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  1. D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen F - Dan Wilinsky @TheLastOlympian07
  2. @DollarAndADream 2 GFX, 2 rookie profiles, 2 bios 🐲
  3. Review: love the colors, mixing the phantom logo with the smoke is an awesome idea, and you blended them in a very cool and mysterious way. the word “Prague” could be brighter so it pops more against the dark background. nice work!!
  4. Review: digging the hockey boxing theme, i like the mix of black and white and blue background. wish the font was a bit more dynamic and embraced a bolder color - font just feels kinda tacked out and rushed . next time go all the way with theme, would have been fun to try a boxing / prize fight match style font in the design.
  5. Review: strong revision! well done, you took Berocka’s advice to heart and prepared a great, detailed profile! I def relate to some of your player’s weaknesses haha. i always feel nervous in the first few mins of a game too. the lightning legs strength is my fav part as it feels dynamic and detailed. awesome work.
  6. Review: great photo and rookie profile! you chose great strengths to highlight, which I think shows your great potential as a goalie in this league. your leadership will come over time as you grow comfortable with your new team I think. this meets the word requirement. well done man. good luck this season.
  7. Review: always love a redemption story. you painted a great portrait of Toppi’s ups and downs. it’s interesting how Toppi went from gymnastics to playing goalie , that’s a bit of an unexpected path in sports. I’m a fan of how you weaved in hockey stats with personal feelings on his success and struggles, it made his journey more real. good luck in Minnesota and Vancouver!
  8. Review: wonderful bio, you painted a great portrait of growing up in a small town like Yarmouth. vivid details. i was shocked and worried when Jubis was rushed to the hospital in Charlottetown, and def felt his joy when he was given a shot with the Wild after all his struggles. rooting for you in the VHL man ✌🏽 @R Jubis
  9. 1. We just completed our draft - what advice or tips do you have for our incoming rookies? 2. Aleksander Rodriguez left our team for Malmo this offseason - what parting words or wishes do you have for him? 3. Our co-captain Guy LaGrande won Most Improved Player last season - what leap do you expect from him next season? 4. What does New York have to work on this offseason to push into the playoffs? 5. Our young star Lance Flowers won both Rookie of the Year and Top Defensive Defenseman last season - were you surprised? 6. What are your personal goals for next season? 7. We got a new mascot - @Nykonax - what animal or creature should he be? 8. What's your favorite midnight snack? 9. What sports do you follow outside hockey? 10. What's your go-to dance song?
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