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  1. 🤔 if the town's 2nd player comes around, they can lynch/shoot for the win... If not, I'll win eventually 😛
  2. Vote Tactical Hammer... I don't think there is any active Mafia to vote with me
  3. MB: Brandon, the VHLm season is winding to a close. How do you feel about your production? B: To be quite honest, my goal was to be a great passing defenceman. I have showed flashes of my passing ability with 28 assists, but that number only sits 9th on my own team. I absolutely need to improve. MB: The draft is coming up, how much attention are you getting in terms of GM interest? B: Well, not much actually. But I'm sure that will come in time. MB: Your draft stock rose rapidly in the few days after the VHLm draft, but it seems to have plateaued. To what would you attribute that to? B: Well, my development slowed just a bit. Early on, I was getting better and better almost every practice, but recently, the practices haven't been nearly as effective. MB: You may have hoped we would forget, but you once said that you would likely be a career VHLm athlete. Is that still the case? B: I haven't fully decided yet. I may decide to give the VHL a go. But, if I have to stay in Philly for a couple extra seasons with that amazing coaching staff, I'll be totally fine with that.
  5. Town going to struggle to win if the assassin is the only one hitting mafia until the roles feel safe revealing
  6. Again, it's very quiet. Not even a single lynch vote has been thrown out there. Kinda surprising.
  7. Godfather gone? Nice. Anyone have anything to go on for tonight?
  8. I'll talk alot today just in case 😬
  9. Imma have more posts from this game than everything else I've posted on this site tbh