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  1. Nah. Check out the recent shot totals against. Been very lopsided in our favor. Obviously that's the offense too but I gotta toot my own horn every once in a while. 😝
  2. Will any team be able to break the Lynx defense?
  3. D - Basaraba Moose @FerdaJets Sorry for delay in my picks guys was out of town for my bday this weekend.
  4. Ottawa defense is killing it so far this season! Seems like opponents can't get shots through.
  5. Bout time BJL did freaking something XD
  6. 1. What do you see as the biggest strength in your game? 2. What's one area of your game that needs a bit of work? 3. What part of the VHL experience are you most excited for? 4. How welcoming has the VHL been to you? 5. What are your goals for the upcoming season?
  7. Super excited to be starting with the Lynx. I feel we have a really strong team going to this year and I have confidence we will be a forced to be reckoned with. I don't have a preference. I'm not looking to rush into the VHL I want to take my time here in the VHLM and really perfect my game so I can make a bigger impact in the big leagues. Looking to build a two-way puck moving defenseman. Kinda focusing on the playstyle of Victor Hedman on how I am training myself.
  8. Ah man dude if we get Stark the blue lines gonna be unbreakable!
  9. Done LFG post. Comment upvoted.
  10. @StamkosFan Probably my ability to back check successfully and the passing game after. Once you get that puck, that;'s great, but you gotta follow up and get some chances yourself to be successful. My stick handling is probably the weakest part of my game at the moment. Well last week I would have said the draft but that's behind us so now its gotta be my first game I just can't wait to get out there. Extremely welcoming everyone has been super helpful with any questions I've had, my new teammates seem like a great group of guys. I couldn't ask to be surrounded by better people in this league. Wait playoffs started already? Just kidding but ya I'm just trying to block that part of history out of my memory at this point haha. Just be successful and productive. I want to make a name for myself out there and I know it won't be with my scoring so I'll have to be really on my game defensively. No plans just keep practicing and training to improve my game. Important. I think the answer is the same for most people. Everyone wants to win. I'd have to say my dedication. I've been spending a lot of time working on my career and its really showing in my stats so if i can keep on this pace I see myself really making a name in the league. I would love to! Representing my country would be a great honor!