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  1. Updated Rankings: 1. @VanCanWin - 551.94 2. @Jubo07 - 544.72 3. @Radcow - 541.75 4. @11 Eleven - 533.39 5. @Galdoblame - 514.4 6. @Elhandon - 508.69
  2. Haha it’s all good.. I was mostly just complaining for something to write about 😁 I didn’t expect to make the team in the first place so all is good 🤙🏻
  3. Should just enforce League penalties for spammers (aka money/TPE lost or player suspensions) In major sports (NHL included) players get suspended by teams/league for off ice shenanigans. The real problem is there are people who spam this making the lottery a problem (aka #FIXTHELOTTERY). Now you don’t have to go approve all posts... just watch for anyone obviously spamming. Much easier to enforce.
  4. YES! We should start a boycott of the major countries haha let the Latvian recruiting process begin
  5. Imagine the excitement and pure joy of being selected to represent your country on the greatest stage of your sport. Imagine the heartbreak when your country stabs you in the back by reneging on their commitment to you just because some other jokes decided they were from a different country after all... as if their parents had screwed up their birth certificates or something. That’s where Trevor Van Lagen stands after being one of two cuts to the team Canada roster after the team had made its selection. Blame the GM? No. Blame the game? Yeah. Not only was it allowed for everyone to switch their country but it was encouraged and promoted. Do we want all equal teams or do we want to simulate a real world hockey tournament? What would I have done if I was GM of a country and others were trying to get in to steal roster spots from my fellow countrymen? “I would build a wall—and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me—and I build them very inexpensively. I would build a great, great wall on all our borders and I would make all the other wanna be hockey countries pay for that wall. Mark my words.” End rant.
  6. Review: Great backstory for this bio! Definitely get a good feel for his life growing up and how he transitioned into hockey and eventually the VHL. A few sentences should have had periods where there were commas as they were multiple sentences merged into one but the bio has good flow to it so still an easy read. Good job!
  7. Review: Overall, a very solid bio! The backstory develops quite nicely and the pictures bring the story more to life. Sentence structure and some grammar errors could be cleaned up but other than that it was an enjoyable read! Good luck out there!
  8. Sorry @Motzaburger keeping Katy Perry in there... 🔥 ❄️
  9. 1. There seems to be an obvious dislike for Mexico but that may be true game wide. No real rivals yet I’d say. 2. I would say Axelson will lead our team by the end of the year. 3. Top 3 in scoring on the team. Point per game rookie season. 4. Chemistry is alright. Been a bit of line juggling trying to get it better. 5. Mostly my scoring. 6. Favourite part is how much there is to do throughout each week. Keeps everyone involved.