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  1. Petition to change this to the official combat thread
  2. "In spirit". No worries if you didn't get it. I won't ghost you. Just keep being jacked, baby
  3. I'd like to state, for the record, I'm pro Prague. Best team in Europe. Not statistically, but in spirit (no pun intended)!
  4. 41. Who would you want to play in the first round of playoffs? I would love to play Calgary because fuck them 43. Predict the two teams in the finals. What game does the series go to? Who wins? Seattle vs Riga. Seattle in 7 44. Seattle has a new mascot. It's a Bear. What does it look like though? Like details and shit. What his name? her name? It's a bear in a business suit. Name is Chuck. Only wears a suit of the team colors and breakdances. 45. Seattle Bears are coming out with new merchandise or food or whatever. I've suggested Bear Paw donuts. What do you suggest? (No Bear piss beer, brother). Bear head hats to wear in the crowd. 46. What was the weather like where you're from today? Fucking beautiful 48. Remember, just Trudeau is not as advertised, okay? I'll try.
  5. Scott Greene of the Seattle Bears has been hitting the gym recently. Earlier this year we reported that he had packed on many pounds of pure muscle. This has turned out to not be the case. "He had fooled us all with the suit he was wearing," says teammate Berocka Sundqvist. "In retrospect, we shoulda known that it was a pair of inflatable Hulk arms. They were big and green." Greene had recently been urged to get stronger by his general manager, so it's nice to see him taking the advice. "I just want to be the best player I can. Working out isn't the most difficult thing, so if it means I can contribute more to Seattle, I'm gonna pack on that muscle, baby!" Greene has been seen exercising with fellow Bear Hulk Hogan. Hogan is known for his physique, so hopefully with his guidance, Greene can gain the muscle he's looking for.