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  1. Rayzor_7

    SEA/HSK; S79

    It would've been but that loses a trade partner as well as respect from every single GM in the league
  2. Rayzor_7

    HSK/CGY; S79

    Condition @Ricer13 S81 CAL 3rd becomes S81 CAL 2nd if Dan Dan resigns in Calgary prior to the S81 Draft. Thanks for the trade talks. I wish you all the best in your future @MMFLEX!
  3. Rayzor_7

    DAV/HSK; S79

    Yeah meant this, as in a respect and agreement behind the scenes
  4. Rayzor_7

    DAV/HSK; S79

    We very well could just remove the condition and acknowledge it behind the scenes like before. That would happen rather than this condition becoming public.
  5. Rayzor_7

    DAV/HSK; S79

    Accepted Was a pleasure working with you and getting to an agreement. This helps the HSK rebuild get started fast
  6. @VictorShould use the Berlin name I was going to use for expansion
  7. Rayzor_7

    TOR/HSK; S78

    Helsinki Receives: Erik Killinger 79 TOR 4th Toronto Receives: Kate Upton S79 HSK 2nd S80 HSK 3rd
  8. The new management of the Helsinki Titans are proud to announce their captaincy squad for Season 78! Team Captain: Valtteri Vaakanainen @Jubo Assistant Captain: Patrik Laine @PatrikLaine Assistant Captain: Dan Dan @MMFLEX
  9. In fairness I was here first before I became an EFL guy
  10. I'm the Tom Wilson of the VHL
  11. Only kind of, the meta that we thought was so good isn't really the one doing the best anymore. Now that may be luck and bounces but it's not as black and white as it once was
  12. Yeah was just trying to confirm the stipulations for a 45M cap. I think I would've rather seen everyone get the increased cap and just seen a pick docked for it, this feels real jank.
  13. Wait so there's no penalty to going over the soft cap? Just a roster count requirement?
  14. I can tell you who and what, can't tell you what the argument was about though
  15. Applying. Well done in your time with the team @Jubo
  16. Rayzor_7

    TPA Recall

    Frank Funk Jr FO 70>50
  17. Fuck you quoting me for Mr. White Knight? I was actually just trying to be polite and saying we stand with RJ and who he is. I didn't say fuck all about the OG post. All I said was we as a group aren't fighting and we stand beside our fellow GM. You could've picked anyone who actually commented on his post but you decide mine was the one? Fuck outa here with that shit
  18. Based on this response I was misconstrued in what you said. From what I was reading you were saying IR had to cheat or underhandedly get his GM spot when that's not the case at all. So if I was wrong then I do apologize but if not I won't stand for the slander.
  19. I can actually tell you exactly how, why and what the discussion was that lead to the ADV and IR hirings. So stop spewing more shit out of your mouth than your ass when you don't actually know the going one behind the scenes