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  1. (sorry for being a day late, started back at work this week) As always this is for VHLMers only. VHLM Fantasy Zone Rules Questionnaire <-- Answer here Responses <-- View others answers If I have tagged you and you're not in the VHLM please let me know. If you're not tagged and would like to be tagged, please let me know.
  2. @KaleebtheMightyhe technically gets 24 hours since he has 2 picks. 2 x 12.
  3. Since we dont have a tag for just the VHLM members and getting it together is a bit of a pain figured I would get started early. So getting tags and what not ready for this season, if you're tagged incorrectly (being in VHL not VHLM anymore) or need to be tagged let me know. Also tagging @VHLM GM to let their players know
  4. Naw, he was put out to rest.. garbage career and garbage ending.
  5. Wow.. so glad I can do well outside the STHS sim... =/
  6. Results: 362: Minnesota Wild 363: San Diego Marlins 364: Houston Bulls 365 Philadelphia Reapers 1-0 2 Uncapped: @Z16
  7. Eh you clearly haven't looked at the index lately. Seasons pretty much the same as always.... That's why I retired a season early.
  8. Another tournament down! I wanted to thank @Josh for simming and @rjfrymanfor helping with being a commissioner. As well as all the GM's @Banackock, @Plate, @Z16, @dlamb and @rory So now the awards! S73 World Juniors Award Show Medal Winners USA Europe World This season we're going to do something different. There were a lot of great players this season so we're going with an all star team 1 and team 2. WJC All-Team 1 F- The Terrible Trivium - @der meister F- Jeffre
  9. You guys did win one without me lol. The stats just didn't happen for me.