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  1. agreed Alfredo sucks. include me in this trade too
  2. 1. An offseason tournament could be fun. Maybe bring back the old hall of game players and have them play against current stars. 2. Write, cook, dance, repeat. 3. Davos number one. 4. Getting to know the new players in NYA. 5. Drama is good sometimes. 6. Raiders! Duh.
  3. F - Tyler Barabash Jr F - Shawnomir Jagr @Dil
  4. D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen D - Joseph McWolf @Dil
  5. Review: as a GM in SBA I def love reading about the behind the scenes process of other GMs. you walk the reader through your brainstorming process in a clear and personal way, and I def felt excitement when your plans came to fruition and you were able to draft two great players. i understand why but i wish you shared more details on the trade offers and how you weighed the pros and cons. photos / graphics could have helped make the article pop more. wonderful @diamond_ace
  6. Review: awesome retrospective of an impressive draft class. I’m a relatively new VHL member so it was fun to learn about these players. the draft is my favorite part of sim leagues so i love the analysis and the steal / bust perspective. wish there were more photographs and career stats presented in a clearer format.
  7. 1. DC, Prague, New York all did good moves this offseason. 2. League is not ready for the McWereWolf 3. Happy to have them. I teamed up with Masaa before in the SBA. Work hard, hustle, help us build a dynasty. 4. To the moon and back. 5. The whole squad works hard. It’s inspiring. 6. Always bet on Flowers.