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  1. Haha yaa... we shat the bed. Great timing on my part with this article.
  2. After being called out by huge ass, err.. @HughJas_during the recent Minnesota Storm press conference, Dalton Wilcox was asked to respond to Hugh Chan's comments: "I know Minnesota has the 2-0 lead over us right now, but the series is far from over. He better be careful otherwise @Elmebeck(our PIMS leader) will come for him. I look forward to playing at Malmo with Chan. He's a great dman in the in the VHLM, just like I'm a great scorer in the VHLM. To be honest, I don't know how he can compare himself to me. If I end up somewhere else in the expansion draft, he better watch his back".
  3. 1. Underperformed. I have very high expectations of myself and the team and I feel we still haven't fully clicked yet. 2. I am confident in our team. @FrostBeardhas made some great acquisitions during the season which really helped out our defense. 3. Jeff Downey. He's been huge for us since joining our team and I think we'll be a high draft pick. 4. They're going to have a target on their back and everybody will be gunning for them. I don't think the playoffs will be as easy for them as they think. 5. It's honestly been a team effort. I've been put in a position to succeed and my teammates have done a great job in supporting me. I couldn't have become the player I am without them and I am truly grateful for that. 6. I don't think I'll be around Houston next year, but with @FrostBeardat the helm, I can see the Bulls being contenders every season.
  4. 1. Condor Adrienne and its not close. He has even more TPE than me. 2. Whiskey. A whole bottle. 3. Old Town Road. Lil Nas X just doesnt understand the country life. 4. Preferably somewhere in Europe. As I am drafted and will be playing for Malmo, going to another European cities for road games will be much easier. 5. Ottawa. It's always a tough game against them and it's always a challenge for us to try and beat them. 6. Halifax 21st. That team name is just brutal.
  5. 331 New York Americans @ Vancouver Wolves 332 Seattle Bears @ Riga Reign 333 Malmo Nighthawks @ Moscow Menace 334 Calgary Wranglers @ Helsinki Titans
  6. With the announcement of 2 new VHL team names coming earlier this week, the discussion turns to where are these teams playing in and what are their names? The location of the expansion teams are still to be announced but for now, we can still discuss potential team names We spoke to Dalton Wilcox from the Houston Bulls for some ideas for team names and here are some team names: Buzz bullets - a team for built for speed and high tempo offense The Whiskey Jacks - we all love whiskey. who wouldn't want to be a fan of the whiskey jacks? Ironside - a steel bottom implies a strong back end The 69ers - Self explanatory The Mustangs - swift like a horse with a powerful kick Revolver - implies a powerful offensive Will the VHL use any of Dalton Wilcox's suggestions for team names? Is he just out of his mind? Stay tuned...
  7. Potential VHL Expansion Team Locations As we all know, VHL expansion is upon us, so let’s go through some of the expansion locations through as suggested and/or reviewed by renowned world traveler (not really) Dalton Wilcox: Edmonton: Oof this is a tough one. Edmonton is cold, dreary and there’s just not much to see in town. There’s not much to do here other than go to that big ass mall in town. At least the players won’t have too many distractions off the ice and can focus on hockey. This also might be a little too close to another VHL team in Calgary. Tokyo: Dalton loves Tokyo! Konichi-wa! Expanding to Tokyo will bring the first VHL team into the Asian market and Tokyo has all the infrastructure needed to support a professional hockey team.. The food (sushi!), the sights, the nightlife the ladies (Dalton loves his Japanese girls), are all amazing! The only potential con of Tokyo is that hockey is not that big (yet) and attendance might be an issue at VHL games. Also the availability of such delicious food will make keeping up fitness an ongoing challenge. However, the Japanese fans tend to be passionate about their sports and Dalton sees them growing to love their VHL team should they get one. Oslo: Ah the capital of Norway. Norway is quickly becoming a hockey hotbed in the international scene having been more competitive in international competitions in recent years. Oslo is considered one of the most livable cities in the world with a high quality of life rankings, and the players on Oslo’s roster will absolutely love living here. Food, attractions and culture are all amazing here, not to mention all the skiing that can be done on days off. If Dalton gets picked up in the expansion draft by Oslo, he would welcome it with open arms. Sydney: Oy mate! Hello from the land down unda! Like Tokyo, hockey may not be a traditional Australian sport but Dalton thinks that the fans are going to love it, especially the way Dalton plays, which should remind them of life in the outback (whatever that means). Australia has nice weather and kangaroos, and plenty of beaches for surfing and swimming on off days. Rio de Janeiro: If the VHL decides to expand to South America, Rio de Janeiro could be an enticing option. The warm weather, many beaches, Brazilian women (carnival!!) will all be attractive to VHL players. There are also a lot of tourist attractions in Rio, however players must be aware at all times as crime may be a problem in this city. Brazil is a soccer-first country and hockey may not get the attention it deserves amongst the fans, so the VHL will definitely need to do some work in order to fill the stands. These locations may not necessarily be traditional hockey markets (other than Edmonton and Oslo) but it does expand the reach of VHL further across the globe. Is this what the VHL wants? Or is this what Dalton wants? For global domination? Stay tuned... word count: 513
  8. Hahahaha yes!! We totally destroyed Europe...not even close! Great job motza!
  9. 291 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers 292 Riga Reign @ Toronto Legion 293 Malmo Nighthawks @ HC Davos Dynamo 294 Helsinki Titans @ Moscow Menace
  10. Gold: World Silver: USA Bronze: Europe MVP: Nethila Dissanayake