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  1. I thought you said we were getting chalupas. Very disappointed. Demerit.
  2. Another bad game from me against Saskatoon.
  3. Bad game from me, but we didnt score either so, oh well.
  4. 1. 20 games into the season, who do you think our biggest rival is this season? Saskatoon has been a pain to play against. 2. The leader in points for the team is tied between Gaudette and Axelson, do you think it's going to be a tie until the end of the season or someone is going to run away from the other? Its gonna stay close, and I really don't know who will end up on top. But someone will beat the other. 3. What is your personal goal for the rest of the season? I want to steal a few wins for us this season. So far I have been helped out a lot by the rest of the team, now I want to return the favor. 4. How do you think the team chemistry is this season? Pretty good. I think we're really bonding well as a team. 5. What attribute(s) do you plan to focus on improving? Rebound control and reaction time. Everything else is pretty close to the model I'm using right now. 6. What's your favorite part of the VHLM? The team. We've really built a nice atmosphere in the locker room.
  5. Another ugly performance from me. Gotta get better.
  6. Ugh. Lopsided penalty numbers. Ugly performance by me.
  7. Nicely done! Solid little winning streak Hali.
  8. Good game Burn, first star! And 44 shots overall. Great effort for the win.
  9. Solid win guys. Offense was on point today.