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  1. 1. Chicago is in a little slump right now and can't seem to win as often as we did before. What can we do to change this? Give Lee Xin more minutes IMO, the awoken one will lead us to ez playoff birth. 2. What is one thing you'd tell to a newer member to the league? Don't say anything that isn't suitable for a kindergarten classroom to hear, because there are a ton of snowflakes who get offended at the littlest thing. 3. Which EU team would you like to see come back for the VHLE? Probably Bratislava Watchmen OR Bern Royals because I used to play on those teams way back in S40-S50 era. 4. Who should be given a chance to GM the new VHLE league? Somebody who isn't a little liberal crybaby who soils themselves at the slightest indication of conflict or adult language. 5. Which line would you say has been the driving force for the team thus far? Whatever line Lee Xin is on. THE AWOKEN ONE will lead us to ez playoff birth and hopefully get a long awaited award too. 6. Should we chase Lidia for the captain post on the VHL team announcement or should we just let it slide? I abide by Lidia's way to do things so I am content with letting it slide. If anything we need lower screamer prices on stream.
  2. Despite being the god of VHL graphics, I am also the shieldbearer for low-tier graphics and this is about as low-tier as they come. The literal only thing that saves this graphic and makes it approvable/acceptable is your included line of text which really pops the comedy factor off for this graphic. I've always thought that even if a graphic is truly horrible on a technical level, if there is a bit of comedy to go along with it, the lack of graphic ability gets forgiven. In this case, "Wasn't lazy and did a graphic" juxtaposes so deliciously with this lazily-made graphic, that it made me laugh. Looking at the raw aspects here, you would likely get criticized (and rightly so) by other VHL graders/reviewers, because the level of work here is laughable. We have a stock image WITH watermark in lower-left corner of original photographer Jess Starr left in. The hounds logo looking massive, pasted over top of the jets logo with no skew/perspective transformation whatsoever, and 4 lines of very basic meme text. That's it. There's no lighting, there's no stocks, there's no effects. I literally googled 'Jess Starr wheeler' and found the source graphic: but it made me laugh, so hope you enjoyed your review for VHL graphics. 1.3/10 approved
  3. hello, I am blademaiden simp#14 and I am here to review your graphic I think there isn't too much wrong here, besides the upward drop-shadow on the player render. To me, the jersey swap looks pretty nice actually and I'm pretty sure the shoulder # was changed and a good job was done on it as well IMO. The split background is interesting as it kind of looks like a 3d corner/edge sort of thing where the spacey wall meets the grey floor. My biggest advice for you would be to stop doing massive reso graphics and do the traditional sim-league sized graphic for awhile. The main reason is that glaring errors are less noticeable at lower resolution, not that there are any glaring erros here, but it's easier to over-analyze a graphic when it's in such a huge resolution. This has been my review, thank you for submitting graphics on VHL. 7.2/10 APPROVED
  4. top-right tip of the E should come to up to the same horizontal plane that the V, H, and Ls all do. Also the angle of the bottom edge of the E looks off from the middle bar of the 'H'.... I think the top part of the L is not aligned on the same diagonal plane as the bar of the 'H' either.
  5. need to mail a mid pack to @hedgehog337
  6. F - Addison McLaren @Seabassstill otc
  7. yes but there's still artifacting everywhere:
  8. 1. NHL playoffs are also right around the corner. Any specific matchups you are expecting or any matchup you would like to see? I'm expecting a Colorado vs Vegas series in round 2 to throw some dissent into the Chicago locker room. Blazzy & Sonnet vs Gorlab sounds like a spicy series. 2. What game are you incredibly good at? PC games, mobile games, drinking games etc. I am a monster at Team Fortress 2. Battle engineer legend. My widowmaker has 20k bodies on it. I also used to be the best Alistar in NA region in league of legends, circa S3-S4 back in 2015/16. 3. Who's the one teammate that you definitely can win a bet against, no doubt? Tough to say but I would probably go with @fishyor @Quikand bet them that they won't like something I posted in VHL general discord. 4. The conditioning coach offers you pizza, beer, and fries, what do you do? Do you accept it or is it a trap? It depends if I have smoked a pack with the conditioning coach in the past. If he's a smoker, I trust him. If he's anti-smoke, I don't trust him. 5. The current management team has been in charge for a few seasons now. How are they doing and what can they improve on? I think they are doing quite well. Any time you deliver a cup, it earns you at least the next 5 seasons to try and get another one. IMO only improvement I can think of is not trading away 1st and 2nd round picks maybe? Tough to say. 6. What's the one place you often visited pre-covid times? Fuddruckers in Saskatoon. I have not been there since March 2020 but I think I'm going to go some time this summer.
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