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  1. F - Taro Tsujimoto F - Dakota Lamb @Spartan
  2. Yes and Yes.. I mean why not? I'm 50/50 on each, have history with both. Yes.. although its a bit stressful at the moment. Probably trade it for a young player who has a season or two under their belt already. Enjoy the break for sure, took too many pucks last season going to NYCC in October! The one vacation I always take a year.
  3. Acydburn

    VHLE Rule Book

    VHLE RULE BOOK 1.0 - VHLE GMs 2.0 - Contract Structure 3.0 - Free Agency 4.0 - Trades 5.0 - Call Ups, Send Downs and Waivers 6.0 - Releasing Players 7.0 - VHLE Draft 8.0 - Spirit of Competition 1. VHLE GMs VHLE GMs will be selected by the VHLE Commissioners at the time of a vacancy. VHLE GMs can be removed by the VHLE Commissioners at any time within their tenure for poor performance, inactivity or mis-management. 2 – CONTRACT STRUCTURE 2.1 Contracts Contracts in the VHLE are for 3 seasons from being drafted. After those 3 seasons and you’re still VHLE eligible you will become a free agent. The team that drafts you retains your rights for 3 seasons. Free agency contracts are for 1 season. See Free Agency in Section 3 . All VHLE contracts are for $1,500,000 per season. 2.2 – TPE Threshold In the VHLE, the minimum TPE allowed is 200 TPE and there is no maximum. With that said, the season after you hit 400 TPE you will move up to the VHL. If you hit 400 during the offseason you will not spend that season in the VHLE. The cutoff date for VHLE eligibility is the same as the VHLM TPE cutoff date. If you’re under 200 tpe by this date then you stay in the VHLM. If you’re over 400 TPE by this date you move up to the VHL. If you’re at 350 on or before this date you may choose to either move up to the VHL or stay down in the VHLE. 2.3 - Backup Goalie Minimum Amount of Games General Managers are required to play their back up goalie a minimum of 20 games during the season. If the General Managers fail to do so, they will be punished by the VHLE commissioners. 3 – FREE AGENCY 3.1 Free Agency Contracts Free agent contracts are for 1 year and those players are released at the end of the season from their respective teams. 3.2 - Tampering The act of tampering, which is prohibited by the VHL, is defined as any member of a VHLE team making direct, or indirect, contact in order to entice or persuade, or attempt to entice or persuade, a member currently under contract with another VHL team to enter into negotiations with or request a trade to a team that they are not currently under contract with. The punishment for tampering is decided upon by the VHLE Commissioners, and may include: sanctions against offering Free Agent contracts to the player(s) in question, sanctions against offering any Free Agent contracts in upcoming Free Agency period, and/or future draft pick forfeiture. In the event that a Commissioner is engaged with tampering allegations as either a player or General Manager, that Commissioner will not be involved in determining the league's course of action with regards to punishment. If deemed necessary, other members of the league's senior leadership may be brought in to review the situation. 4 – TRADES 4.1 - General Trading Rules If a General Manager makes a trade offer in the portal, they are accepting the trade on their teams’ behalf. Once a receiving General Manager accepts a trade offer in the portal, it is considered accepted by both parties, and posted to the forums. All trades will be reviewed by the Commissioner's Office before they are made official in the portal. If a trade is found to be excessively detrimental to a franchise, intentionally compromising to the integrity of the league, or in violation of any other trading rule found in this section, it can and will be vetoed by the Commissioners. After the trade deadline has passed, no trades are allowed to be made until the end of playoffs. 4.2 – Reversing a Trade Once a trade has been accepted by all parties, it cannot be reversed unless it's blocked by the Commissioners. 4.3 – Trading Draft Picks Draft picks may only be able to be traded two seasons in advance during the regular season (before the trade deadline). During the off-season, draft picks of that off-season's draft and the two consequent drafts can be traded. (i.e. In S31, a team could not trade a S34 draft pick. However upon the completion of the season, S34 picks could be dealt along with S32 and S33 selections.) Trades found to bypass the above rule (i.e. trading a S40 3rd during the regular season and then having it traded back for a S42 2nd in the off-season.) are not allowed. If such trades are made, the second trade (the one in the off-season) will be blocked by the Commissioners. 4.4 - Trade Deadline After the trade deadline, teams are not allowed to make trades until after the last game of the playoffs in the same season. A time and date for the trade deadline will be announced by the Commissioners each season. 5 – Call Ups, Send Downs and Waivers 5.1 - Waivers VHLE does not have any waivers. Players are automatically considered to have free movement between the VHLE and VHL, so long as the player complies with the VHLE's maximum TPE threshold. Refer to Section 2 for more information. 5.2 - Call- ups and Send-downs Only players that are in compliance with the VHLE's maximum TPE threshold (can not exceed 400 TPE) may be sent down. Similar to a player being called up, they would have to meet the minimum threshold to play in the VHL (350 TPE). Player movement can only occur during the offseason. 6 – Releasing Players 6.1 – When Releasing A Player After being released, a player will be treated in accordance with the Free Agency rules in Section 3. 7 - VHLE DRAFT 7.1 – Draft Lottery The VHLE draft picks will be based on the reverse of the league standings from the previous regular season. For instance, the 6th place team will get the 1st overall draft pick and the team who finished the season in 1st will receive the 6th overall pick. In the event of a tie breaker, it will follow the rules that the VHL has instituted. In order of priority: W (Total Wins) ROW (Regulation Wins + OT Wins) GDiff (Goals For - Goals Against) 8.1 - Spirit of Competition Best Available Roster - General Managers are expected to put forth their best available roster every game of the season. Managers found to be violating the spirit of competition within the league, especially, but not limited to, any form of tanking, will face punishment at the discretion of the League Commissioners. Punishment for violating the Spirit of Competition includes, but is not limited to:: Draft Pick Forfeiture and General Manager Dismissal.
  4. Its going to be around the VHL and M drafts. There is no date set for any of the drafts currently.
  5. I need my 2 tpe so 1). The VHLE is slowly taking shape! How excited are you for the initial tournament? I think it was successful, hopefully some folks enjoyed it.2). Getting to be a part of the inaugural season is pretty exciting. What do you hope to see implemented into the VHLE? Hope to see a sustainable league.3). Hopefully Covid clears up eventually, but if there were no risks with traveling, where would you want to go right now? Sweden or California right now.4). What is your favorite fruit? I don't like fruit so none? If I had to pick one, mango. 5). Which team - based on the rosters released - do you think will win the tournament? I'm a little late on this one, probably Vasteras but it can go any way.6). If, perhaps, your GM happened to make you a sig, which player would you want to use for it? Yes, I use sigs that people make me most of the time.
  6. I was going to group this announcement with another one but we're still working on that one so i'll keep this one short. The VHLE tourney has concluded and congrats to Cologne (@Advantage) for being the big winner. The results were as follows due to the tie breaker rules: Cologne Express Vasteras Iron Eagles Bratislava Watchmen Istanbul Red Wolves Rome Gladiators Stockholm Vikings Edit: Miscommunication on my end. Cologne gets to choose their draft position!. Stay tuned for further updates! (Like I said, it was a short one!)
  7. They were set back to 400 if they were over. The ratings are from Wednesday, with the exception of 3 players. Who were set to what they were when they hit 400.
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