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  6. Blueberg: Brandon, what were your initial thoughts on the trade to Calgary? LeBlanc: I think I laughed to be quite honest. Calgary traded away the pick right before I was selected. Now, somehow, a trade occurs and Calgary ends up with me anyway. Blueberg: Give us your thoughts on Davos. How were relations between yourself and the team? And, what are your thoughts about being traded away? LeBlanc: There was no animosity between myself and Davos. I'm sure I would have stayed in Davos my whole career otherwise. There did seem to be a great absence of communication between us. Sometimes I wondered if they even recognized I was in their pipeline. Blueberg: Now that you are finally a member of the Calgary Wranglers... LeBlanc: Yes, I mean, I kinda am inclined to joke about this whole situation. But really, I'm thrilled to be here in Calgary. It was the place I wanted to end up anyways, and now I am here. Blueberg: Well, I'm happy for you. You finally seem to be where you want to be. And hey, you still have the chance to prove the doubters wrong. LeBlanc: Yes. Being traded will allow me to keep that chip on my shoulder. That's what motivates me, and drives me to succeed.
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