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  1. @McWolfAs the title says. Just check out the stats: Season GP G A P +/- SHT PIM HIT SB GW PPG SHG 70 (NYA) 72 15 55 70 7 162 184 257 127 3 10 0 69 (MAL) 72 11 50 61 4 123 154 231 110 2 10 0 68 (RIG) 72 15 52 67 21 177 162 224 101 2 10 1 67 (RIG) 72 27 50 77 9 197 219 239 118 6 16 1 66 (NYA) 72 12 51 63 -8 147 140 250 146 2 9 1 65 (NYA) 72 10 55 65 4 139 136 224 143 2 8 0 64 (NYA) 72 18 62 80 -7 216 122 205 189 3 8 0 63 (NYA) 72 6 58 64 -25 98 126 257 196 0 4 0 Totals 576 114 433 547 Sorry for the shitty formatting but you get the idea. Averaging almost a point per game as a defenceman is no easy feat. Although NYA had some tough seasons recently, things are really picking up and the future looks brigh,. Ever since coming back to the NYA after some stellar seasons with Riga, Mcwolf has been the undoubtedly the leader of the dcorp and a team leader for all the young players on the team. Perhaps his greatest legacy is his contribution in the development of fellow defenceman Lance Flowers, ensuring the NYA will always have a top tier dman for seasons to come. Incoming dmen will always have an example to look up to and a mentor to talk to should they ever get a chance to play with Mcwolf. Dalton Wilcox hopes Mcwolf will renew his contract with the NYA and they continue their strong play as they intend to content for a VHL championship for years to come.
  2. 1) Despite being 6th in the league, we are currently 5th in the NA conference, out of the playoffs by 1 point. How do we cope to overcome this tight race? Just give me the puck boys. I got this. 2) Although still one of the strongest teams in the league, Vancouver has been trending down lately, and should we make playoffs we'd likely face them in the first round. How do we feel about this series? We'll be trending up by then so we'll give them a run for their money. 3) In light of the theme week, who's the most likely to get their first HOFer in the next couple of classes? There's lots. Borwin? Freeman? Randoms? Jet Jaguar? I don't even know... 4) With playoffs coming up, offseason is quick to follow. How do you plan to beat the offseason slump? Drinking, and lots of it. 5) If you've been following the VSN Australia podcasts, who's "voice reveal" was the most shocking? Haven't listened but it is always jarring to listen to your own voice so its probably shocking to everybody. 6) Who is your favorite NHL goalie and why is it David Ayres? This just shows that anyone can step between the pipes and beat the Maple Leafs.
  3. 1) As I'm sure we all know by now, teammate and all around great guy Elmebeck has recently passed away. What's your fondest memory of our friend? We played on the same VHLM together in Houston and worked out a deal to play together with the Americans in the VHL. He was my closest friend in my early VHL days. RIP my friend. 2) We are only 5 points out of fourth in the league, do you expect us to make it there? 100%. We can be way better than we've been showing recently. 3) We are only one goal off from last in the league with goals for, how do we fix it? More shots. Less fancy plays, simple passes, get pucks on net. 4) @studentized's breakout season is bolstering our offense, being on pace for around 60 points. Who else is having a breakout season either with us or around the league? I feel like im missing out since breaking out in my rookie year. I hope i can break out offensively for NYA soon, we really need it. 5) If you could move for one player in the league who would you want to see in the red, white and blue? The MVP Julian Borwinn. Always great to add one of the top players in VHL history. 6) If you weren't playing hockey, what would you be doing? Professional athlete in a different sport. Probably football or basketball.
  4. I'm heartbroken. Elmebeck and I went a ways back as we played on the same VHLM team and now the VHL. We kept in touch for a bit but personal life took me away from VHL for a little bit, but the guy would always reach out to me to see how I was doing. I regret not keeping in touch with him more. RIP my buddy.
  5. 85 Prague Phantoms @ Helsinki Titans 86 Calgary Wranglers @ HC Davos Dynamo 87 Riga Reign @ New York Americans 88 Malmo Nighthawks @ D.C. Dragons
  6. 1. We've started in the middle of the pack but are leading the Low Division. Where can we improve to make sure we maintain that lead? Improve our PK and defense. We give up a lot of goals late in games. 2. Whose start has been more surprising so far: Seattle or Toronto? Probably Seattle. They're going to get better though. 3. Is Joseph McWolf gonna finish with more hits or more PIMs this season? PIMs. Having a goon who can put up points is important. Make the other guys watch their backs. 4. Who has been the biggest key to the team so far this season? I lead the team in goals which is nice. but a Red Guy is providing great goaltending as usual. 5. We have the second most PIMs in the league and the third worst PK%. What can we do to improve those numbers? Take less penalties in general. Stay back instead of trying for the shorties all the time. 6. Who has been the unsung hero of the team so far this season? Boris. Not putting up the numbers as expected but is our team glue guy, on and off the ice.