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  1. I just sucked this season.. guess that's what I get for taking one off.
  2. Round Robin Freidriksen Dimmadome 485 MP 434 MP .927 SV% .922 SV% 2.35 GAA 2.63 GAA Medal Round Freidriksen Dimmadome .940 SV% vs .927 SV% 2.00 GAA 3.44 GAA The guy played an extra game in the round robin and still had stats as good as he did.. but no but all means..
  3. Um has anyone heard of the PK? Holy crap that's bad.
  4. Another One Bites the Dust! I wanted to thank @Josh for simming and @rjfrymanfor helping with being a commissioner. As well as all the GM's @LatinViking, @JigglyGumballs, @NickSunderbruch, @MattyIce and last but not least @Blazzer So now the awards! S74 World Juniors Award Show Medal Winners Europe World USA WJC All-Team 1 F - Cole Newhook @GrittyIsKing09 F - Venus Thightrap @BladeMaiden F - Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment D - Mikeal Keef @R
  5. Results : 359: Philadelphia Reapers 360: Saskatoon Wild 361: Halifax 21st 362: Yukon Rush Score 7-1 2 Uncapped TPE: @youloser1337
  6. Pls watch the movie!.. well actually watch Clerks -> Mallrats -> Dogma -> Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back then you can watch Clerks 2 -> Jay and Silent Bob Reboot if you're so inclined. Yes I left out Chasing Amy.. not necessary (even though its a decent movie)
  7. Thank you!!!! Someone finally gets one of my movie references.
  8. I feel like this is an appropriate thread for this GIF. Love this movie.
  9. @Spartan @fishy @Moose.... Special guest attitude, 100% my favorite thing about this.