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  1. The first VHL Season for Tom Eagles has wrapped up when his Calgary Wranglers lost 3-1 to the Seattle Bears in the Wildcard best of 5 series. The season was an up and down one for Tom. He started off great logging quite a bit of ice time on the first pairing and was playing at a point per game pace which excited his team and fans. The good times did not last as about a quarter of the way through the season his production plummeted as fast as the recent gamestop stock. With his reduced point production, his ice time also fell and by the end of the season he was playing l
  2. Tom Eagles will be getting his first action of VHL playoffs when his team, The Calgary Wranglers, square off against the Seattle Bears in a 7 game wildcard series. Tom has previously excelled in the post-season in the VHLM but this will be a whole new step as he gets to experience the action of the VHL Playoffs. " It will be an interesting series, playoffs are always fun " Said Tom " I remember when my father had playoffs series against Seattle and how entertaining they were. I definitely expect a high scoring series and hopefully we come out on top" We received those quotes fro
  3. 1. We made the huge addition of Prout recently. What has he brought to the team as a player? Great prospect for the future and right now he adds some great depth and defensive play for our back line 2. We just heard the news that Jubis will be stepping down as GM after this season. Explain the impact that you think he has had on this organization during his time here. Sad to hear about Jubis, I think he really made Calgary a team that players are proud to play on and has turned them around to where they are now a competitive team currently and definitely in the future.
  4. Sad to hear Jubis but real life always comes first. Been enjoying my time with the Wranglers and wish you all the best in the future!
  5. Great career for Spyro! Was fun playing with you while we were on the Wolves!!
  6. Great career! Enjoyed playing with you in Riga and Cal!
  7. While his offensive game has not taken off in his first rookie year, Tom Eagles, has been excelling in another aspect of his game. That aspect has been shot blocking. So far in 57 games played, Eagles has put his body on the line and blocked 100 shots. Currently the top 10 has about an average of 130 shots blocked so Tom is not far off the pace. Now the question is why would a player lay down in front of a 6 ounce frozen puck that is made of vulcanized rubber that could potentially be shot at 85+ miles per hour? If you ask this reported, I would say you must be crazy. For Tom Eagle
  8. Calgary has had a rough stretch this month which has taken them out of a post-season spot. Recently their play has picked up and they are fighting back to get the coveted final playoff spot. " We had some bad luck this month, losing really close games that we should have won " Said Eagles " But that's how hockey goes sometimes, the bounces go against you and you lose the game. We have picked it up over the last 9 games though and we still have a pretty solid shot to make the playoffs. We are working hard as a team to make sure that is a reality when the season ends" Calgary will
  9. 1. Kosmo Kramerev has an outstanding 10 powerplay goals. What allows him to be such a weapon with the man advantage? Definitely his booming shot. I would be scared as a goalie if I saw his shot come flying at me 2. Who do you think will have the biggest breakout season on our team next season? I am hoping that my guy has a breakout season but I also know Askarov should have a very solid season as the new starting G 3. What is the best part about being a Calgary Wrangler? The great atmosphere in the locker room and being surrounded by some great team-mates
  10. The struggles for Tom Eagles continue as his point totals are not rising. He is now sitting at 44 games played and only 24 points. "At the start I thought I had a pretty good shot at rookie of the year but this last stretch, I think, has killed those chances " Said Tom " I don't really know what has been happening. I have been playing the same while improving in training every week but the points aren't adding up during games. While the rookie race might be out of reach, I think my defensive game has really improved though. My checking and shots blocked keep sky rocketing and I am happy in
  11. Tom Eagles, Defensive prospect for the Calgary Wranglers, was expected to take a 2 week vacation with his family before focusing and turning his attention to the grueling VHL season. The rookie had a European trip planned and we recently received the details of this trip. The trip unfortunately did not go ahead as planned due to the Covid pandemic but we will take a look at where this rookie was planning to go. Poland: Tom was born and grew up in Poland. The first stop of his European trip was to visit Wroclaw where most of his family live. This stop would have bee
  12. 1. If you could pick any first round opponent (who actually has a chance of making the playoffs this season), who would it be? I would pick Vancouver. I always like playing against previous teams I have been on and its always fun to see an all Canadian matchup in the VHL. 2. If you could choose any EU team to play against us in the finals (again, they must have a chance to make the playoffs), who would it be? Probably Warsaw, I like to compete against the best and Warsaw has been on fire this season. 3. The VHL is full of helpful members who spend much time and ef
  13. With his offensive production dying down over the last 6-7 games, Tom Eagles, is starting to work on his defensive aspects of his game. With his weight and size, he needs to start playing more physical and start to use his body more. Over the last few days, we have noticed that Tom was working on his checking and his strength in order to better utilize the body. He feels comfortable with his offensive game but to become a great two-way defenseman he does have to focus a little more on those aspects. “ I think I have my offensive game where I want it for my first season” Said Tom
  14. Tom Eagles has been in Calgary for only a few months but he is already settling in well. He has currently started house hunting in some prominent Calgary neighborhoods and is looking to buy a place for the long haul. " So far it's been fun, I am used to the cold so that has not been an issue and everyone here in Calgary is friendly " says Tom " I meet fans everyday and they have been very respectful but I try to dedicate as much time to the fans as I can. As far as house hunting, I am looking to settle in Calgary for the long haul so I am looking to purchase a home close to the are
  15. 1. Tom Eagles has been exceptional so far as a rookie. Do you think he cracks 60 points this season? I hope so! Have slowed down over the past few games, losing the PPG but I expect to bounce back 2. Zod has been on fire lately. What do you think is the key to his recent success? He has been putting in the work and really gelling with his linemates. He has been on fire and helping the team win! 3. How are you doing in VHFL? If you do not participate, who is a player who has impressed you so far on our team? With the last update I am sitting in 3rd, not too bad