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  1. Sorry I didn’t respond I just seen this when I logged in yesterday. i need a break from the VHL, don’t really enjoy the sim league experience anymore. League is the healthiest it’s been since I joined in S1, so it made sense to leave with all the new blood pumping in activity.
  2. Your a cool dude too, sorry I don’t reply to your chats I never see them when your online
  3. 3 Uncapped TPE goes to @BOOM™ 3 Uncapped TPE goes to @Bandit
  4. Me cause I hand cut potatoes and double fry them, fuck the fast food fuckers
  5. Just like the real Canadian tire when you go there to shop you have to wait forever
  6. I get 2 for it letting you not win. Seems like more fun that way.........
  7. @Members Weekly Prizes 3 Uncapped TPE (One draw for new members, one draw for veteran members) Monthly Prizes Grand Prize: 10 Uncapped TPE Second Prize: 6 Uncapped TPE Third Prize: Doubles Week Fourth Prize: $3,000,000 in Player Store Currency That is it, please feel free to ask any questions you may have in this thread and I'll try to clear anything else up. As I stated above entries for this giveaway start now, with this thread, so go ahead and vote claim. As always stay tuned for opportunities around the board to earn extra entries. Only requirement is to vote to the appropriate response above. No posts needed!
  8. 3 Uncapped TPE goes to @oilmandan 3 Uncapped TPE goes to @FBR
  9. Too bad I don’t have NHL 19 to sit in front of the net like Ryan Smyth