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  1. #iamsorrybek @Beketov this hashtag will be on everyone of my posts until the season is over
  2. 1. All the way baby!! 2. Go get it Sully! He’s been an under appreciated beast this season! 3. Thompson hands down. He’s had an amazing season and distanced himself from the competition 4. Haha if I said @Beketov he’d put his name on me since I failed to name my kid after him. 5. Of course he did. He is a Halifax alumni. I was his teammate during this time... I won’t say anymore. 6. Prague. 6 seasons.
  3. So much is said about how the VHL these days just has so many options for earning TPE that it’s just become so easy to max out our earnings. TPE totals are at an all time high and the sheer amount of stars in the game today is incredible. People get double weeks, donate each season for more extra TPE, less sticky rules regarding PT’s, and in general just more options to earn and earn fast. Once per season the VHL has a “theme” week also known as an automatically eight TPE gained if users just write a PT and a VHL article about whatever theme it is. Also, at certain VHL milestones such as it’s birthday, there is extra free TPE handed out. All this being said, there was a moment in VHL history, precisely season forty which marked an important milestone in the VHL’s history and a sure reason to celebrate. The players at that time were certain beneficiaries though as it was decided anyone then could earn an incredible amount of extra TPE. In Victors words at the time he said: “Yes. For this historic season we have a historic week. No doubles, not triples, but QUADRUPLES week. Any Media Spot, Graphic, or Podcast (not 2 TPE) submitted this week is worth four times its final grade.” Victor - Imagine getting an infusion of 24 TPE today just because Victor feels like being so kind.
  4. Our top line has scored 102 goals on 661 shots ... 15.4% lol
  5. Though we aren’t quite at the finish line yet, this season has already been a success for me. I’ve reached few new career highs as I currently sit with twenty goals and nineteen assists for a career high thirty-nine points, nine more than my previous. My goal this season is to surpass the twenty five goal and fifty point plateaus as a VHL sophomore. I’ve been blessed to be playing alongside high skill players but I still am proud with how my player has grown this year especially after a tough first week. Big thanks to @Advantage for sticking with me on that first line! I am doing everything I can to prove that decision was a correct one for you to have made and stuck with. Besides my personal success this season it is the teams success that has me most excited! I’m really hoping I can part of a deep playoff run even though I know it won’t be easy fighting through the European Conference. 167 words.
  6.  Why every NA team can/can’t win the continental cup This article is a follow up to a fantastic article my coworker Matt posted last week. You can find his article here: Matt looked at the EU conference and why or why not each team could be a contender. I have followed his format in doing the same for the NA conference. Seattle Can - Goalie Rayz Funk Seattle has built a roster full of young promising players with the hope of developing a contending core for seasons to come. In Season Sixty-Seven, Seattle drafted a young goaltender in Rayz Funk. Rayz has been a stalwart for Seattle even though they are a very young team. It looks like Seattle is a lock for a playoff spot and it’s mainly due to their league low one hundred and two goals against. That’s a team stat sure but having a lights out goaltender is sure to be a big help in getting there. Can’t - Lack of star power Outside of their goaltending, Seattle has a lot of potential waiting to burst out of the gates. It looks like a bunch of them are sitting on the cusp of turning from prospects to players but this season Seattle really lacks that star power on the ice. They recently picked up centre Joel Ylonen to try change this but though Joel has a high TPE total he has never been a point per game player in the VHL and we don’t expect this to change this season. Vancouver Can - Top Line After trading the Season Sixty-Seven trophy whore Rauno Palo and a first round pick for superstar Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Vancouver now has a top line that most teams dream of. Hunter, Starlord, and Freeman are a trio that alone should guarantee Vancouver makes the playoffs and sets them up for another potential playoff run through the weak North American conference. Can’t - Special teams If Vancouver wants this season to be another deep playoff run, they will need to pick it up in the special teams department. They currently sit 3rd last in Power Play Percentage and dead last in penalty kill. Those type of numbers will put you on the wrong side of a tightly contested playoff series should they not improve. Calgary Can - Defense/Goalie Calgary has a stalwart defence led by Brady Stropko Jr and Leph Twinger. With Cody Smith anchoring the second pairing, Calgary’s recent movement transitioning some forwards to defence looks to be paying off. Couple that with a legendary goaltender in Brick Wahl and this teams back end should be able to compete with most and any given night. Can’t - Offense - particularly on the wings Unfortunately, though they upgraded their defence at the expense of their offence, the damage that did to their offence was significant. Their three centres have TPE totals around the six hundred mark showcasing their lack of star power but it is their wing depth - a total of TWO wingers on their entire roster - that is a telling stat as to why this team is seemingly underachieving in a weak North American conference. Toronto Can - Goalie JB Rift After a dominating season Sixty Seven, Toronto has taken a serious step back and has gone full out into their tank. Goaltender JB Rift is the only one left on the squad that still has the talent to be part of a contending team. A ton is resting on his shoulders if Toronto has any hopes of making the playoffs this season. Can’t - below average everywhere else Outside of their all-star goaltender, Toronto has little else to offer. They are old and declining as they spiral from the top of the league last season to near the bottom this season. A rebuild is in order here and we’ll see how long it is until they once again climb to the top. New York Can - Defence New York has a young core of defence that should set them up for many more seasons. This group of four has outperformed expectations as three rookies being led by a stud sophomore in LeGrande. If New York has any hopes of making the playoffs it will have to lean on an inexperienced but talented group on the back end. Can’t - inexperience Even with its promise and potential, New York is a very young team that just doesn’t have the experience and development that’s needed to win games in the VHL consistently. This will be the reason they likely miss the playoffs this year although the only cure to this is time so hopefully this will no longer be an issue next season as they trend upwards. DC Can - Cinderella Every league and every season has the potential for a nice Cinderella story. A Cinderella story is basically where a team or player do so much better than they are expected to do that everyone is in disbelief whether they can continue their run. DC’s only hopes of playoffs would be a heck of a Cinderella story. Can’t - everything else DC literally does not have any pieces that make you think, “well this player can carry this team.” They are so weak on paper and during the sims that they look miles behind fellow expansion team Prague. They need to build an entire roster - not that we are doubting them at all - but it’s simply going to take time and a few gems that they’ll need to find to build around. So there you have it. The North American conference is definitely much weaker than their European counterpart but still there is competition for playoff spots and the quality of competitiveness will be fierce. On behalf of VSN and all the excellent writers there, my name is Trevor Van Lagen and I’ll see you all next article.
  7. Vancouver Wolves @ Helsinki Titans Moscow Menace @ New York Americans Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears Calgary Wranglers @ Toronto Legion
  8. Last week I wrote an article bringing attention to a phenomenal young group of defence for New York. This week I asses the remainder of the roster and shed light on exactly how bright New York’s future is. I will dive deep into each of the forwards who matter today and most importantly, for the future. While there are some other vets and league minimum youngsters, it’s this group of seven forwards who best represent the future. The Forwards Boris the Forest @chillzone 15G 17A 32P 162S 9H 20SB Boris the Forest was drafted in the Season Sixty-Seven draft at tenth overall as a center. Boris quickly became the future for New York up front as they had thinner themselves out quite a bit and were beginning their rebuild. Boris is an offensive wizard who also plays very responsible hockey in his own end. Already, Boris has a lethal shot and a very good defensive mind although the rest of his game still needs to catch up some. Boris is playing this season as the clubs number one center and is doing everything he can to justify it. Scoring at nearly a point per game for New York, Boris is their number one offensive weapon. He gets plenty of offensive ice time resulting in a total of one hundred and sixty-two shots already. Boris will continue his development on his other attributes as he continues to form into a top center in the VHL. New York is counting on his development being key to getting the forward ranks up to par with the skill and potential of the defence. Boris is by far the most promising piece up front that New York has. Alexander Rodriguez / Nethila Dissanayake @Jtv123 @nethi99 26G 43A 79P 215S 186H 17SB Combined Stats Alexander Rodriguez and Nethila Dissanayake are two Season Sixty-Six players for New York who have taken on a more leadership type of role with this young club. The two players are welfare players but dedicated nonetheless and now sit each close to the five hundred TPE mark making them New York’s top two wingers by skill and experience. The two have combined for a lot of scoring this season, each scoring over a point per game. Alex and Nethila also bring a lot of grit to the Americans as they have combined to lay down one hundred and eighty-six hits just thirty-five games into the season. Alexander and Nethila both are playing pivotal roles for New York even though they may never reach superstar status that Boris the Forest brings to the club. One thing to count on though is their dependability and that may be enough to help bring New York back to contention. Both players are signed to just one year contracts though I’m not sure they would rather play anywhere else than where they currently are. Dalton Wilcox @Dalton Wilcox 17G 17A 34P 161S 33H 10SB Dalton was drafted by Malmo twenty-eighth overall in the Season Sixty-Seven draft. Dalton was lost in the depth on Malmo and because of this Malmo included him in a trade with New York that saw Malmo snag Ryan Sullivan Jr. There was room on a rebuilding team like New York which presented a golden opportunity for Dalton to take the next step in his promising career. Since coming over in the trade, Dalton has shot out of the gate for New York scoring at nearly a point per game in his first season here. He’s firing a multitude of shots - one hundred and sixty-one already while doing all the little things to help his teammates win games. Probably a simple case of extra playing time is helping him score so many points but nothing should be taken away from him and his production to date. Dalton should continue to get plenty of ice time and opportunity this year and we’ll see if his production can keep up like it has the first half of the year. Dalton may not have the obvious ceiling that Boris the Forest has but with dedication and hard work can still turn into a very solid complementary piece to this outstanding group of youngsters playing in the Big Apple. Frans Eller / Michael Sage / Owen Nolan @studentized @AcousticKazoo @Ace With Boris the Forest and Dalton Wilcox leading the rebirth at the forward positions and Rodiguez and Dissanayake being solid veterans on this team, the future of the forward ranks depends very much on this trio of youngsters. Frans Eller, Michael Sage, and Owen Nolan are three Season Sixty-Eight draftees that are growing together as they acclimate to life in the VHL. Already all hovering around the three hundred TPE threshold, if these three can continue to put in the hard work and grow their talent, the future of New York’s forwards is very bright. Should this trio falter though, New York doesn’t have anyone else. The three rookies have had varying levels of success so far this season in diminished roles. They have been providing solid depth for an inexperienced New York squad and should continue to grow being the bigger four in front of them. There is definite opportunity for these three to gain ice time and move up the lineup should they continue to earn TPE at solid rates. Together, the three represent the difference between a powerhouse future for New York and a New York that has too many holes to really contend. The Goalie A Red Guy @.sniffuM 8W 13L 4OTL 0.894SV% 3.19GAA A Red Guy has jumped onto the scene being drafted eighth overall in Season Sixty-Eight. New York already had a young goaltender in Thorvald Gunnarson but the potential in A Red Guy intrigued them so much that they used a first round pick on him. The decision really can’t be argued as he has jumped straight into the number one role passing Gunnarson on the teams depth chart within the first half season of his career. It’s safe to say, the future in goal for New York is A Red Guy and him alone. A Red Guy, though full of potential, is still generally raw and his stats show just this. Don’t let that fool you on his talent and his potential though. By the time his teammates develop into contenders, A Red Guy will be contending for being the leagues top goaltender. There should be no concerns here. That wraps the in-depth look into New York’s future. The defence and goaltending are locks to be a phenomenal group but though the forwards are less of a sure thing, with proper development, expect New York to be a powerhouse within a few seasons. On behalf of VSN News and all the great staff there, my name is Trevor Van Lagen and I’m signing off until next week.
  9. It’s been a very solid year for Malmo. The team weathered a very tough schedule to begin the year and since their schedule began including more of the DC’s and Prague’s of the world Malmo has taken their game to a new level. On the backs of veteran superstar Matt Thompson @Beketov and sophomore goaltender Michael Johnson @fonziGG - a leading candidate for most improved player - Malmo has surged to a top three position nearly halfway through the season. They have a great blend of veterans and young guts balanced throughout their roster and the chemistry on the ice is top notch. Though the number one goal this season is #bek4400, Malmo has their sights and expectation set on more than just securing a playoff spot. How far can they go? It will still be tough as Europe is a beast of its own, but Malmo thinks they can remain near the top, this season and beyond. 156 words
  10. Just like that we are 27 games into another season. Trevor Van Lagen has been placed in an envious position as the top line Center on a talented, though young, Malmo squad. Unfortunately, he has been unable to capitalize so far but don’t expect that to be the case by the end of the season. Van Lagen needs to shoot more to be successful as he is primarily a shooter. That said, other areas that make him a quality player in his second year are stats like good face off percentage and a plus thirteen rating indicating his value on the defensive side as well. Van Lagen is hoping that the remainder of the season goes better for him personally than the first portion of the season did. On a team level though, Van Lagen is quite proud of his teammates and how this team has fought to remain close to the top of the standings, currently in third place. His number one goal, besides getting Bek to 400 goals is that he helps Malmo return to the Playoffs. Go Malmo!
  11. You’re killing it too for New York but I was just looking at the defence. Maybe I’ll do another article on the rest of the team yet 👍🏻