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  2. Blueberg: Brandon, the expansion rules haven't been made known yet. But, we're assuming there will be an expansion draft. Assuming the rules don't automatically protect those of your class, how would you feel about going in the expansion draft? LeBlanc: I think it could be nice. My goal is to become a key piece on whatever team I'm on. Going to an expansion team could make that happen a little sooner. But, I'm going to be ok no matter what happens. Blueberg: Generally, expansion drafts have pretty slim pickings. The top prospects are usually protected... LeBlanc: Well, I might be the only one that considers me a top prospect, but if an expansion team manages to snag me, they can be content knowing they grabbed the best unprotected prospect available. Blueberg: Well, I belive in you if no-one else does. LeBlanc: I think I'm that future 1st pairing defenseman for whichever team would hypothetically take a chance on me. Blueberg: Well as I was saying... LeBlanc: Don't make the same mistakes that were made in the VHL draft. Don't let me drop. Because, (ask all the teams that passed on me in my VHLm draft...) It will burn you. *Commercial*
  4. Gold - USA Silver - Canada Bronze - Europe MVP - Ambrose Stark
  5. All not well in Philly? Despite a 32-6 record, and a chance to repeat as league champions, things aren't all that great in the Philadelphia LR. Sources tell us that as recently as Saturday a fight broke out when Condor Adrienne threatened to put Brandon LeBlanc in a pink coffin. Apparently, the 16 point advantage LeBlanc has over his teammate is too much for the 6'8", 250 pound defensemen to take. Adrienne is quoted as saying "He won't outscore me for much longer when I'm done with him." With a 11 inch, and 65 lb advantage over the 5'9", 185 lb LeBlanc, we hope for LeBlanc's sake that Adrienne doesn't try anything. We reached out to Adrienne for comment, but he refused. We were able to obtain a comment from LeBlanc who said, "Aww, y'all are really writing about this? Not about the fact that me and Condor have 108 total points in 38 games? That statement was made entirely in jest. Although I'm sure Adrienne legitimately wants to outscore me, me and him get along great. If we ever do get in a fight, it will be in the VHL when we're on separate teams." Despite the attempt to brush over the situation, it is clear that tensions in the locker room are high, and LeBlanc and Adrienne are holding it together for now for the good of the team. @Green
  7. Blueberg: We talk enough about your play at the VHLm level. Going in, the expectations were high, and you have met those expectations. The real question is, "Will LeBlanc be able to perform at the next level?" LeBlanc: I'm putting in work. I'm getting better every day. I believe I have a skillet that will be needed in the VHL. I believe I'll certainly be able to perform. Blueberg: That's what we want to hear. Obviously, all of us here are rooting for you. Any talks with the Davos management regarding the plans for you. LeBlanc: It's been pretty quiet. Haven't heard to much at all from Davos really. Basically, they welcomed me to the pipeline and that was it. Who knows, I might not be in their plans... Anyways, I'll keep working, and they'll have to make room for me in their plans. Blueberg: That sounds like the right way to go about this. Make them notice. To go away from hockey for a moment, how's your personal life been since joining the VHL? LeBlanc: I have great teammates and they've made the transition easy. I am never at a loss for something to do. I've been having a blast.