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  1. I’ve seen worse get tpe, but hey I don’t control it. Also not minimal effort in all honesty doing this late at night trying to keep my eyes open.
  2. 1. The most surprising team, the most active team, and the most surprising team (in a bad way) 2. Most improved gm of the year, the most creative gm of the year, the most orthodox. 3. I very much am as a coach and a player. 4. I don’t have an opinion whatsoever if I’m being honest. 5. 10 seems like a reasonably good amount. 6. Honestly I think it’s a great way to keep up with the league in it’s growth and activity as a whole
  3. So how does one move down if someone below has the same exact amount of tpe shouldn’t you put T or something? Besides that I’m top ten so still great.
  4. Bench flashback was the highlight of this all.
  5. @BladeMaiden and @Acydburn you two just made this man more hyped up than Jimmy Vesey lmao.