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  1. Horrible sim for Jaguar & Moscow today, tbh.
  2. Nothing worse than a statpad game where you don't pad any stats. 😭
  3. How the hell... Well played Seattle. Well played.
  4. @Victor I am formally submitting a trade request to this up-and-coming franchise.
  5. Both are fire tbh. I love the ambition on graphic A.
  6. I've known them on sim leagues for like several years at this point, and I still can't really tell who is who between eaglesfan and flyersfan.
  7. You do raise valid points / have a valid argument imo. It's just that there is a very long-standing stigma against "ripping" content, in terms of sim league graphics. Even if someone takes the same time/effort as a traditional "sig" would be, it still usually gets frowned upon (especially LOGO wise) if the "rip source' is found. ... but, I mean, when someone makes a sig or a graphic, they are technically "ripping" the player image / stocks / etc.... So it's a tough one. IMO it's best to just stay away from submitting logos (especially logos made from a logo generator app/software/etc) even though it does take effort/knowledge/skill to put together a "logo rip" like this one.
  8. Hate to see it, but Codrick Past got exposed in this one. I guess the pressure of facing off with Podrick Cast got to him.
  9. |||||||||||||||||||||||||| NEW MOSCOW PRESSER QUESTIONS |||||||||||||||||||||||||| 1. Moscow is off to a decent start. Who on the team has really stepped it up this season? 2. Who are our biggest competition in Europe this season and why? 3. If you could be the head coach for a sim, would you make any changes to our lines/lineup? 4. Who is easier to score on in practice, May or Bernard, and what is your go-to move to score on them? // For May/Bernard, who is the easiest to stop in practice? 5. What team do you think is going to be the #1 NA seed and why? 6. S68 VHFL has started. Where in the fantasy draft did you pick? (1st, 2nd, 3rd, overall, etc?) Who was your first round pick and did you have any general strategy? 7. Did you have any Moscow teammates in your VHFL fantasy group? 8. Did you know patpou22 does photography as a hobby? What kind of hobbies are you into, off of the ice? 9. Have you made any player store purchases this season? Are you saving up for any particular purchase? 10. Please vote for gorlab in the S67/S68 VHLGFX competition. #PublicRigging
  10. That boy Chico Smeb went hog wild in this one.