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  1. this man depriving me of tpe 😭
  3. As we speak the VHL are currently gaining the most money they have ever seen in their 66 season running. VHLM rookie Hulk Hogan is currently getting a record number of jersey sales, as well as bringing in a whole bunch of ticket sales. At this rate he has sold thousands of jerseys in over 20 games, while also selling out multiple games. One of the men who have bought the most jerseys Rusty Shackleford had this to say about the jerseys. "Its ironic I swear, they're collector item's, they'll be worth millions one day". During the interview we could constantly see him shaking and breating hard, along with sweat dripping down his forehead. The main is reason why Hulk Hogan is drawing such a big crowd is because he's Hulk Hogan. Not only that though, he is currently leading the VHLM in points, and hes also projected to hit 126 points as of right now which is 1 more than HHH had last year while still calling himself a "defensive defensemen". Its not too common for a defensemen to be leading the league in points, for this to be happening is shaking the laegue to its core. Some may even say Hulkamania is running wild all over the league. Not only has he been doing good but so has his team, the Mississauga Hounds. Currently 5th in the league sitting right in the middle, they're only on the up and up. Its getting harder to beat them, especially with 4 of the members of the Hounds on the top 10 points list. Currently an undeafeted team except for the list of people who have defeated them.
  4. 1. I've spoke with some others, can't really say anyone in specific but everyone's been good. 2. I know that Cody went at the end of the 3rd in our draft, but he's currently tied for 2nd in points. I don't know how high he'll go but I can definitely see him going a bit later but being a big steal. 3. Yeah, at the start of the year we had our press conference and I said I think I could hit 20 points. I've already blown that out of the water and can't wait to see whats going to be next. 4. I think us 4 are a really strong group that have been helping our team to victories. Hopefully we can keep going while still getting the others points. 5. As I said i'm really surprised, and quite happy. My stats have been really good so far and it seems to be getting better. 6. Houston just got their 2nd win of the season, we'll probably have to watch out for them.
  5. Read the other comments about this guy
  6. @DollarAndADream
  7. REVIEW I like all of the colors and everything. One main thing I can say is the name and the bar its standing on. I think if you moved it down to the bottom it would look better. Its also a bit hard to read and that could make it easier.
  8. Review: The editing on the background and the logo on the jersey is nice. I barely noticed the logo in the corner, it looks pretty nice and is an overall good sig.
  9. REVIEW: Really nice. The photo is crisp and everything surrounding him is really nice. I like the logo and the font as well. The D and P kinda clip through the jersey though, if you could fix that it would be really really nice.