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  1. 56 Helsinki Titans @ Vancouver Wolves - Helsinki 57 HC Davos Dynamo @ Toronto Legion - Toronto 58 Malmo Nighthawks @ Moscow Menace - Malmo 59 New York Americans @ Seattle Bears - Seattle
  2. Review #2 1033 Word Count so that qualifies. I thought the yankee/commie thing was funny but not everyone has my sense of humor. I always wanted to play goalie but decide against it every time. I would of liked to of seen some pictures in this biography. I am glad they got rid of the basketball scoreboard and replaced it with an official hockey scoreboard. Good work here and I hope you stick with it and one day share some ice together! Remember this game is a marathon that takes a year or two to complete so keep that in mind.
  3. Somehow I got my wires crossed and reviewed a third time... have to review another.
  4. Trivia is over and time to do a couple of reviews. Trying to review a Couple Biographies this time. 2 Biography Reviews/4pts = 1 TPE Biography Khalabib Stiopic Jungle to Ice Review # 2 Biography The Road to Samuel Review # 2
  5. Review #2 I could live with you being an Oilers Fan but now that you admitted you are a Sharks Fan I will have a hard time dealing with this fact. However, hate the individual teams and not the fans but the Shark Tank is not one of the friendliest places for opposing teams fans. That being said I enjoyed your Biography. It appears you had a hard long road to the VHLM/VHL and are destined for greatness. I suggest that your player gets pumped up in the Gym to not be outweighed so much and that your agent does the heavy lifting with point task like writing and such. Try to get every T
  6. (529 Word Count) We are back talking about the second year player now, Derek England. It appears that this Russian is on Team Asia and was a part of the World Juniors Tournament just recently. PenKnight just realized it and when he found the World Tournament Page he found out that Derek England ended up winning a Bronze Medal. Hey it isn't Gold or Silver but it sure as hell is a lot better than fourth place! Somehow PenKnight missed his tag for the WJC predictions or he just forgot about it. Egg on his face and he hates missing out on free TPE but lesson learned for next season. En
  7. I already picked this player up awhile back... @street
  8. F - Shane Mars D - Shawn Glade @Nykonax
  9. 1. You guys won the cup this year right? 2. Did you sweep the finals? 3. It seems you had the best team in the VHLM by far? 4. Do you expect to be able to repeat? 5. Did you laugh at Mexico for playing Bot Goaltenders? 6. Where do you get the best cheesesteak? 7. Do you take friends and family on tour to things like the Liberty Bell? 8. Do you think one year in the VHLM is enough for players? 9. Is the VHLM just a screening process? 10. How do you think your draft recently went?
  10. A quik Podcast for the TPE. 11 Minutes this time and not sure how people do 5 minutes. It takes me about 5 minutes just to warm up. Podcast Link
  11. It seems I finally found out that Derek England was involved in the WJC. A little late but at least he won a Bronze Medal. Better than 4th!
  12. D - Ryan Kastelic F - Rylan Peace @Nykonax