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  1. 40. I think we're great. We have an incredible future ahead of us! 41. Making million dollar moves 😎 42. Yes. 43. Time control so I could sleep longer 44. Mushrooms 46. Spain for sure. But for flavor, let's say Canada because it seems cool.
  2. VHL Cricket League? Seattle Bears prospect @berocka Sundqvist has expanded his repertoire during this offseason. The left winger has started a small cricket league with some of his friends from the VHL. Sundqvist has gone on record saying that cricket is his favorite sport to play in his free time, and now he seems to want to spread some of that love to his friends. “He sent me a video on the rules that I watched,” says Scott Greene, one of the players participating in the League. “I’m not sure I understand the rules quite yet, but I’ll get there. I know you throw balls at sticks and try to hit them? That’s as far as I’ve gotten. So far, the league is very small, only containing five players at the moment. Sundqvist wants it to continue to grow, however. Any people interested may contact him for admission, as it’s open for play!
  3. Another season is done for the Victory Hockey League, and while most teams move on to the playoffs, the Seattle Bears have begun golf season. Spirits are quite high, however, as the team looks to ways to keep its young talent ahead of the upcoming expansion draft. The Bears, more than any other team, are banking on the development of it’s young stars and their continued success. Most of their pieces have proven themselves to be excellent in their rookie season, with strong Rookie of the Year contender Rayz Funk being the standout of the group. “Rayz can be hard on himself sometimes,” says teammate Scott Greene. “He holds himself to a very, very high standard, and while that’s definitely a good thing, it can be hard to see a friend be down on himself sometimes. I think he’s a ringer for Rookie of the Year, for sure.” The attitude in the Bears locker room has been nothing but happy, overall. Overhearing the meeting with the team after the final game of the season was very emotional. “So, with Regular season done, I can say that I am really liking where our team is sitting when it comes to production and growth,” said recent acquisition John Frostbeard. “I am loving everyone on this team and I believe that we could be having the best LR in VHL right now!” “Seattle ended with 69 points,” says Hulk Hogan, and the team answers all at once with “Nice.” They then embraced and popped the champagne. Emotions and well-wishes are nice, but the problem comes with who to protect in the expansion. Two difficult ones to keep will be center Scott Greene and prospect Berocka Sundqvist. Greene finished tied for second for most goals on the team with teammate Shane Mars. “I was happy with the amount of goals that I scored. Shane had an amazing season last season, and to be able to keep up with him in goals was a proud moment for me,” says Greene. “I think I proved my worth to the team, despite my terrible +/-. I’d like to remain here in Seattle if at all possible because I simply love all the people I play with.” There’s a decent chance that he could. Seattle will need a second line center and soon will need a first line center after Maxim Kovalchuk retires. Berocka Sundqvist expressed his desire to remain a Bear as well. Many teams would be lucky to have Sundqvist, who had an amazing season in the VHLM. He had 51 goals and 49 assists. Sundqvist is in a good position to perform well for Seattle in the future. “The team looks to be set,” says Scott Greene. “We all have high hopes for this next season. The hardest part is going to be keeping all the pieces in their place. All of us want to remain Bears, but we also want to win. No hard feelings if I can’t stay. This team is going places, regardless.” _________________________ 500 words, clambering for this weeeeek
  4. Hi, my name is DoktorFunk, and I don't score anymore
  5. Guess I'm done scoring for the season
  6. 331 New York Americans @ Vancouver Wolves 332 Seattle Bears @ Riga Reign 333 Malmo Nighthawks @ Moscow Menace 334 Calgary Wranglers @ Helsinki Titans