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  1. This bullshit got more likes than BUST or LICK ?????
  2. @Enorama should have been DQ'd on sept 15th
  3. Oh shit, it's night time... My bad.
  4. How tf did Hatter die? I ain't trying to read back through the thread.
  5. fk it i gotta go to sleep G - Rayz Funk @fishy
  6. You guys are nasty af. Im fully blaming you when I lose my spot as top manager in VHFL I pick F - Luke Thornton God be with me.
  7. @rory I realized last night that Hugh Jass is a dman and not a forward, so my last pick is essentially null. I'm in favour of my keeping Hugh Jass as a forward since nobody moderated the pick. Otherwise, I'll pick F - Jungkok F - Thomas Landry II Sorry for fucking myself and the rest of the group over. @omgitshim appreciate you. Pick whenever.
  8. gimmick infringement on the title
  9. o i thought u were a replacement for somebody who got DQ'd.... but maybe it was just you who got DQ'd and then unDQ'd? ur avatar saying fantasy zone manager just made me assume u were managing VHFL as well
  10. fishy im def gonna be checking every group to make sure u aint slipping urself into every DQ'd position in the league fyi
  11. fam that was my pick :FeelsReeMan: its all rage reacts from here on out boys
  12. Berocka I see u my G, use that full 12 hours.