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  1. F - Edgar Allen Poe Thornton F - Pavel Tracksuit G - Patrick Roy-Ar-Dee
  2. Port Angeles, WA 2:49 PM PST Weather: Windy, overcast, scattered showers He waited in his car for his friend to clear customs. It had been a two hours drive North from Seattle, the wind and rain had whipped his unimposing KIA back and forth across Highway 5 the entire drive, and his ABBA tape had crapped out halfway through. This country took its toll on a man, with its easy access to junk food, liquor, and other delights. It took a strong man to resist its temptataions. All five foot nine of his friend stepped through the gate, carrying a large duffel over one shoulder. His hair, gelled. His gait, professional. His suit, immaculate. Zoiderberg leapt from his car and bound towards his best friend with open arms. They embraced, then returned to the car and began the long drive south to Mt. Rainier park. On the way, the two couldn't help but recount their time together in Mexico City. The new season on their new teams was barely two weeks in, yet it felt like they'd been apart from years there was so much to discuss. Strategies, linemates, coaches, GM's. The mountains, the cities, the people. They arrived, changed into their gym clothes, and began the mad dash up the mountain. Zoiderberg was, from a statistical perspective, the worse hill climber. He was slightly taller, slightly heavier, slightly worse of a skater, but every time he fell behind his friend looked back and gave a little wink, and Henrik felt compelled to follow with everything he had. After what seemed like hours, they reached the peak, looking out over the lush forest and mountains below. "You'd better train harder Hank." "Why's that Michael? @Motzaburger You barely beat me up this time, and I was closer than ever!" "Next week we do Grouse." 303 Words TPE for week ending July 21
  3. Best penalty killer in the league right here ladies and gentlemen.
  4. 15. What logo in the league is your favourite? why? The Bears of course! The use of burgandy, black, and gold isn't something I've seen in any league, but its so perfectly executed and blends extremely nicely. It's also very easy to find uniform pictures that blend with it well. I just wish we had more assets for the third logo: 16. What logo is your least favourite? Why? Riga, I'm sorry, but have you seen this thing: It reminds me of the lion taxidermied by someone who'd never seen a lion: 17. If you could expand anywhere for the VHL, where would it be and what would you name the team? The Montreal Nordiques has a nice ring to it. Maybe something like this: 18. Predict who is going to be the VHL's MVP this season? I feel like Julian Borwinn @Jubo07 is going to be unmatched. Not only is he a prolific scorer, he has the team backing to succeed. That's almost more important than raw skill in today's game. 19. Which goalie in the VHL is gonna reign #1 and collect some awards? Whoever the netminder is for Helsinki is going to have another runaway season. Who is that now, Alexander Pepper? @Sonnet Yeah, Pepper's gonna pot it. 20. Who are the leagues biggest goons? Call me biased against our rival, but don't get me started on that Beau Louth @Beaviss guy. I'd like to put him over the boards and teach him how we do things in Sweden. I'm surprised an old man like him hasn't learned a little more respect after this many years in the league.
  5. Team Building Exercises 6/11: The San Diego Treat This is the sixth in a series of weekly interviews with the VHLM's GM's. Thanks to all of my regular readers, we're halfway through the S66 series of interviews. If you have any suggestions for my next series, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to hear all of your suggestions. Back to it: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 We're on the West Coast this week speaking with @InstantRockstar about his San Diego Marlins, the expansion team experience, how he gets along with other GM's in the Junior leagues, and what the plan is for a relatively new team moving forward. Let's hop on the USS Midway, visit the Sand Diego Zoo, and jump into the ocean. It's time to interview! As a reminder to those new to this series, these interviews were conducted prior to the S66 season, and as a result some of the information may seem a little outdated. There have been several staffing changes throughout the VHLM's GM's during this time, so if I've missed you please don't hesitate to let me know. For those of us new to the league, could you give us a little history of the team? Is it an expansion team or was it one of the originals? San Diego was introduced this off-season, we were introduced as one of three expansion teams (Mississauga and Mexico City were the other two). A lot of people were kind of taken back a little bit I think anyways by having three more teams being added to the league, since they just added two more the season prior (Philly and Houston). But yeah, we're going into our first official year. Yeah that's a huge expansion all at once, the league must be growing fast! So as you grow the new team, what do you take into consideration when you sign new players? The first thing I had to figure out was positional need. With all new members it's hard to grade them on anything but their position. Sure, they could become the next superstar of the league but who is to know without a reputation, so that is the main thing I am after. I usually try to speak to a lot of them too, just to see their plans, their goals, etc and kind of get a feel for them, so I can make sure I can provide whatever they need from me, while getting the most out of them. Trying to sign that breakthrough star who isn't on everybody's radar or necessarily a front-runner yet. Recongnizing that hidden potential with real life examples like Benn or Datsyuk. Out of those new players, do you have any favorite rookies in the upcoming season? Honestly I can’t single out one person. Not to say there isn’t a “person” to single out but they’ve all been absolutely lights out. I couldn’t be happier and just impressed with the production of them all. How about across other teams? If you could add one player from the VHLM to your roster, who would it be and why? There are a lot of amazing players, right now our biggest need is still defense and so that being said someone like Shackleford @K1NG LINUS would be a huge asset to us. I've heard that name come up a couple of times. Especially when discussing defensive Juniors. Moving along, What team do you consider your natural rival? I’d like to say that Philly would be my rival because they are the best team on paper and I plan to be the best team so it’s only fitting I beat what most would consider to be the best It sounds across the board like they're the team to beat, and a quik glance shows they have several maxed out players. What do you think has made their recruitment so successful given the relative young age of most of their players (S66+67)? Their GM sold their team off 6 games in and got a ton of picks for both of those drafts. I mean it’s a successful tactic but I feel like it was a little early to just move on from your whole team like that. Regardless their GM had their reasoning for it and I respect it. That's a bit of a Brian Burke move. Risky, but can pan out really well in some situations. Agreed. I think if the drafts are very good, and deep, it’s a good move, but even then draft picks are good to have so regardless you find value in those picks somehow So what's next for the San Diego Marlins? Are you ready to shoot your shot on the season? I think right now we’re just mostly excited for the season to begin. Our roster is in order, lots of activity and hype behind us, so we just want to get this show on the road. With the season starting in the next couple of days there's lots to be excited about. Do you have any advice for aspiring GM's? Honestly just keep active, keep on top of things, make sure to know the topics of discussion and just don’t fall behind and most importantly show your interest, I feel like so many people get left out because they don’t feel comfortable speaking up but you just need to shoot your shot and wait, it’ll happen. That should do it, thanks so much for your perspective and taking the time to talk to me! Absolutely glad we got to chat That brings this week's article to an end. Let me know if there's a league member you'd like interviewed if you're a regular reader. Next week I'll be meeting with @GustavMattias to discuss the rise of the Mississauga Hounds and their dogged approach to Junior hockey. Join us next time on Team Building Exercises, every other Monday from now until I run out of leadership figures to interview! -Henrik Zoiderberg 1000 Words TPE for weeks ending July 21 & 28