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  1. Kevin Low Defense - Reapers Points 60/7=8.5 Plus/Minus 38/6=6.3
  2. My plan next summer is to have my bachelor party in Toronto during a blue jays homestand. If you around I will bug you to come
  3. Happy birthday Philip @Phil
  4. I enjoy your soft hands handling my d
  5. I think cause they didn’t win, 😂. I mean at least this way people had a chance rather than spam. That’s why I didn’t agree with the spam you needed to do to earn the old practice facility as well. It’s mostly nonsense
  6. Lol check the Lottery thread. I ran a system where you voted and got entered and people didn’t like it.
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    Get off Facebook you cranky bastard
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    Reapers General Manager Philadelphia has now been in the VHLM for two seasons, after being awarded a franchise before the start of the Season Sixty-Five season. Since the team entered the VHLM the team has been lead by @BladeMaiden, a member I didn’t have much contact with before being drafted by the Reapers this off-season. From my short time around the team in the team discord and locker-room, I fully believe the team is in great hands. Blade is consistently drumming up conversations in the discord and is very responsive to questions posed by the Reapers roster. I have been around the league a long time and have had many great General Managers, and many not so great General Managers, and while Blade may show her passion time to time on the forum and rub some the wrong way, I can’t say enough good things about her and her abilities as a General Manager. I’m excited for the year to continue and what lies ahead for the great roster that was assembled in Philadelphia. With the work that Blade inputs on a daily basis I am really hoping that we can reward her and bring a cup home for her.
  9. 1- We also voted for team captain, what do you think of the way the vote was blind? Would you change that for next season? The blind vote was fine. Allowed for a unbiased vote, I mean it still was a popularity contest, but at least this way people could vote for who their friend/buddy voted for. I would rather see a GM pick captains, but that is my preference. 2-Reapers are picking a Mascot this season, How would you narrow down the choices? Something that first off is family friendly. You don’t want something that will scare off kids, as kids are the ones that get the most out of mascots. Other than that something unique 3-Who is your new locker room buddy, who are you saving the locker next to you for? I mean I most likely keep to myself the most out of our roster. I will talk to anyone in the roster but I did take the locker and the locker beside me just so I didn’t get someone annoying beside me. 4-Why did you pick your jersey number? Number 27 was the number my grandfather wore duing his career as well as my father, so I really am just continuing on with the family tradition. 5-Worst topping to put on a pizza? Vegetables. If I wanted vegetables I would eat a salad. 6-How would you describe your players persona? Quiet no nonsense type of player. I try to let my play do the talking.