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  1. I like how you killed Beaviss lol

  2. 1. How NOT to set the lines lol 2. I think so. I believe in the team success over individual success 3. Bribe Simon T 4. It was a lot of fun. It's always nice when you have a game like that! 5. 2 lol 6. I believe in TORONTO!!!
  3. When Jolly Greene Giant officially joined the lineup for the Toronto Legion, he joined what was expected to be one of the best defensive cores in the entire Victory Hockey League. While the results weren't what they expected, Toronto is still progressing along nicely. The Legion finished 28-36-8, sixth in their division. The Giant tried as well as he could to contribute for the Legion, and he looked somewhat okay but didn't take the world by storm like he was hoping. The Giant finished 5th on the team in scoring with 13 goals and 31 assists for 44 points and a plus minus rating of -16. "The Le
  4. So I'm now actually going to try to be a full cap earner next week. That's my goal. That and to continue doing well with the Giant. Toronto has been in a bit of a Funk (no pun intended). After bringing on bigger names you'd think we would've caught fire a lot more than we have. But that's fine. I just feel bad for the other members of the team. I'm not too concerned if we don't produce like we expected, but I've had my fair share of winning. So I'm going to keep earning, not for myself, but for my teammates. It's time we had some success and enough excitement to keep people sticking around.
  5. 1. Pretty excited about this trade! Hopefully it makes us more dominant! 2. Any of the ones where I got 2 goals. 3. It's bittersweet 4. I'm not sure. Cause Beaviss left? 5. Giant!!! 6. Sen for sure
  6. Hey there! My name is DoktorFunk and I am the General Manager of the Ottawa Lynx! Welcome to the league! We need star players to make a name for themselves in Ottawa, and there is no better time than now. If you’re looking to prove yourself and really put in the work for a chance at glory, this is the team for you! We're making a run for the Cup this year. In return, we can promise you a locker room experience and training tips that are second to none! We have some of the brightest and most talented people in the Victory Hockey League available to you whenever you want. We could use a star wi
  7. 1. Pretty good! I think we still have plenty of time to turn it around! 2. I didn't check to see, but I gotta go Seattle 3. Cocaine, for sure 4. I believe Jolly did, if I'm not mistaken 5. All the goals! 6. Pretty good! Can't complain. It's been pretty hectic, but very enjoyable!
  8. It's an honor and a privilege to be on this squad
  9. 1. Keep making puns! 2. Probably strategy games. I've played a lot of Civilization and still do. 3. I'd say punk, but my taste is really all over the board. 4. I really enjoy horror movies. 5. Popcorn, I would say. 6. I always crank it loud.
  10. The Jolly Greene Giant has recently announced that he has signed an extension with the Toronto Legion until season 82. This will put the Giant in Toronto for the rest of his career, unless he gets traded. "The move just makes sense," says the Giant's agent. "The Giant likes playing in Toronto and he loves his teammates. We see potential in the team moving forward and Toronto obviously wants our talents, so the warm and fuzzy feelings were mutual for both sides." The Giant looks to improve on a team that is already stacked with future star defensemen. Toronto missed out on playoffs
  11. 1. Probably not a much as usual 2. I think it's all healthy. Give the good jobs to the hungry 3. Yes sir! Me and @Smarch together forever 4. Time to recuperate 5. At least playoffs!!! 6. I want to have a breakout season!
  12. Jolly Greene Giant recently showed up to the Toronto Legion Press Conference with a noticeable difference. This was the first time the world had seen him since the Draft Lottery Tournament, and fans were shocked to see that he has, for the time being, dyed his body purple. "Ho ho ho," says the Giant, and he's right. The purple does really make him stand out, but fans aren't impressed. Toronto fans around the world have been using #FreeTheGreen to convince the Giant to return to his natural color. "The purple looks nice, but he's supposed to be green! This isn't what I was promised," says one f
  13. 1. I wish it was Warsaw. I had the opportunity to develop Ajay Krishna and I want him to win it all! 2. Nope, but thats okay! 3. I did, and The Giant played great! 4. I haven't and that's something that I'm starting to rectify. 5. Pizza for sure! 6. Pineapple, ham, onion, banana pepper, and bacon!