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  1. Andrei Mikhailov Forward Goals Hits
  2. I actually happen to enjoy VSN thoroughly and one day hope to join the team. But it would be nice if they posted more often and go more in-depth similar to Gustav's mock draft.
  3. Absolute disrespect putting Tate after ACL. Besides that it was a great read.
  4. Note: using this bold text the entire time. So can I start off by saying that I’m a Marlins player myself and hope I give no signs of bias. Going into the season the Marlins where great but it was mainly their goalie and 1st line. Then a beauty in the San Diego scene came along named Lincoln Tate and changed their game completely. They had high expectations for an expansions team. Lincoln Tate or as I like to call him Golden Tate ( @Tate can I call you that) had even higher expectations. Then Philip Marleau had even HIGHER expectations. The rest of the players weren’t as highly streamed as he others, and I bet even IR forgets that their Alternate Samuel Sparrow exists. So you’d think they would at least be1-1 in this playoff series but no they’re 0-2. Then you say oh they still have a chance. Their chance is slimmer than your 80 year old aunt. Cause brother (or sister if you’re a girl) let me tell you something even as a Marlin myself I think we might get swept but I don’t think we’ll make it past this round. If we do we might end up being the miracle like St. Louis Blues. A lot of Marlins player underperforming. Even the captains and alternates. Do you think this article is rubbish let me know. I’d always appreciate a reaction. Also I’m not a salty player just need TPE for theme week.
  5. Made the sig before the games so yeah.
  6. I’ve had updates sit for weeks that where key. Though I see where you’re coming from, but indeed we might just be truly spoiled.
  7. I’d be higher if they approved my updates earlier.
  8. I’m gonna use this bold font the whole entire time so yikes. Anyways I guess we can do NHL stuff cause I’ve seen somebody do it for a while now. So first off I’ll start off with the captains then the alternates then the overall great players. To be specific I’m only doing the two A's and the one C then doing the others next week Phil Marleau (C) - Eric Lindros I know what you’re thinking that I’m downright stupid but I’m pretty sure Marleau could actually stay out of the box. Similar to Lindros, if Marleau and the box weren’t friends he would have much better stats. He can’t handle a puck as well as Marleau. As I said already his discipline is a train wreck. Goes for unnecessary hits. Great player don’t get me wrong, but I stand with my Lindros selection. Edgar Tannahil (LW) - Mitchell Marner Unless you’re a maple leafs fan you probably either underate Marner or make fun of his puberty problems. But he’s a great player especially this season with 90 something points. It might be a fluke but let’s be honest both are great players and they might only be the 2nd best player on their team. Both can pass the puck around efficiently get shots on net. Though Edgar plays better defense, but don’t discredit Mitch. Samuel Sparrow (D) - P.K Subban Subban is great, and just to leave off with a touch both are great. They can be so much better their defense is better but man they need to setup more shots for their teamates. It’s almost kind of sad that Sparrow's rookie season in the VHLM was better than this one disappointing seasons from both. We all know they’re great. Both get ahead of shots they score a decent amount of goals for defensemen. But the Marlins have Lincoln Tate anyways. Thanks for reading I’d appreciate a heart reaction or any reaction I’ll actually keep em coming next time. Tell me anything I missed about these players. Enjoy your day.
  9. Don’t mention it you’re the man, Tate.
  10. You’re the man Tate.
  11. If I breakout I might be the franchise's all-time point leader.