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  1. Good series Yukon! Well fought. Will be seeing a lot of you guys in the bigs soon.
  2. 1 Season just ended. We sit in 5th place, 10 points behind the Yukon Rush, who we'll be facing in the 1st round. How do you prepare for this matchup? Just gotta find groove. Playoffs are all about getting hot. 2 Who on the team needs to step up his game if we want to make it to the 2nd round? Me. I really went soft during the last three games. Should have done a better fob keeping us in those games. 3 Among the other teams in the playoffs, who do you think has the best odds of bringing the S67 Founder's Cup home? Ottawa has looked really strong all year. 4 In the same vein, if you followed the VHL season, who do you think has the best odds of taking the S67 Continental Cup? The team that holds my rights is rebuilding, so I will go with Toronto. Their team looks really strong. 5 Do you embrace or deny the rumours that say the Halifax 21st is actually a satanic cult? Wait what? I thought that was red paint. 6 Are you excited about being drafted in the VHL and/or in the VHLM in the offseason? Where do you hope you'll land? If you were drafted in the VHL already, are you excited about possibly joining the VHL team that drafted you next season? Really excited to move up. New York will be exciting next year. Lots of competition for playing time.
  3. With the recent news of the upcoming VHL expansion rumors have been swirling as to where the two new teams will end up. There seems to be many speculations about the teams going to warm weather climates, but hockey is a cold weather sport. The northern city of Juneau, Alaska is making there pitch. “Hockey comes from the north,” stated Oscar Smith, “It only makes sense for the VHL to continue to expand in the north.” Smith is one of a dozen people who have been trying to convince the VHL to come to Alaska. The group believe that not only would a franchise here be welcomed warmly, but that it would thrive in an area that is desperate to have a sports franchise of it's very own. “Alaska doesn't really have much in the way of professional sports,” he continued. “We kinda have to latch on to a team from somewhere else. It can be tough to root for a team thousands of miles away.” In order to sway the VHL the Juneau committee has put forth several bold proposals in order to entice them to choose Juneau. First, they have offered to cover half of the team's startup costs, such as equipment and jerseys. Second they are offering to build a brand new arena to serve as the home rink for the new team. The arena is a state of the art and one of a kind design that would give the VHL the most unique hockey arena in the world. “With the popularity of outdoor hockey games we wanted to make that experience available to more people,” said Jean McCleary the architect of the proposed arena. “In trying to capture that vision I have designed the first ever hockey arena with a retractable roof.” Taking a cue from football and baseball stadiums McCleary says that her new design will allow for both indoor and outdoor experiences depending on the weather. “Usually these are designed to keep cold weather out, but our design is just the opposite. Any cold day on the calendar could become a unique experience for the fans.” While it certainly is a bold design, one has to wonder if the world is ready for such a big step forward. There are several people on the board who were not in favor of the design. John Cunderland was the loudest to object. “I don't see the point,” he stated. “Outdoor games are special because they are so rare. If every game could be played outdoors then why even play in the arena? Just throw some water in the parking lot and play there.” Still the majority of the committee was in favor of the design and if a team does come to Juneau the new arena could be ready by season 70. “We have a lot of people with a lot of experience who work seasonally,” said McCleary. “It wouldn't be too hard to get a large team together and make this project a reality quickly.” The designs call for a 21,348 seat stadium with a fully retractable roof. Extra lights are placed around the edge of the roof to provide more light for outdoor night games. It will be interesting to see if the city gets a team. A unique stadium could be just what a new team needs to really cement itself in the league. 565 words for week ending 8/18/2019 Theme week doubles
  4. Congrats @nethi99 for getting turney MVP! Awesome job World. Lots New York representatives on that All Tourney Team too!
  5. 331 New York Americans @ Vancouver Wolves 332 Seattle Bears @ Riga Reign 333 Malmo Nighthawks @ Moscow Menace 334 Calgary Wranglers @ Helsinki Titans
  6. Congratulations guys! Nice team assembled by @Motzaburger. What a fun way to return from vacation.
  7. 1) Favourite NHL team and why? Washington. Grew up in the area and now live in the same area as their AHL team. 2) Have you ever considered joining a sister league? (SBA, EFL) Doubtful for me. I don't have the time right now and really enjoy my time here so I would rather focus on just one league. 3) What are your thoughts on signing Jerry Wang? Always good to get new talent. This is my last season in the minors so I hope he can help us reach our goal. 4) Are there any sports you like to watch/play outside of hockey? Baseball, Football, F1, Lacrosse, Boxing. I like sports. 5) What is your favourite music artist? I enjoy quite a few but we will go with Psychostick for this answer. Mostly because of how enjoyable they are as a band and the music they play is awesome. 6) Who is your favourite NHL player, currently? Ovechkin. Gotta give mad respect to the man who finally brought a cup to DC. Plus he's a human highlight reel, always entertaining.
  8. Apologies. I posted one of the "In Progress" saves. This is the completed image.