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  1. I thought we had a group of GENTLEMEN, not insta-skippers. I have to work until 1am EST tomorrow, so please do not skip me. It is the only time I should have to ask for a delay in the entire draft, so please have consideration!!!!
  2. 1) Malmo won their first-ever cup yesterday after defeating DC in Game 6. Who were you rooting for in the finals and what were your thoughts on the result? I didn't care too much as I was rooting for Chicago, but I am happy with the result. Good to see Condor Adrienne get a cup to cap off his amazing career, and I'm good pals with hylands who is also on MALMO. Wouldn't have been salty if DCD won (kidding). 2) Now that the offseason has started, there have been a bunch of trades. Do you think there will be more to come? I didn't pay attention but apparently it was a wild
  3. Thanks to everybody who helped run this event! Great work everybody.
  4. pfft, I clearly knew, as I wrote: "Two examples come to my mind" before elaborating on just BM's goalie.
  5. gorlab


    DIL had the damn Halifax 21 on his back doe dil if ur reading this, don't leave the VHL -- u gonna bounce back
  6. uhhh, yeah, that's the joke? You got something against gross people? LOL im kidding but I guess I can see your point, I wasn't knocking her down, just making an observation based on historical data, because I really had nothing else to say about the person.
  7. But.... the pronouns/player/render/username are all blatantly feminine so is it REALLY that bad of a thing to comment on, in a public article where the point is to comment on every pick of the first round of the draft?
  8. I'm sorry if you are offended by the gender commentary, I guess it's possible to misconstrue my intention but I assure you malice was not intended. I bust on like 10-15 guys every off-season.
  9. See, I was right. VHLM != VHL. Affiliate league.