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  1. Takahashi getting a star tonight proving that 2A is better than 1G
  2. It really cuts into my ice time when I don't play 30 minutes a game.
  3. To satisfy burgeoning demand following Upper Deck's release of the Original Henrik Zoiderberg Rookie Card, a second, improved card has been released!
  4. Following my Captain's footsteps, Henrik Zoiderberg is looking for an endorsement deal! Get this young player while you can @Enorama @Nykonax @Romaris @Thranduil
  5. F - Kronos Bailey G - Ismond Kingfisher annnd I'm done! @FerdaJets
  6. Team Building Exercises: An Interview with a VHLM GM This is the second in a series of weekly interviews with the VHLM's GM's. Week 1 This week I met with @Esso2264, GM of the indominable Ottawa Lynx to discuss his rivalry with @Nykonax, running a club, and his unique experience. A big thanks for Esso for joining me and giving his perspective on what its like to run a junior team for this sim. Let's dive right in Esso. For those of us new to the league, did you create the Lynx, or take them over at a later date? I took over, the Lynx are one of the original VHLM team if I remember, its old lol. I joined 6 months ago and the league is 12 years old, so... What drew you to stepping into a leadership position, being so relatively young compared to the league itself? I kinda got thrown into that position, I was Ottawa assistant general manager for a season under @diamond_ace, he got a promotion as VHLM commish so he couldn't be a GM so I got the team. I always wanted to be a GM at some point so it just got fast lol Just thrust into it out of the blue, very cool. With all this new blood entering the league and it seems every player that joins gets their introduction thread immediately spammed. What do you take into consideration when you sign new players? I havent really been aggresive on player thread because I either already used my waiver claims or I was full at the position, but I usually check if I've seen them on discord or if they've done some articles. I know a lot of GM's are very aggressive on the player creation thread, it never hurts to sign free agents like that either. Speaking of, if you could add one player from the VHLM to your roster, who would it be and why? Thats a good question, my answer is I dont know! Pro scouting is a tough gig in a fantasy league, what team do you consider your natural rival? Mexico and Philly. Mexico because the GM is my old AGM, Philly because they are the one team I think can stop us from the cup. (writer's note: watch out, @BladeMaiden) Ah so you've got a bit of a prove it attitude against Nyko and the Kings, eh? You don't think we'd be a contender for the cup? I dont think you'll be bad but I dont see you beating us in the playoffs. Never say never! Any plans to expand into the VHL once you've got some more VHLM chops? Yes at one point I would like to jump up in VHL but I'm not in an hurry. Thanks again to Esso for sharing his experience as a VHLM GM! Next week I'll be sharing an interview with the one and only Blademaiden. Stay tuned for the next in this eleven week series in interviews with GM's of the VHLM, and more to come after that! 511 words TPE for week ending May 26, 2019