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  1. 1. How do you expect us to place at the end of the season? I feel like we are still developing and growing. Probably near the bottom. 2. Which team looks the most dangerous on the ice? Not so hot take, Helsinki. Most points, good scoring differential, some top players. It's a strong team. 4. Gunnarson and A Red Guy are out with the flu, who straps on the pads? Flowers. Dude blocks enough shots he should just switch positions now. 5. If there was a NYA Fight Club who would be the defending champ? LeGrande. Never underestimate the old guy. 6. Who are the real surprises in terms of performance this season league wide? Moscow. I don't see a real standout other than Cast. They just get solid contributions from the entire team. I kinda like that actually. 7. How are you doing? Eh, could be better. Starting to see my stats trending in the right direction, though.
  2. Week ending on 9/15 1. What do you think about how the draft went for us? I feel like we really added some strong players. I look forward to us growing as a team and becoming a strong team. 2. Do your have any friends or ex team mates that are now on the team, if so, who? Steve, my buddy from Halifax. Hi Steve! 4. Do you feel we now have a team to build into the future? Yeah, I really like how we are setup right now. If we stay consistent we will have a very strong core and become a contender soon. 5. Are you excited to be a part of the team now that we have some good players drafted? Yeah, I really like the way we are starting to gel as a team. 8. Will the addition of new players make you more determined to push as hard as you can to suceed as a player? Of course. A healthy competition always allows me to push a bit harder. 9. What are your expectations for this coming season? I hope to grow as a player. As a team I would like to see us win a few statement games. I know we are still rebuilding but I feel like we can steal some wins. 10. What area of the team do you feel got better, offense or defense, or both? I think the defense got better in the short term, but with a large amount of younger players I think that we have really improved overall long term.