge so it stands apart from the background more. dope work!
  8. Review: this is sick af, dope font, awesome background, loving the use of purple, especially as an outline in the text. the subtle vignette adds nice depth. this is nitpicky but maybe just make the face a touch brighter.
  9. Review: the colors are too muddy imho. if you’re going for a postcard aesthetic, go all the way! make the colors pop, a richer green, a deeper blue. there’s def a way to balance vintage look with vibrant colors.
  10. 7-If you could jump into a pool full of something, what would it be? Gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. 8-How do you relax after a hard day of work? Never not working. 9-What’s your favorite Disney movie? Monsters, Inc 10-If you could keep any animal as a pet, what would you choose? Would be cool to have a pet Chimera 11-Where do you think you are going in the draft (round and team) Probably undrafted tbh! 12-Who do you hope comes to your new team with you? My grandma. I love her home cooked meals. She could make food for the whole team.
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