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  1. fuck vhl blue team, i'm starting a REAL Best people here but socially distanced.
  2. @Steve was young again????? ahhhh to have the energy of youth again, eh Steve? I feel you, I'm old af as well.
  3. love you rocka, I'll continue to half-ass howzat when it relaunches but do what makes you happy bro.
  4. 1. Who's the best member in the VHL? What makes them the best in your opinion? You can even state the worst member, that was what I wanted to ask anyway I am going to interpret the question as the best non-staff VHL "member" aka a plain old regular member, and the answer for who's the best member is me, gorlab. Who's the worst member? IDK, probably some inactive who doesn't contribute anything at all. I'll take negative contribution over no contribution any day. 2. What's the best thing you have read or saw on twitter/instagram? Probably some adult content which cannot b
  5. 1.) Week 1 of S77 is in the books after 15 games the Phoenix sit 2nd in tha NA conference and 5 games over 500, with a record of 10-5-0, what are your feelings about our teams play in the opening week? Pretty satisfied with it. It's clear we are a top team, we just need to fine tune and get that chemistry together and we will be dominating NA without problems. 2.) As defending Continental Cup champions do you feel like there is some added pressure to succeed? Nope, I think it serves as motivation to go and do it again. This is a HUNGRY GAMER group of people in Chicago and
  6. we smoking on blue team pack today
  7. I think the work desk looks way better tbh. Glass desk is 70s shit. Unless you're doing cocaine off that jawn, let it go.