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  1. Yikes pointless streak continues. Gotta get back on track here
  2. 2. What do you do to relax? Try to return to the ranch, kick back and crack open a cold one with the boys. 5. What are your training next? Going to work on my dangles so I can perfect the hockey trifecta of snipe-dangle-celly. Already got the other 2 things down 6. How do you like your VHLM team so far? I love it. Everybody is super supportive and I get to play in an offensive role with ample ice time per game. 7. What show have you binged recently? Brooklyn Nine-nine, a guilty pleasure of mine.  8. What’s your favorite workout? Definitely bicep curls. You know what they say, curls for the girls.  10. Who should play you in the movie version of your life? Hmm one of Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney or any other above average looking actor.
  3. Yikes...pointless streak continues for yet another game but glad we got the win!
  4. First time in GIMP, just playing around. #roastme Feel free to give feedback or send me some links to some good tutorials. Looking to learn more about GIMP
  5. Jeez Chism has been on a tear since joining the Marlins
  6. Oh man, 7 goals against is not good. Need to tighten our game up