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  1. No this is only for players in vhlm. I'll remove you from the tag.
  2. Results: 3 Uncapped TPE: No One 2 Uncapped TPE: @ahawk2191 @Kekzkrieg @Elmebeck @Jayrad28 @hewasajazzman @Ace @Psyduck77 @Bruins10 @sjs88speed @Green @SweetMike666 @Midnite @Mr_Hatter @Cornholio @CowboyinAmerica @DenisLever @Shaka @Cran @PotatoKing
  3. While i'm fairly new, I would still like to apply. If for nothing else than to show future interest going forward. There are lot of great candidates that i'm sure you're already aware of. If you guys have any questions or don't mind sending me the typical GM interview questions (after the selection) so I can gauge what makes a VHL GM. Thanks
  4. Acydburn

    OTT/SSK: S67

    This also includes OTT S68 fifth round pick @Peace
  5. F - Integra Hellsing, F - Charlotte Belew D - Karen KujoG - Isaac Cavendish
  6. Why not just enable it to have picks from rounds 1-8 and that way you can keep track of it?
  7. It's a pick em.. if you guys the games correctly you can get uncapped TPE.
  8. F - Jean ClaudePaul @Beketov
  9. 56 Helsinki Titans 57 Toronto Legion 58 Malmo Nighthawks 59 New York Americans