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  1. gorlab


    Be careful what you wish for.
  2. gorlab

    VHL Cup Finals, GM 7: Quebec vs. Davos

    Frank made it.
  3. gorlab

    EU Semi-Finals, GM 4: Riga vs. Davos

    best of 3 boys
  4. gorlab

    Important Friday VHL News

    Good to know VHL will continue to exist into the future tbh. Great selections for blue team.
  5. gorlab

    EU Quarter-Finals, GM 7: Helsinki vs. Davos

    Did Riga get a bye to the finals or something? What is this?
  6. gorlab

    anyone want to feature this ?

    baller always coming with that work ???
  7. ban Lukas Muller so I can win the Beketov again.

    1. Beketov


      I've never won it since it has had my name; how do you think I feel?

    2. gorlab


      Pfft, the trophy is named after you. It's like you win it every season! :P

  8. gorlab

    Can I get some feedback?

    I think it's dope tbh, i'd say it's exposure is a bit high tho (and I have that problem alot of times too). great work tho IMO.
  9. gorlab

    Black Voices Matter

    Oh baby, this idea has been done to death.
  10. gorlab

    VHL is soft

    Somebody re-install the chat add-on thing so I can find out what punkhippie said to trigger this thread.
  11. gorlab

    VHL is soft

    L o n g , h a r d , A N D t h i c k
  12. gorlab

    GM 220: Davos vs. Riga

    boom boom boom boom