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  1. 1. Nah, I think the team will be good next season, just gotta work FA and draft well. 2. HOF Player, because it's essentially a guarantee of multiple championships with the team. 3. Penguins, I'm from Pittsburgh haha 5. Easily hockey, grew up as a kid watching it and have been a huge fan ever since. 7. I'm on team USA so gotta say USA, don't want to be unfaithful. 9. Homemade spiked lemonade, nothing more refreshing but has to be made with rum.
  2. 1. I would say so, really seemed like we had the talent to make it deep into the playoffs let alone into them period. 2. I'm in it for the long haul so really just trying to stay on the roster season to season, but number one priority is making the playoffs. 3. Dangles - Lowest locker room presence haha, ps plz add me to the locker room lmao 4. Aston Martin is a beast. 5. Montreal, they have some solid players and good goaltending but didn't even make the playoffs. 10. I should say so, we have some core pieces that need to develop some more, and I think the draft will really assist us.
  3. 1. I would say yeah, the team needs to step up and shift into a higher gear if we want to make it into the playoffs. As of right now the chances aren't looking too great. 2. .89 save percentage is pretty solid as a rookie. If I were him I wouldn't get discouraged, it takes a little time to get used to life in the VHL for some players. 3. Jake Davis is an amazing player and I think he could really push the team back into a playoff spot. Look forward to seeing what he can do for us. 5. Ithaca, as a player that grew up idolizing Dustin Brown, it would be amazing to see his hometown get a team. 7. I've actually only seen the last episode of the series. As someone who has never seen the show before, it seemed really weird but friends have told me that it wasn't representative of the rest of the series so I'm sure it was disappointing for true fans. 9. Street clothes hanging from the rink rafters, it's something else whenever you see your stuff up there haha
  4. 1. Yeah I guess a little, the team has some elite players and some solid depth. 2. Didn't check the score of the game yet but my guess would be no. 3. The whole team just seems to be defensively minded, just from what I've seen in the locker room, everyone wants to play both sides of the puck and help out our goaltender. 5. My guess would be that he would end up around the 80 point range. I see big things in his future and I see this as the very beginning of his bright career. 6. My play has been kind of rough recently, as far as the other rookies go I think they're doing a fantastic job. 9. I think everyone has been too defensively minded, Too much defensive play has left our team being lackluster, need to shift our focus towards the offensive side a little more now