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  1. PRESS CONFERENCE! LET ME KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU! 1. We're, as they say, not doing so well this season. Where do you think we'll place next season? 2. Do you miss @BigIrish? I know I do. 3. The Hounds have been relocated to another city. What city is it? 4. If the Hounds came out with any kind of pet product, what would it be? 5. Who on the team needs to work out more? 6. How many points do you hope to finish with this season?
  2. Hey you look cool, come join the most popular and fun VHLM team. No, not Philadelphia! Mississauga!
  3. @Da TrifectaLet's do this. Join us or I won't stop HOUNDING you. Seriously tho, come have some fun with us!
  4. @Jubo07 Mississauga wants you. Plain and simple. You can come in and we would even give you, like, 5 dollars too. Plus, like, you're cool.
  5. Hey, Gustav wants me to remind you that you have a Blood Pact to play in Mississauga, so, ya know, no pressure. Would love to have ya, tho!
  6. Sup, @oilmandan! Hope all has been well! You're invited, if you so desire, to join us in Mississauga! We have a good time and it would be fun to play with you again! Let me know! Otherwise, good luck Randy!
  7. Hey, you don't know me. I'm DoktorFunk. You're welcome to join our team, but our locker room kinda sucks so I doubt you'd like it. Anyway, good luck, and if you want to be verbally abused in Mississauga, let me know!
  8. Hey there @dasboot! Welcome to the VHL! I'm DoktorFunk and I'm the Assistant General Manager of the Mississauga Hounds! First off, I want to offer my support! This site can be confusing, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know! I'd be happy to help! Second, I'd like to offer you a spot on our roster. We are one of the most welcoming and helpful teams in the league. Myself and my GM @Berocka take pride in helping new players amd turning them into stars! We'd love for you to bring your talents to Mississauga! We need star defensemen. Also, Berocka is Australian as well, which can help bring a slice of home to this Canadian team! Anyway, if you'd like to sign to the team and join us, quote this post and say "Accept"! Either way, best of luck and have fun! DoktorFunk
  9. 268 D.C. Dragons @ Riga Reign 269 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 270 Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears 271 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers
  10. I would like to apply. Obviously it's going to be a tough job, but I'd be happy to try it. It's going to require patience and respect, something I'd be happy and privileged to even attempt.