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  1. 1. We are on a 3 game losing streak, what would you do to change this? Need a line shakeup. 2. What do you think of our performance as a team this year? Awful. Still hanging around but nowhere near where we should be. 3. What do you think about your performance as a player this year? Honestly, a step back in my career. Poor performances especially lately. 6. New prospects are starting to enroll, who do you think will go first overall? haven’t really been following the draft. I usually educate myself closer to the offseason. 8. What trade deadline deal would you have made ? not sure we needed one. Just haven’t quite got the lines going yet. 9. Which line combinations would you suggest to use? Anything but what we have. Just isn’t working at all.
  2. Welcome to the fourth edition of VSN’s Weekly recap. We’ll cover a host of things in this recap each week including highlights of important VSN happenings, three stars of the week, power rankings, and anything else of importance. ----------------------------------- Weekly Recap As Season 69 turns the corner and heads into the home stretch, teams are beginning to ready themselves for what they hope will be a long and successful playoff run. Of course, not all teams are there as some are happy to finish out the season near the bottom and instead are looking forward to the offseason draft. That said, there is still plenty of hockey to be played and many more storylines that are sure to develop. This past week we surged out of the dog days as trade chatter picked up, a tale of two seasons has begun to develop in the Big Apple, players have been selected for the World Junior Championships, and the VHL was seen trending! Late in the week, as the deadline began to rear its ugly head, teams began floundering trying to determine who they were - buyers or sellers. Then two trades happened. First, it was HC Davos admitting they weren’t going anywhere this season (shocker, I know) as they dealt last season's Aidan Shaw Trophy winner, Finn Davison, to Moscow in return for a late first-round pick. Time will certainly tell who comes out on top of this as Moscow has gone all in. Not too soon after that, unsettled defenceman Guy LeGrande was on the move again. Though not confirmed, it is thought that this trade was a result of yet another trade request from LeGrande. With a hefty salary coming with him, will Seattle begin to feel the pressure of the cap? As troubling trends developed for a young talented New York squad, this season has quickly turned on a dime for them. Is it too little too late? They’ve gone a tidy 10-2-2 in their last 14 as they’ve been one of the league's hottest teams this week. Poor timing for LeGrande to bolt? The team is certainly out to prove he made the wrong choice. GM’s of the five teams for the World Junior Championships picked through and selected a number of talented youngsters in hopes of achieving international success. While the tournament lacks the star power it has seen in the past, there are still some good teams who are hoping to come out on top. Is there a chance Team Canada and Team USA finish bottom two in the tournament? Not likely but the possibility is definitely real. And lastly, another proud moment in VHL global news, just this week with a push from the recruitment team, VHL was seen all over social media in a concerted effort to ramp up the recruiting once again! With successful recruitment drives in the past, there is an expectation that this group can pull it off again and increase our league yet some more! ----------------------------------- Seeing Stars Dan Wilinsky helped Seattle surge this past week posting double digits in goals and assists and leading the league in plus-minus at +15. VHL’s leader in goals scored this past week, Julius Freeman scores twelve times on his way to second-star honours. Playing a huge part in New York’s sudden turnaround, Boris the Forest scored nine times, four of which were game-winners, and added ten assists. ----------------------------------- Between Extremes
  3. 1. How has your first few days in the team been? My first few days with Halifax back then were great. Very engaging teammates. 2. Thoughts on all the trades the management has made? Trades are always good. Good to see management making moves to try improve the team. 3. Are there any other sports that you are particularly good at? Did you ever think of trying to go pro in anything else? Basketball. Currently getting ready to sign my first contract in the SBDL. 4. If you are out at the bar with some friends or teammates what is your drink of choice? I either grab a mule or an Old Fashion. 5. What are your expectations for this season? Was expecting great things. Reality and expectations are two different things apparently. 8. Do you see any players on our team that you think could surprise this coming season? Thought maybe me but I guess not.
  4. Gold: Europe Silver: World Bronze: Canada MVP: Patrik Tallinder
  5. Welcome to the third edition of VSN’s Weekly recap. We’ll cover a host of things in this recap each week including highlights of important VSN happenings, three stars of the week, power rankings, and anything else of importance. ----------------------------------- Weekly Recap Another week has gone by in the VHL’s season 69. We are officially into the dog days of the schedule as things have quieted down somewhat. This week we begin to see small sample sizes turn into true pictures as everything has seemed to revert back to normal averages. DC and Prague still suck, public demand has gone silent, one team has regained contender status, and the mess in the Big Apple continues. The season started with plenty of surprises, none more so that the two expansion teams sitting much higher in the standings than expected. Of course, as everything regresses back to the mean, so does the records of D.C. (3-8-1) and Prague. (1-9-1) in this past week. That isn’t to say they haven’t taken steps as at least they are being competitive in SOME games this season but the truth is, being an expansion team in the VHL takes time to overcome. Last week we saw Michael Gary Scott throw his name into the papers when he publicly demanded a trade - to Seattle. All eyes were on the situation and GM Beaviss who calmly let the situation die down and showed that no one will push him around. If MGS gets dealt, it will be on Beaviss’ terms and that’s it. Will this situation fizz out completely or does MGS still want out of a good situation in Vancouver? Lots can happen yet but my bet is Beaviss’ keeps him around on their way to a finals appearance. As contenders and pretenders get sorted out the further along the season gets, one team has decided to add itself to the list of contenders. Our hottest team of the week - Riga - is currently on a seven-game winning streak vaulting itself close to Helsinki and Malmo as a true threat to come out of the EU on top. While it will have to continue its recent form probably the remainder of the season, it would not be wise to bet against this motivated group. Last but definitely not least, we have more trouble brewing in New York. Word is that there is definite discontent inside the locker room with one or more players turning against the team. While this is just a rumour, my sources are very strong in this situation. Hearing a prominent player could be shipped out of the city this season as New York attempts at retooling their rebuild on the fly. So much potential in the dressing room but it goes to show the importance of team culture. ----------------------------------- Seeing Stars Last weeks second star is this weeks first. Randoms has another stellar week, albeit this time he was the one doing the scoring totaling 11 goals to go with his 8 assists. Another insane passing week in the VHL this time by Diljodh Starlord who paced the league in assists (16) and points (20). Vancouver's Julias Freeman showed how this week with 8 goals and 10 assists leading him to the third star of the week honours. ----------------------------------- Between Extremes
  6. Thanks for the kind words @FrostBeard! and Welcome @Mr_Hatter!!
  7. Im giddy already...🙈
  8. Welcome to the second edition of VSN’s Weekly recap. We’ll cover a host of things in this recap each week including highlights of important VSN happenings, three stars of the week, power rankings, and anything else of importance. ----------------------------------- Weekly Recap The first full week of Season 68 has come and gone. This past week brought with its usual excitement on the ice, some interesting happenings off of it as well. Between surprising teams, a potential tampering case, a pair of trades, and a league job opening there is plenty to talk about. Out of nowhere, with his team-leading the league, Michael Gary Scott publicly demands a trade! Pulling a self-described page out of Antonio Brown’s book, MGS declares to the league he cares more about himself than his teammates. Making matters worse, he singled out Seattle as his only destination of choice. Will GM Beavis comply and come to terms with Seattle? In a recent poll, Seattle and HC Davos were listed as his most likely destinations although most still believe he won’t be moved at all. The week started with a minor trade between DC and Riga but the more intriguing news came Helsinki when the Titans announced they were sending talented forward ACL Tear to Vancouver in exchange for Ben Hafkey and a pair of picks. A common thought is that Helsinki came out on top of this deal getting an improving Hafkey and two picks for a player who’s development has stalled considerably. Amid all the surprises this season, what in the heck has happened in New York? No one expected the Americans to be world beaters but with that much talent especially on the back end, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who thought they’d push HC Davos for the bottom of the standings. In our last bit of news, word around the league is that there is a GM opening in Las Vegas of the VHLM after previous GM Matt-O suddenly stepped down from his position. ----------------------------------- Seeing Stars Hunter Hearst Helmsley has himself a week. With 16 goals and 27 points, HHH is finally fulfilling his untapped potential. Randoms is our primary set up man this week dishing out a league-high 20 assists. Adding to that he potted 7 goals of his own earning him a second star Steady Elias Dahlberg had himself an all-around stellar week registering 13 goals and 13 assists as a rare bright spot on a struggling Riga team. ----------------------------------- Between Extremes
  9. 1. How do you feel about Malmo's performance this season as a whole? A. A bit underwhelming maybe. We’ve had our moments but lack consistency especially from our top talents. 2. How do you feel about your own performance this season, individually? Similar to the teams. Definitely expect more out of myself. 3. Do we have a chance to repeat last season's success and maybe even get a cup win? Absolutely. A still developing group of guys that has top end talent should do well. 4. Which cities would you have chosen for our most recent expansion (those being Prague and D.C.) if you got to decide? Boston or Chicago should get one in the NA. In the EU I’m fine with Prague. 5. Do you feel that the EU/NA difference in strength is still present this season? Is it still as present as it was last season? Not nearly like last season was. 6. This season, we signed Jake Davis and let Dan Wilinsky go, where he eventually signed with Seattle. Should we have tried for Wilinsky, or was the safe signing in Davis the better move? Nothing wrong with Davis. He wanted to play here in the end and that’s all you can ask for. Talent wise it’s a toss up anyways.
  10. Helsinki Vancouver Prague Seattle
  11. Vancouver should demand a kings ransom here. MGS took all the cards away from Seattle.🤦🏻‍♂️ Or just a straight one for one: MGS for Zoiderberg 😁