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  1. I dont have much to say because I dont pre write these. Ottawa needs a goalie and you could be a fit. I'm sure Acyd will offer something more professional. Anyways, if you accept you know what to do just say "I accept in a quote".
  2. Recently well respected and known VHL member and a list of other things announced during a conversation regarding politics and food that he is a pescatrian (eats fish). It was brought up during discussions on topics such as veganism, vegetarians and the problem of the meat industry. It was previously known that green party supporting Beaviss didn't eat meat, but it wasn't a well known fact he only ate fish. The statement immediately sent all members in the conversation to make fun of Beaviss as what he said was just plain silly. Mere hours after Beaviss had told us about his food habits, many members had mad fun of him to the point where 7+ people had changed their names to "im a pescatarian (eats fish) and has been repeated in the ballpark of 50-100 times. Most people who changed their names were generally high ranking members, GM's of both leagues and AGM's as well. In recent news of this the VHL has announced that all members must become pescatarian (eat fish) before the end of the season or a suspension system will be implemented to punish all the regular meat eaters, the world average on pescatarians has increased from .032 to .03200005 of the worlds population because of this ongoing movement, at the current rates once all members have converted it could possibly go as high as .032000006.
  3. To be honest neither I or tate were good options
  4. They were well above average for a losing team rookie goaltender, also your other possible roty were not better
  5. Rayz entire paragraph is a fat lie
  6. Its been a while since the S67 award ceremony, but one thing has not been feeling right ever since its happened. We've all seen the All-Rookie team as it is clearly the most important out of anything. In the case that a reminder is needed here it is. Most picks make sense here, a lot of these guys played their asses off and had a hell of a season, even Ambrose stark. But one man played his ass off more and that man is I, Hulk Hogan. First off, we can take a look at stats here. Top: Ambrose Stark Bottom: Hulk Hogan POINTS: We can go off stat by stat, both men obviously played 72 games due to them announcing themselves as iron men who vow to never be suspended or injured. Ambrose Stark leads in by 5 goals over Hogan. Most of goals from both players come on the power play, 5 from Hogan and 9 from Stark. Both seem to be power play specialists here but the point goes to Stark. STARK: 1 HOGAN: 0 Moving onto assists its clear to see Hogan has caught up in points here having 5 more than Stark. Hogan has always been known for getting assists and stark more for getting a mix of both, it makes sense Hogan would pick up more. And because of that he gets the point. STARK: 1 HOGAN: 1 Moving into points its an exact tie here, no man gets a point Both men sported a below average and quite embarrassing +/-, although Hogan's managed to be 1 better therefore the point goes in favor to him. STARK: 1 HOGAN: 2 MISC STATS: Here we will be focusing on shot percentage and penalty minutes. Looking at the shots its obvious that Stark has many more, but the real question is if he had a better shooting percentage than Hogan. After crunching the numbers and consulting the VHL mathematician genius (TFong) we found that the leader is Hulk sporting a 8.75 compared to Ambrose's measly 7.36. With over 1% on Stark its clear who gets the point here. STARK: 1 HOGAN: 3 At first this seems to have an obvious winner, Hogan has nearly three times the penalty minutes Stark does, this is not necessarily the case though when you factor in the number of fights Hogan had, most of which took a better player off the ice. With a total of 13 fights 65 of those penalty minutes can be removed as not actually counting towards penalty kill, bringing his total down to 155. Stark did not have any fights which keeps his total where it is, I could nit pick and try to lower Hogan's minutes down but I wont, Stark takes the point. STARK: 2 HOGAN: 3 DEFENSIVE STATS: There's not a whole lot to say here, Hogan leads in both hits and shot blocks by 15 each, 2 points for Hogan. STARK: 2 HOGAN: 5 With all of this being said, you cannot deny the points. Being 3 points behind shows that clearly we have a winner. Ladies and gentleman, the real second best rookie defense men of the season 67 VHL season is, drum roll please.......... !!!HULK HOGAN!!!
  7. I know you're doing this for attention so here it is, you a bitch