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  1. logo is dope, but I hate the font for Bulldogs, personally. A clean logo deserves nice clean font. Also, I'm getting NEW YORK CITY vibes from the colouring and the statue of liberty-esque collar... maybe that's just me. Still, looks great.
  2. 1. Who has been the most underrated player on the team this season in your opinion and what do they do that makes them underrated? I think Halifax has a lot of underrated players, but I'd probably go with Volosenkov. Dude is active in the LR and is way over a PPG. I hadn't even heard of him before getting traded to Halifax, but he seems like the real deal to me. 2. Do you have any rivals on Halifax or on opposing teams? Who are they? I do have a rival who currently plays in the VHL. His name is Dallas Jones and I think he plays in Calgary. I'm making it my mission to have more cup wins in my career than he does. Bit of a prick job, so I definitely consider him my rival. 3. What are your thoughts on the trade that Halifax made recently to bring in Jet Jaguar and Edward Vigneault from the Philidelphia Reapers? Fire move imo. I think Halifax probably gave up a little too much, based on the return Philly got from other trades they have done this season, but I think it's a move that solidifies Halifax as a cup favourite this year, and in my HUMBLE opinion, Halifax got the best asset Philly had to offer. 4a. (For S66 Players) Which VHL team do you most want to play for? I think the popular answer would be Moscow Menace, and I can't say that I'm an exception. Victor is a legendary VHL member, and I think a good majority of re-creates and old members are wanting to play for him in Moscow. If I had to choose a team, it would be Moscow, but I am really down to play for whatever team drafts me. I'll even play for HC Davos. 5. Is Halifax in a position to contend next season? As of right now we only hold a first 3rd rounder and a 6th rounder, and we may see Blake Gaudette return for a second season and our starting goalie, Chase, for a third. I think Chase will always give Halifax a good chance at success. I don't think Halifax has the assets to really enhance their roster through the draft, but I think with a few trade deals, Halifax could definitely stay as a top 3 team in the league for next season. The GM is more than capable of pulling it off.  6. If you were to compare your game to any NHL player, in terms of simularity, who would it be? Tough to say, but I think a comparable, at the moment, would be Jesperi Kotkaniemi. I think he is a centreman who plays the game like I do, and uses speed and vision to make opportunities for his linemates, but also has the ability to shoot. I think he's probably a good compassion.
  3. Are you going on holiday @Victor ? Where to?
  4. 170 New York Americans @ Calgary Wranglers 171 Moscow Menace @ Seattle Bears 172 Riga Reign @ Vancouver Wolves 173 HC Davos Dynamo @ Helsinki Titans
  5. I'm with Gritty. I returned after 3+ seasons gone and even though I know the 10 tpe really doesn't matter, I still want it.
  6. 1. If you could change our team colours what would you change them to? I probably wouldn't change them as I kind of like the blue/yellow/red kind of color scheme of the logo, but if I had to choose new colours, I'd go with a colorado avalanche esque burgundy/maroon, blue, and silver combo imo. 2. Who is the weirdest Player in our locker room? Probably Kandee the Hot Goalie. I have shared the shower with them and I'm still undecided on their gender. They also seem to love swearing, which isn't really weird, but it's not usual for sim league participants, who are generally happy go lucky smallies. He/She is weird, but cool. 3. Are you more of a forum LR member or a Discord LR member and why? I think I am a hybrid of both. Traditionally I have never really been a big discord LR guy, and just sticked to the forums, but the Philly Discord LR is quite active and enjoyable to participate in, so I'm going to have to lean towards calling myself a Discord LR guy at the moment. 4. How do you feel the team is gelling together? The Reapers are gelling together nicely imo. We have a good mixture of brand new members, current-era veterans, and past-era returning vets. Everyone is friendly, nobody bitches about lines, our discord is pretty welcoming. I have no complaints, one of the better minor league sim teams I've been apart of tbh. 5. Most useless VHL Brand and what you think they should be replaced with. As far as useless goes, they are all pretty useless and more or less rip offs from real world companies/brands. If I had to choose a least favourite, it would probably be Jolt Juice? I don't know, the name is not appealing, especially when you have HATERADE as the far superior sports drink. It reminds me of something a middle-aged mother of 3 would drink after pilates. 6. Teach me something, give me a random fact. Flamingos pee on their legs to cool themselves off, and the pee isn't actually just pee, but it's a mixture of feces and urine.