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  1. Also if you have any questions on how things work around here you can shoot me a message
  2. Awesome man! Glad to have you on the team. @Eudaldkp will send you the offer when he hops on and then you’ll just have to accept it in the portal. Welcome to the Storm!
  3. Hey @banko welcome to the VHL! I’m also a Defenseman playing in the VHLM for the Minnesota Storm and we’d love to have you on the team. The Storm won the championship last year and we’re really trying to keep that success rolling. We could also offer you a second line role right off the bat so that’s pretty awesome as well. Our GM @Eudaldkp is great and I’m sure he’d love to have you on the team as well!
  4. Can’t be mad with a 4 point game for Jenton but it would have been nice to get the win
  5. 1. USA 2. Canada 3. Europe 4. Teagan Glover
  6. As we all know, the yearly World Junior Championship is very quickly coming up, and with that, the excitement is not far behind. For many young players this will be their first chance to represent their respective countries and bring back a gold medal, as well as the glory that comes with it. The official rosters have just been released and it looks like the United States team have established themselves as the slight favorites leading in to the festivities. The USA team will be an offensive powerhouse and at the helm is Teagan Glover. Glover with already thirty-seven points just twenty-nine games into the VHL season with his Malmo Nighthawks, seems unstoppable and will be looking to keep that offensive production rolling. The United States team are not to reckoned with on the defensive end as well with defensemen Dallas Jones and Jerry Garcia seemingly playing shut-down defense through the VHL season as well. Even though the US team may be getting the slight nod heading in, this will by no means be a cake walk. It seems as if all the World Junior Teams are overflowing with ability and potential so we are very excited to see how this years competition will play out. Though one thing is to be certain, you will not want to miss it.
  7. Damn, Jenton -3 for the game. Need to work on that
  8. Wow hell of a game, glad to see us come out on top
  9. 1.) It's the start of a new season and we're about middle of the pack so far. How do you feel about our teams performance? I feel like we've been doing pretty well so far, there's definitely things we need to iron out but once we do we'll be a serious contender come play-off time 2.) While it's still early on, what teams do you think will make the playoffs this season? I have a feeling that the standing we currently have are going to stay true through the season. With the aces, bulls, and rush not making the cut this season. 3.) What is a personal goal of your's for this season? Right now my main focus is just to keep developing my skills and be a major contributor to the team, both on and off the ice. I'm maintaining a ppg so thats nice to see as well 5.) Do you see yourself moving to the VHL next season or staying down in the M for another go? I'm not totally sure where im going to be next year yet, definitely going to have to give that some more thought as the season progresses 6.) If we were to start a rivalry with another VHLM team, what team would you want that to be and why? With how our season has been going with Houston so far, seems like the beginning of a rivalry is starting to form. All the OT games between us. 9.) If you had to play a position other than your own what would it be? (Center, Right Wing, Goalie, Etc.) I think i'd wanna give LW a shot, create a little more offensively-based player.
  10. Nice shut out for Cain, first of the season!