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    @Elijah (Fong's Son) do yousupport dogecoin?
  2. 1. I don't pay attention to you but probably the second one, thats supposed to be the hardest team. 2. The only person I know is Lincoln Tate, but I will not say him. I think Hackett is on Riga so him. 3. I was bribed 100$ to throw. 4. I dont care, Seattlemania will still run wild. 5. Yes I need to slap all team members on the ass instead of just 5. 6. I'm on pace for multiple Seattle records, that would be nice. If I can keep up a solid score sheet I could potentially hit 500 points, 1000 hits and 1000 shot blocks. I see the last 2 happening but I doubt to hit 500. One more award would be nice too and maybe that will be enough to barely scrape the bottom of a hof entry, or at least a few votes on the ballot.
  3. Oh okay, still gonna get your ass beat
  4. Not sure what I did to get beat up but I retired fighting. If you'd like ill put you on the top of list to get beat by Tanky
  5. https://imgur.com/gallery/PHDZ6tB
  6. 1. Idk if you guys missed it but I hope you did. 2. Teams still hopeless. 3. Be a hofer. 4. Not with Hogan. Expansion teams suck 5. You lose. 6. Yes. 2 carb and meat
  7. Not better than you could do. Believe in yourself brother