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  1. This week will mark the ending of Tom's off-season in Wroclaw. He spent most of his off-season working on his Puck Handling and Skating. He will now be heading back to Calgary to begin the team's off-season preparations for the upcoming season. " I usually like to return a week early before anyone else and get some skating in at our practice facility" Said Tom " Just like to get used to the arena again and slowly start working with our staff to see what I need to improve for the upcomming season. I have a feeling this season will be huge for myself and the rest of the Wrangler t
  2. 1. What are you hoping to accomplish in S78? Make the playoffs and improve my stats from last season. 2. We have landed the first and sixth overall picks in the draft? Is there anyone you have your eyes on in the draft? Lots of good options and im excited for our 2 top 10 picks. Pretty decent draft. Tallinder would be a great pickup 3. If your player started their own company, what kind of products/services would that company provide? Something to do with Electronics most likely (tv's, computers, game consoles) 4. Does your player play any other spo
  3. Tom Eagles took a week off from his off-season training this week in order to volunteer in his home city of Wroclaw. Tom donated and visited multiple children's hospitals in Wroclaw. Tom was seeing buying hundreds of gifts, packing up his rental truck and personally delivering to each sick child. Tom also donated $150,000 each to 3 separate children's hospitals around the city. " I think as players who make a pretty good salary, that we should all give back and especially to children" Tom Said " It's always such a great feeling to see a sick childs face light up when you come in
  4. Happy Birthday Quik! I feel you on the lockdown, i'm in Ontario as well :-/
  5. Tom Eagles has been spending his off-season in his home country of Poland for off-season training. He decided to go to Poland in order to eliminate any distractions and to focus solely on improving for next season. " I just wanted to go back home and train " Said Tom " I don't do the golf thing and in the off-season I like to work on my game. I hope to be a lot better next season and in order for me to do that, I have to keep training and keep practicing" Tom has been working hard on his puck handling skills and skating as he wants to improve his breakout from his own zone.
  6. What are your plans for the upcoming off-season? Keep working on my skating and puck handling. Wanting to be 600+ before the season starts and that goal is looking very likely We got the chance to get the 1st and 2nd overall pick if the lottery gods answers our prayers. Who should we draft? Draft the best player available. Don't worry about position or team needs (as they won't be able to help out for 1-2 seasons) and just draft the top player available with our pick Should we each seperate the fees for Askarov back treatment? His back must be screaming by carryin
  7. Tom and the Calgary Wranglers were clearing out their lockers last night as the team did not qualify for the final wildcard spot. We sat with Tom to discuss his play, the team and what the future may hold. R: Hi Tom, thanks for taking the team to speak with us today TE: No problem, always happy to chat R: Tell us about these final few days chasing the wildcard spot TE: Leading up to those last few games, everyone in the locker room had high hopes that we would be able to clinch that final spot. We had a few games on hand over the Wolves and we were playing well and coming in with a win
  8. For Tom Eagles and his Wrangler team the season has ended. For Tom, it was a season where he really showed what he could do and almost doubled his stats from his rookie season. In his rookie season Tom finished with 10 goals, 24 assists and 34 points along with 86 hits and 115 shots blocked. This season Tom really started to break out and finished the season with 13 goals, 47 assists and 60 points along with 182 hits and 206 shots blocked. " I think it was a good growing season for me, It would have been nice to get more goals but 60 points is still pretty good for my second
  9. 1. What have you enjoyed most from this season? I think the late season push was exciting. We were close to getting into that final wildcard spot only for it to be taken away in the last 2 sims. 2. What is something that you wish would have played out differently this season? I wish that we would have made the final wildcard spot and became the underdogs for this season. We have a great team and probably could have done well in the playoffs. 3. Do you have a favourite VHL series? It could be anything like a podcast, an article series or something else of that nat
  10. 9 games left, 2 games in hand and 2 points away from the final wildcard spot. That is where the Wranglers sit after a great week of hockey. Calgary is chasing the Vancouver Wolves for the final spot and with 2 games in hand the team is committed to making sure they do what they can do win the last few games. The morale is currently very high as the team beat the top team in the league Warsaw by a score of 5-4 and also they beat the top NA team Toronto by a score of 6-1 in the last 2 games. “We have been playing extremely well over the last week, we are getting much needed wins a
  11. Great article on your start and what would have happened if not offered a contract by Mexico. It's a great read but the article definitely needs some formatting and breaking up the paragraphs. It's hard to keep focus when it is a wall of text. Picture would have been good as well to make the article stand out more. Great Job! 7/10
  12. Great article on what could have been for New York if they didn't trade Prout. I enjoyed reading it. Only things I would improve is to break up the last paragraph so it's not as long and maybe add a picture to spice up the article a little bit. Well done! 9/10
  13. After the sims today, Tom Eagles, has hit 40 Assists for the first time in his career. The VHL Sophmore is not known for his passing but has recently been picking up some assists due to rebounds. "I think 40 is a great number for me since I am not known for passing. It's great to help the team out " Said Tom " Now I hope to get some more goals to help balance my totals out but in the end, as long as we are winning, I have no issues with continuing to rack up those assists" 40 assists is a big leap from his rookie season when Tom only had 24. Tom has been showing great
  14. That was me a long while back when I found out about the league. Didn't stay very long due to time constraints (was young at that time) but refound the league in S66 and have been here since then.