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  1. It has been 123 days since 904 of my posts we're deleted. The clock had just struck midnight in PEI, making it April 1st. A lot of the VHL was still a day behind but I wanted to make the first April fools "joke" of the VHL for the year. I had no idea's and I was tired, that's when it hit me. I could just @ members and tell the whole league to Fuck themselves. A very harmless joke if you ask me. So then I did it. I went to sleep not too long later. I woke up to a mostly positive reaction, people knew it was a joke and didn't take it seriously. Everything was fine and nobody was too made considering the day. Multiple staff and higher up members were even playful with it. Although Enorama didn't enjoy this. As we already know with his 2000 tpe he thinks the VHL is his full time job. This slightly ruffled his feathers but at the end of the day nothing happened. Yet. Devise thought to make a funny joke out of it, he changed my name of "Hulk Hogan" to a lesser known wrestler named "QT Marshall". He also changed my profile picture and edited the post which made the members tag get activated once again. I guess two members posts gets Eno fuming as he decided to mark me as a spammer. Which in all honesty makes no sense, I made one post which wasn't spam and then he reported me. The next time I logged on I was banned. I figured it was another staff member decided to play a JOKE on me, which I wasn't going to take seriously and get mad at such as our friend Enorama. Turns out that marking somebody as a spammer removed all their posts and banned them from the league. Unfortunately the ban was reversible, so I'm back. But my posts didn't come back. I had over 11 months of graphics, media spots, comments, press conferences and more on the account. Some were saved and I still have them but others are never to be found again. Any nice member probably would've felt bad about deleting over 900 posts, but not Eno. He claimed I was "playing with fire" and acting as if I deserved it. I'm not mad my posts are gone, I just want an apology. If this was any other member people would care, they would want an apology. But since it's me its no big deal right? Eno doubled down on his defenses and blocked me, claiming that since he didn't know it was going to happen it wasn't his fault and I was in the wrong. Even though you didn't know it would happen you are in the wrong, it would all be made right if I just received a short sorry for having all my posts deleted. But nobody ever gave one, not Eno for doing it, and not the people who had the "mark as spammer" button delete everything. Recently Elijah made a post, and history repeated itself. Eno once again got him banned and had his posts deleted for a short time until they were brought back. His defense? He didn't think it would happen. But why would you press that button? He wasn't spamming and a majority of the blues had already seen the post. Eno has never once explained why he thought pressing the button was a good idea. Because it wasn't one. So that's all im asking for, an apology. If any other member had 900 posts deleted this would be seen as a shitty thing but since it was me nobody cares. BTW Eno your team is shit. So say your sorry @Enorama
  2. https://i.imgur.com/B86eclP.mp4
  3. TXC

    Jay Jones

    This is a pretty minimalistic Sig and its pretty nice. The renders cut nice but i do think it could be a bit bigger. Jersey swap is pretty nice and the swap on the helmet is even nicer. One thing I'd think of changing is having the #StandUnited line up with his arm more just for an aesthetically pleasing looking. For a minimilstic sig it would get an 8/10 but overall I'll give it a 7/10. A few small changes could easily bump up the rating.
  4. TXC


    Steve you are one of the best graphic makers when it comes to using darker colours. You can use black, grey or brown in a way that looks very good. Although I will say in this graphic I think it came off as a bit weird. The blue to me just sticks out was too much, having it more faded like the graphics below in your header would look nicer and blend better with the colours. The cut is however done very well. I think with some small changes this would be very nice. 8/10
  5. 1. Our record as of writing this is 4-20, how nice is that? 2. What does your player like to do during the off season? 3. Whats one part of your game you want to improve? 4. Any questions you have for me? 5. If you could only have goals or assists what would you choose? 6. How long do you plan on playing in the league?
  6. I have recently realized that my player, Hulk Hogan is the most underrated defensemen in the league after reviewing the stats. Hogan is a top player in multiple spots where you wouldn’t expect him to shine. I will be highlighting these in an effort to prove how criminally underrated I am. NUMBER 1: The Powerplay Out of my 32 points, 17 are on the powerplay. I lead the league in goals on the powerplay, while I'm second in assists. Considering I'm only 7th in the league for power play minutes this is quite impressive. NUMBER 2: Faceoffs Now you might not expect a top of the line elite defensemen like myself to be taking faceoffs but you are wrong. I currently sit at 60% which makes me the 6th best for players who have taken over 2 faceoffs. The closest defensemen behind me is Vladmir Pavlov holding a measly 57.14%. NUMBER 3: Work Ethic I hold the most minutes played in the league, now some people may say “well then its easier to score and get points”, which is where they are wrong. All this shows is my willingness to play and improve the Seattle bears. With these 3 stats in mind, I see no way of me being the greatest player of S73, nobody can do the things I do.
  7. 1. How do we get out of the bottom of the standings? 2. How did you get your name? 3. Squirrely Dan is 3rd in rookie scoring, can he get number 1? 4. Howmany losses do you think we will end up with? 5. Whats your favourite song? 6. Who's your favourite player in the league so far?
  8. Ligriv again i guess @DarkSpyro
  9. Hulk Hogan will win all the defense men awards this year. He doesn't care if the odds are stacked against him with the expansion teams. He wants the Labette, the other one and the other one. While he's at it he will be taking home the Beketov too. One thing people in the league don't realize is Hulk Hogans pure athelthicsm, his love to the game and his willingness to improve his game and Seattles. He vows to score a minimum of 70 assists this season and 500 points in his career. With a resume of 500 points, 1100 hits, 950 shot blocks, 3 cups (minimum), 3 all star games (minimum), a Beketov, and maybe more to come he seems sure he might squeak into the HOF. So let this be a message to everyone in the league, even though he's on old brittle man the path of Hogan is not going to be stopped until he is forced to retire. See you soon.
  10. On Friday afternoon famous Seattle Bears player, 3 time cup winning champion, 1 time Beketov winner, 3 time all star, Seattle leader in PIM as well as playoff assists and all around cool guy Hulk Hogan has announced that he will be funding and running an anti drug Campaign in Seattle. He think's its not only important for the youth but for anybody older struggling that they can get the help they need, they can rise up, they can be the hero just like Hogan when he lifted that cup up, the third time. He had this to say about his campaign and their future hopes. "I'm tired of seeing drugs all over the city of Seattle, it doesn't only affect those using. But it also has effects on friends, family, their community and the whole city and state. I have decided to begin this campaign called H.O.G.A.N (Helping Others Get Away Naturally). This will be a program to help anybody and everybody affected by illegal drug usage across our city. We will help people reduce what they partake in and eventually cut it off completely. A lot of people ask me why I want to do this, why I take this so personally and why I have targeted drugs. They are extremely harmful to your body, if you want a physique like your's truly you will NEVER be able to reach it while using. But I believe in you, I believe you can make a change that will let you live a longer, healthier most positive life. And even if none of that is appealing to you, think of the money. Drug users can spend upwards of thousands per year, of course it depends on the severity of the addiction and what drug you're using. If it ends up being something more extreme such as coke or heroin you may be so addicted that the majority of your income could go towards it. You could be saving thousands of dollars in your lifetime that could've been used for a house, a car, a trip or anything else that you want. Their are also other unhealthy habits that H.O.G.A.N would like to target such as drinking and smoking. These are two more things terrible to your health that come at a high cost. A smoker can spend over a thousand dollars easily in a year if they smoke 3-4 times a day, another thousand in drinking. If you cut all these unhealthy habits you could save close to five thousand or more in one year. That type of money is important, in 10 years of quitting these habits you could have enough to buy most cars on the market today. At the end of the day I care about the people of Seattle, I care about your health, your relationships and I will always be there for you." The H.O.G.A.N initiative has already started and is hoping to help thousands across Seattle. By 2025 their goal is to reach out to at least half of Seattle's drug users.
  11. 25. Assists. 24. A big bag of beef jerky. 23. Pretty much nothing, 22. Hulk Hogan, always bet on yourself brother. 21. Hogan wins the Beketov with 76 assists. 20. Fire Eno.
  12. Yeah I think it was my fault when JTV quoted me I wasnt paying attention and thought it was my pick