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  1. Ten Questions For Any Player 1. Where are you and what are you doing? Just got home. Sitting on the can. 5. How would you like to be remembered? Best Player all time. 6. What is your worst trait? Procrastination. 7. What's the best meal you ever had? Steak. 8. If you could fly anywhere in the world right now where would you go? Aruba. 9. Would you rather be rich or famous? Rich.
  2. This article is a retrospective look in Trevor Van Lagen’s utilization in his rookie season which has recently concluded. A recent media spot by @dmaximus highlighting S67 unofficial awards gave the 1 vs 100 Award away with the winner holding 374 penalty kill minutes. When comparing this to his own stats, Van Lagen realized he was just 5 minutes shy of that record, in his rookie season! Coming into his first season in the VHL, Van Lagen was known as a scoring center. He didn’t hit, he wasn’t strong, and he definitely didn’t kill penalties. Yet, @Advantage, wanting to give everyone as much ice time as he could, placed Van Lagen at the heart of the teams penalty kill. Van definitely struggled there and by as with anything else, he tried to give 110% at this task as well. Unfortunately, the end result would be he was tired often when he would finally get some offensive ice time (by far lower in ES + PP ice time then most of his teammates). Besides this, Van Lagen was learning the ropes on the wing rather than in his natural position in the middle. This transition though wouldn’t be as big of a change as it did take some of the responsibilities of being a center away from him so he could focus on developing the other aspects of his game. Despite his struggles and frustrations, Van did learn a valuable lesson - he needed to gain strength to compete with the best in this league. That is exactly what he did as he dedicated his energy to the gym gaining that necessary muscle to fill his big 6’-5” frame. He began dumping some hard earned TPE into his strength stat as well as putting emphasis on his skating and puck handling stats in an effort to remain a shifty player who is hard to hit. With his scoring and puck handling developed to 90 and his skating at 85 Van Lagen hopes to spend this offseason learning how to hit as well as improving on his face off abilities. His dream heading into his sophomore season is to become a shifty, strong center who’s stride is at least average and shot is near lethal. He will be able to knock opponents off the puck while being a keep away artist and then when he finds an opening he will be able to bury the puck in the net. The only missing aspect in his repertoire will be his passing. This is however, by design. Van Lagen believes in player types and being a predominant scorer will allow him to be a star earlier in his career. Whether he develops his passing later in his career to when his other attributes are maxed out in an effort to become more of an all around player will be determined when he gets there and by how much depreciation is affecting him in those years. Next season, Van will definitely be more prepared than ever to handle the grind of a 72 game VHL schedule. With the hope and expectation that his ES and PP ice time will improve significantly, expect Van Lagen to be a breakout star in just his sophomore season for Malmo. 541 words
  3. Expansion drafts always come with suspense, with plenty of player movement, headlines, interest etc. Another thing that always seems to come with an expansion draft is the question “is now the right time?” I believe in regards to the VHL the answer to that question is a resounding “YES!” When I played through my VHLM season I originally thought to stay a second season down so I could burst into the VHL scene as a rookie. After out earning my TPE at a rate that surprised myself a bit I decided to make the jump right away. I slipped in the draft but I was always right up there with the top earners of the class. There was no reason I couldn’t come in and be a factor from the start. What has held me back the most? Playing time. If I was getting second line minutes my numbers would be much better. I was buried on a second last place team on the third line, off my position at center no less! All season! This is nothing else but a clear indication that rosters were full and the talent level per team was at an all time high. Insert the perfect moment for expansion. This league isn’t slowing down in growth and we already have enough actives to fill two more teams so now is the perfect time to do this. 232 words.
  4. It’s official. VHL Expansion is the number one trending topic on the forums this week and it’s not even close. Why is it trending? Well it’s clear, there is a ton of TPE whores so very desperate for that bonus TPE since it is what is called “theme week”. I mean, why wouldn’t you write about it this week? It’s FREE TPE. Tell this to my Dutch roots and free is all I need to hear and I am on board! Why would VHL Expansion be the topic of them week? Obviously, it is because the league has decided to grow by two teams because of an influx of talented player and active members. Is an expansion draft something everyone wants? I’m sure it’s not, at least to those who don’t want to be chosen away from their current team but that’s why there are protection rules put in place so teams can protect their favourite players from being snagged. Unless Quik gets his way and the VHL undergoes an entire fantasy draft for the league. The thought makes me smile because of how absurd that thought really is. I mean how on earth is that a logical proposal other than for the day it’s happening which would be interesting, no doubt. The league would lose an insurmountable amount of high end talent who would retire so they could recreate. Yeah as I write this thought, I’m convinced Quik has a great sense of humour and that is all. Getting to this Expansion and the details. Do we even know any of this? Nope. All we know is that their are two new teams and two new GMs who will get to pick players from current teams this offseason. Details. Missing. Will i be selected? Or will ADV protect me too? I would hope so. Although with my track record of being highly underrated (3rd round pick 24th overall and already over 400 TPE?! Absurd.) maybe ADV should leave me unprotected because who would select me anyways right? Of course, I’m kidding though. Seriously @Advantage you better protect me. I think I’ve earned it. How good will these new expansion teams be? Probably not good. Although it doesn’t take long to rebuild a team in this league. 3 seasons at most if the GM is any good? I can handle that. They will be attractive destinations for new players because of the sheer amount of ice time that will be available to rookies. All they need is a good locker room with some good drafting/development and we’ll have 12 competitive teams in no time. Is Expansion good for the league? Well for all those complaining, there sure are things about expansion that aren’t our favourite or ideal. That said, expansion due to influx of talent is never a bad thing. A healthy league makes for a fun and active league and that’s the main reason I joined the VHL in the first place. So stop complaining and enjoy the ride. This league is going places. It’s fun, competitive, and growing. Not many simulation leagues can say the same thing. 519 words.
  5. 331 Vancouver 332 Riga 333 Moscow 334 Helsinki
  6. 1.) Who is your favourite music artist? No favourites. Country music is what I listen to most but I appreciate other genres 2.) How do you take your coffee/tea? 2 cream or 2 milk 3.) What do you think we need to do to improve our season record? Just have each player keep growing. We’re an upcoming dynasty. 4.) What are your thoughts on the VHL Expansion? Always good to see League growth so I’m excited 5.) How do you feel about Malmo's having to participate in the expansion draft? it’s fine. Seems we can protect a lot of guys so we shouldn’t lose much tbh 6.) Are there any interesting free agents that Malmo should go after in the summer? Not sure.
  7. Rachel Snype caught up with Van Lagen once again as his season begins to wind down. Rachel: Another season has flown by! Unfortunately it looks like Malmo will be missing the playoffs which means hockey will be done for you shortly. Can you share your thoughts on your rookie season? Van Lagen: Yes, it is almost over already. It’s been a frustrating year for sure. I hope I can take this as a learning experience into the off season and regroup for next year. Rachel: What exactly has been the most frustrating part for you? Van Lagen: Ice time, without question. I’ve played all year out of my natural position, getting third line minutes and spending most of my time out there on the penalty kill rather than in offensive situations which I am much better suited for. Rachel: The top six was indeed crowded but there were all six good options there as well. What could your team have done different to give you more ice time? Trevor: For sure. Every guy worked their ass off all year to earn minutes. All I know is I worked my ass off too. I put in arguably the most time in the gym working on my game. I’ve improved my skills as much or more than anyone. I feel like I deserved a better chance to be an impact player this year already. That said, I’ll take everything as a learning experience into next year. We have a tremendous group of guys, a lot of depth, an an upside that makes us all excited for competing as soon as next season. Rachel: What are the main areas you have improved this year and what is your development focus for the offseason? Trevor: I’ve definitely worked a lot on my scoring (recently hitting 90) as well as my puck handling (also 90). I’ve improved a ton of strength (from 40 to 70) as well. Going into the off season I hope to make some gains in my skating primarily but also work on my defensive game to become that complete 2 way skilled centre I want to be. Rachel: What are your expectations for next season in regards to ice time and role on the team? Trevor: I expect a huge uptick in offensive ice time for sure. Top six minutes playing back at my natural position at Centre. I would expect a huge role in our power play as well. Rachel: After a low point production this year by your expectations, do you foresee a much different year next season? Trevor: Definitely. I always have high expectations for myself. If I get ice time and opportunity I think I can be much closer to a 30 goal scorer, point per game producer. Maybe some might say that’s some lofty expectations but that’s honestly what I believe I can produce as early as next season. Rachel: That is high expectations for sure! Any other comments on your rookie experience in the VHL? Van Lagen: It was definitely a challenge for me this year on and off the ice. I will only use it to motivate me to put more work in the gym preparing for next year. Rachel: Thanks again for taking the time with us Trevor! 535 words.
  8. 291 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers 292 Riga Reign @ Toronto Legion 293 Malmo Nighthawks @ HC Davos Dynamo 294 Helsinki Titans @ Moscow Menace
  9. Gold - Canada Silver - Europe Bronze - Asia MVP - Ambrose Stark