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  1. I'd rather bring STOCKHOLM VIKINGS back.
  2. Codrick Past becoming a real beast in the VHL. Chico Smeb needs to elevate his game if he wants to keep up imo.
  3. Sterling bungee cord, fat bitch, snapped on this one.
  4. What in tarnation?? Can't believe Moscow lost now give me a lotto win as retribution.
  5. hbd vhl skater: Steven Jalopski (Calgary) Frasier Crane (Seattle) goalie: Dry Wahl (any/every team... but maybe CGY as well)
  6. old/unclaimed work.... he's still on HEL tho so there's that.
  7. Salutations VHLiens, I am here to provide a short summary of the changes to the Moscow Blue line for season 67. out: Lew Bronstein - rip in: Vladamir Pavlov Dean Clarke Edward Vigneault The addition of the three rookie defenseman has allowed the two returning work horses, Paolo Nano and team captain Evgeni Komarov to not be forced into massive minutes, playing on multiple defence pairings. This has not only solidified the top pairing in Nano/Komarov, but also provided depth in the bottom pairings. Giving returning defensemen Mitch Matthews and Beau Buefordsson some healthy competition in the lineup. All three of the new Moscow blue liners are heavily touted prospects who are just at the beginning of their careers. The defensive core is looking to be in fine shape for Moscow, and these players certainly have the talent and work rate to become one of the dominant defensive corps in the VHL very soon. Vlad Pavlov looks, currently, to be the rookie d-man with the most offensive upside. Clarke and Vigneault also have the ability to play on the offensive-end but currently have much more robust all-around games than Pavlov, and specifically are better in the physical and defensive sides of the game. These three young players will develop together and push each other to improve. The future of the Moscow defence looks to be very promising as we start season 67.
  8. 1. WOOF, a rough start for the team as we sit mid table. Is this start what we'll expect out of the Menace? Thank god I'm late on answering because I think we're now on a 6 game winning streak and have a rocket strapped to our back. That's that good menace. 2. Compared to last year at this time what is the hype level at? Is it better or worse? It's pretty close, but this year has to be more hype. Any time you add members like VICTOR, DRAPER, and HEDGEHOG to your roster, the hype is going to go up. 3. Moscow wants to design a 3rd jersey and wants to know what you would make the third jersey if given a chance? Actually I do have an idea. Much like how my mentor boubabi introduced all black Stockholm Vikings 3rds, I personally would go with an all-white (slight gold accenting) jersey/kit setup. White helmets. White gloves. White socks. Just a pure cocaine white third kit. Beautiful IMHO. 4. It's a tight race to begin the season, except for 1st place. Who do you see as the strongest Challenger to overthrow 1st? I think Calgary will be the popular answer, but after our last 6 games, I don't see why Moscow can't be among the party spoilers for Toronto this season. 5. What's the biggest improvement from last season? I believe our defensive depth is greatly improved. The addition of Vigneault, Clarke, and Pavlov has really re-invented our blue line and improved the team greatly. 6. If you got the opportunity to change one thing in the VHL, what would you change? I would unban pennypenny from the VHL discord.
  9. Wtf Phil Marleau a beast. Two losses against Moscow but 1st star in both of them. If only Moscow weren't so superior to Malmo. 😭
  10. Phil Marleau tried to put the team on his back doe.