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  1. Obviously I don't know how to read this list and updates LOL! I thought I moved up to 16th but that was wrong and I thought Wrike Chyrnoble wasn't on the list. Where I got confused was these new posts are updates on changes but the main list is on the other page. I'm not very smart to begin with.
  2. Wow! Only 2 out of 21 picked the Las Vegas Aces so far. That means, we are all gonna lose, cause the House always Wins Go Kings!! (Which is odd, because I wanted to play for the Aces more than any team cause I live in Vegas.) Since they snu-bed me they can burn in hell... or the desert Viva Las Mexico City!! Andale Andale!! Arriba Arriba!!
  3. Not sure how I won but I will take the TPE or TPA... thanks!
  4. Hmmm it seems I jumped up 11 spots in the rankings from 27th to 16th. I may not look good on paper but I believe whoever picks me up is Stealing! Kinda like getting drafted 31st, which isn't horrible but its like getting a first round prospect in the third round! Go Kings!! I guess our goalie got picked up already as I don't see him on the list anymore. Brick Wall Wrike Chyrnoble!! @Savoire Faire
  5. I am pretty new but I donated 20 dollars to the cause. Seems I deleted the Transaction Numbers but linked my PenKnight878@gmail account when donated. This is a picture of my CC Pending Charge. I am asking for: Doubles Week Ending May 26, 2019 Doubles Week Ending June 2, 2019 1 Million Player Store Cash @Josh. 5 Uncapped TPE
  6. +10 Derek England (going to be over 100 TPE after updated)
  7. (416 Word Count) Mexico Magazine had a chance to catch up with Derek England this week and ask a few questions. Nothing formal and it wasn't your usual question and answer type of interview. We just sat down and had a beer and shot the breeze a bit. England plays Defense for the Mexico City Kings in their inaugural season in the VHLM. He basically told us that things are going well and that he suffered a slight injury two weeks ago that hampered his TPE earning abilities. We were curious why he wasn't over 100 TPE yet this season and that was the main culprit he explained. He missed out on 12 to 14 points in that one week because of a nagging lower body injury. Usually that is code for a groin injury but England would not confirm nor deny this. The next week he was back on track and trying to figure out how to get more points and get them faster. His agent, teammates and coaches let him down a bit as they didn't explain to him how to claim his contract money so he could buy extra TPE in the player store. This also has slowed his earning ability somewhat. However things are on track and he should be able to get boosted this week and in the near future. He expressed that it is very important because his team has no depth currently. Derek is averaging about 29 minutes of ice time per game and it is starting to take its toll on him. Not only on him, he explained but on many of the players on the team as they are also on the ice more than normal for most players in the league. The coaches have expressed that they know about the situation and are trying to remedy the problem as fast as they can. This hasn't hampered the team as much as one might think. Even though they are not getting many shots on net and they are over extended on energy they still have managed a winning record. Currently they have played 19 games and are at a 9-8-2 record. They are hoping the rookie players can bank some more TPE in the next two weeks. They also are banking on making a few more acquisitions to ease the burden on the players. All in all things could be worse and England, along with the Kings, believe they are only going to get stronger as the season moves forward.
  8. Game 105 MCK vs SW (550 Word Count) We all know by now that the Mexico City Kings are defying the odds on a bi-nightly basis. The Kings hosted the Saskatoon Wild hoping to answer the call! The crowd was louder than ever for this game in the newly built arena in the heart of Mexico City. The party was rocking as usual outside of the facility as well. However, the silence started to creep in just under 10 minutes of the first period as the Wild got things rolling with back to back goals at 8:05 and 9:07 respectively in the first period. The fans tried to will their team to get back into this game but as the Kings could only muster up 3 shots on goal, it was not to be. The second period was a bit of a shock as the Kings came out determined to get back into the contest. Rookie Derek England passed the puck over to Rodriquez who got it to Rookie Henrik Zoiderberg who found the back of the net only 18 seconds into the period and the Fans had something to get Wild about finally! This was the second goal on the season for Zoiderberg and you could see the joy on his face. England picked up his 11th assist on the play and Roderiguez got his 8th. Less than one minute later the house was still up and cheering as the Kings scored on the power play at 1:03 to knot things up 2-2. Unfortunately the Wild pooped on the party at 3:39 scoring a power play of their own taking back the lead 3-2. No penalties in the first period and only 3 total in the second. One for Mexico and two for the Wild. The refs seemed to be letting the boys play. The main problem for the Kings in this game and for the season has been shots on goal and they only had 7 so far at the end of two periods. In the third period the Wild took back their two goal lead as Brian Strong beat Wrike Chyrnoble on the short side to go up 4-2. The Kings and their fans would have nothing doing as they tried to climb back into the contest getting a goal at 10:48 from a bang, bang play and Rodriguez managed his 12th on the year. Zoiderberg was a man on a mission getting his third of the year and second in the game on the power play at 15:49 that tied the game up 4-4!! The Kings were playing out of their minds in the last half of the third period and managed 16 shots on net. However, they were unable to convert and since the Wild didn't score they headed into overtime. It seemed the players were tired in the overtime period and having a hard time getting into each others zones. Both teams only managed 1 shot on goal and the game headed into a shootdown. The Wild took control and scored two goals in the shootout. The kings were unable to convert and the game ended 5 to 4, in favor of the Wild. The loss was hard to swallow for the Kings but they managed an important point in the standings.
  9. 1. Did you expect to be so dominate this early in the season with a 16-3-2 record? 2. Are you planning on any trades or acquisitions before the trade deadline? 3. Would you say the lines are set as of now or are you still tweaking them at times? 4. Is anyone in danger of a trade or being sent down to the minors? 5. How does it feel to actually have a winning team for a change in the city of Ottawa? 6. Do you think the Senators will move the team? 7. What do the coaches do to keep the team loose? 8. If you do not win the Cup this year would you consider the season a failure? 9. How much do the Fans really help this team when playing at home? 10. Are you impressed how well the Fan Base travels with your team on the road??
  10. Yeah, I guess you're right. I was thinking that this came out after Derek England joined the VHLM draft and everyone knew he played defense as stated in prior media spots and such. I was focusing on his upbringing rather than hockey experiences. After reading your comment and re-reading England's Biography, I noticed I did not include that information that you pointed out. Just a poor execution on my part, using assumption, which is never good. Will work on it in the future and thanks! I think this was the only mention of what position England plays on the ice. It was buried deep in the middle of the story and could easily of been passed over. "The combination of Derek's hunger and relentless conditioning is what got him on the team and onto the second line playing defense." As you suggest a simple profile header at the top would of rounded this all out much better. Lesson Learned.
  11. Whoever drafts me is going to get a gem of a player. On the surface it may not look so good but I have the time and dedication to earn massive TPA in the upcoming years!
  12. 1. How happy is Halifax with the 7-4-2 start to the season? 2. Are the coaches trying to make any changes to the lines to get an advantage? 3. Where do you think Halifax will finish in the standings this season? 4. Who would you say are your top 3 players for the time being? 5. Do you think anyone will get sent up to the VHL during the season or playoffs? 6. Is goaltending an issue? 7. What do the players like to do on an off day? 8. Does everyone show up when you give them the optional skate? 9. How hard was it to swallow the loss to the Mexico City Kings in game 65 in Overtime? 10. What do you do in Halifax during the offseason?
  13. (334 Word Count) The Mexico City Kings have beaten all odds against them so far this season in the first 12 games. They have managed to post up a 6-5-1 record, even though statistically speaking, they have been beaten in most games. However, one thing it seems that these Kings have is heart. Not only have they won over the hearts of the country but they are starting to be a cash cow for the City of Mexico and the League. It seems that the madness of the crowds during the games almost wills this team to a victory. The latest game against the Halifax 21st is a prime example of how the Kings never seem to give up. Halifax outshot the Kings 36 to 17 which is better than a 2 to 1 ratio. The second period alone was enough for any team to throw in the towel being outshot 19-5 but the Kings refused to surrender and rode the back of their goaltender Wrike Chyrnoble heading into the third period all tied up. The third period was pretty dismal for both teams as neither could score the game winner and only the Kings had the lone penalty at the start. Forcing overtime isn't such a bad thing since it is a 50/50 proposition and the Kings ended it at 2:29 in the OT with a beauty from Rodriguez who was assisted by Scott and England. Scott and England are both in the Season 67 Rookie Class but Scott is by far the better player and almost has double the TPE than England. When questioned about the TPE problems, Derek told us that he is working on it and hopes to get rated higher in the near future. The crowd on hand was packed to the gills and most of them were standing on their feet for the whole Overtime Period. The noise was deafening just as much outside the building as well as in and the party lasted for hours after the game.