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  1. Acydburn

    Two New GMs

    With @Hylands and @Ricer13 Leaving the M to go to the VHL we have two new positions open for Miami and Mexico City. With out further ado, Who is going to be GMing Mexico City and Is going to GM Miami Please congratulate them on their new positions.
  2. True, he had the green dot saying he was online now so took it at face value (lurker). When I looked into it, said Sept so yeah, he'll be removed.
  3. I wanted to keep this thread up to date so I'm bumping it a little bit. Here is the running list of people who showed interest. If you're still interested you don't have to do anything, if you are no longer interested please let me know so I can remove you from this list. If you are interested and have not said so please post so we are aware. Thank you
  4. So we’re a little late into the season but technically it’s still the rookie season for Battre Sandstrom. This was the second overall picks rookie season and while he didn’t live up to his own expectations he seemed to have done well for someone coming right off of a junior campaign. Not having played a game in the big leagues, he walked into a locker room without a big presence on the back end. Sure there are some talented guys but not a clear cut number 1. With coming off being selected 2nd overall in the latest draft he had a lot riding on his shoulders. Was he going to be the one to take P
  5. I cant remember if I did trivia this week so here we go. 1.) you need a balance of both, but defensive teams win cups. So i'll go defensive. 2.) I think the trade will work out in the long run. Both are good players. 3.) You can never have too many animals unless you're a hoarder and don't take care of them. 4.) I think he'll break 100 points easily. 5.) He just bums ride from people. He doesn't need to really go anywhere since he's new to the country and doesn't really do much. 6.) As towelie always says, never forget
  6. I would like to apply for this.
  7. @fishy Can you tell Matty Boots to get his shit together please
  8. Sorry Guys.. I'm not getting the emails. D -Matty Socks G - Jacques Lafontaine @Mike
  9. 1. The season is starting this wednesday, how was the off-season for you? Got drafted so was okay. 2. We found an empty whiskey bottle in the locker room, who is guilty? The GM, heard he likes the booze. 3. Are you satisfied with Prague's picks in the last draft? Yeah, there were some good depth picks. 4. What is your main goal for this season as a player? To develop and help the team win.
  10. D - Hugh Jass F - Chad Magnum @Mike
  11. My bad totally spaced... F - Ola Vikingstad F - John Merrick @Mike
  12. VHLM Commissioner and Updater = Affiliate Claimer.. SMH My Head
  13. Battre Sandstrom - The Black Sheep D | 6'8" | 250 lbs | Age: 20 | Battre Sandstrom is the younger, better looking, better at hockey, and all around just better than his older brother Onde Sandstrom. Battre followed very closely in his brother's footsteps. There was a Christmas I think it was around 99 where he watched his brother open up a gift that would change his life forever. He watched his brother open up a hockey stick. Now their father would take Onde to the local ice pond to teach him the sport, it was their fathers first love. Battre would be jealo