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  1. 100 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers 101 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 102 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 103 Riga Reign @ Toronto Legion
  2. Congratulations @HulkHogan on your big boy scoring brother brother.
  3. Peace Arch Crossing Sunday, September 22, 1:01 PM Zoids fiddled with the radio, unable to find a station that would play Abba despite his multiple calls to both 101.1 and 97.1, "Looks like you're getting screwed over by deployment again". It was another overcast day, rain was falling lightly, but he kept the windows rolled down on his Saab as he pulled into the Nexus lane. Traffic was thick, but filing through without much pause. Michael looked out the passenger side Window, "I don't know. I've talked with the GM about it but they're just not giving me ice time. They keep promising but I always end up on the third line. It's dishonest. Fool me once, strike one. Fool me twice, strike three." Henrik killed the Radio, "Do you really mean that?" "Friends joke with one another," MGS looked away and mimed gang signs in the air with his hands, " 'Hey, you're poor.' 'Hey, your momma's dead.' That's what friends do." "Yeah, you're right," Hank continued, "not to mention free agency isn't for another two seasons. Are you going to stick with them?" The line moved foward slightly, an officer got out of the Nexus booth and had the car three spots ahead open their trunk. Cabbages toppled out and bounced on the wet pavement like tears in the rain. Michael took a bite of his protein bar, talking around as he chewed, "I would not miss it for the world. But if something else came up I would definitely not go." Henrik nodded and drove forward, passports in hand. "Anything to declare?" "BANKRUPCY!" Shouted Michael. 268 Words TPE for week ending September 22 @Motzaburger
  4. We Roar We Score Some teams flare up and then fade away. Others seem to have dynasties that last for years on edge. Which one will Banackock's Seattle Bears be? It's been a hot start for the Seattle Bears. After a disappointing playoff miss last season, they started the first week of S68 going 5-3-0, good for a tie with Davos for fourth in the league. It seems the Bears' depth-driven momentum is in full swing. Between their impressive scoring and a positive goal differential (thanks to the consistent efforts of S67 rookie of the year Rayz Funk), the Bears are looking to make the playoffs and get their young core some much-needed experience. They say that the playoffs are a much different beast than the regular season, and with limited cup windows against strong contenders, there's never any guarentee of success. Bears Captain Acyd Burn @Acydburn was unavailable for comment, but the rest of the team's core leadership stepped up to give some thoughts on the start of the Bears' season and what's to come over the next few months. First up is star center Scott Greene @DoktorFunk (1C): "I'm very excited." Greene was quoted as saying, "We're shaping up to be a killer team with crazy depth scoring." Henrik Zoiderberg @HenrikZoiderberg (2LW) was a bit more candid about his opinion: "Yeah, it's nice," Started Zoids, "It's no secret that I struggled with my transition into the big league last season and didn't put up the numbers I expected after being such a stud in the M." About his experience on the world stage: "The Juniors were a nice break, but I didn't end up getting the results I wanted there either, silver's just first loser, you know? This season feels like a fresh start. Every single player put in effort over the offseason, we're so much stronger than we were at this time last season." Rayz Funk @Rayzor_7 (G): Funk was quoted as saying, "I'm happy about it. After the slugfest we had last season it's clear that we are a stronger team this time around." Hulk Hogan @HulkHogan (D): "Hot and spicy" Anything else to add? "Brother" Bears' GM and mastermind behind building this core group, Banackock @Banackock, leant some of his own insights into the reasons behind the season's solid start: "I feel very good so far. Confident in the group we have whether it's this season or next. Core is stellar." Whatever the reasons, it is now on the Bears to carry this success through to the end of the season, and hopefully through to the end of the playoffs. With the addition of the Prague Phantoms and DC Dragons, as well as a few more teams entering their rebuild phases, the time is now to have the core players develop into their best selves and start aiming for cup runs. Hopefully under Bana's tutelage, that dream can become a reality. The lines are in, the skates are sharpened, the sticks are taped. Hello out there, we're on the air. 505 words TPE for week ending September 22
  5. F- Randoms D - Pitor Jerwa Back up to @SDCore
  6. Aleksei surveyed the papers collected at his desk. Something wasn't adding up. Four players he'd brought together were playing over point per game hockey over the first week of the season, but it wasn't adding up. The wins weren't coming, and the team was already at a negative five goal differential. Even the defensemen were putting up points, but the team must've been putting up some kind of swiss cheese hockey. Unless... Sytsevich took a long pull of his vodka as he came across the goalie's stats. The goalie was good. Maybe too good to the point it was covering up his team's faults. An 0.92 save percentage in any major league was nothing short of competent, but that meant. No. That couldn't be true. "Sixteen goals, four per game, carry the two..." Aleksi trailed off. The Phantoms had allowed two hundred and fifteen shots on net in four games. Nearly double what one would expect in that period of time. The fact that Bjoernsson hadn't had a heart attack in that period of time was something of a small miracle. Aleksi lifted the phoneand dialed @diamond_ace's number. "Comerade. We need to give bonus to goalie." The receiver was down with a click before the Phantoms' GM had a chance to respond, and took another low, pensive swig of his vodka. Winter was coming to Prague soon, and though its chill didn't carry the bite of Siberia, Raisa would be wanting a new mink to show off to her socialite friends. Perhaps comerade Diamond would be willing to give him an advance on his meager salary if the love of his wife was at sake. Time would tell. For now, Hockey and Vodka would have to keep him warm. 288 Words TPE for week ending September 15