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  1. We never did, however when I took over and players requested trades, I knew I had to rebuild. I'm just sad I couldn't finish this rebuild.
  2. Hello everyone! Today I write with a very heavy heart that I will be stepping down the GM position for Vancouver & from the Board of Governors. Vancouver was a passion and I never saw myself leaving this early into my tenure. However, I received a promotion at work that would see me take increased hours weekly and a few other IRL commitments will take up all my time. I just want to say it was a pleasure and honour to take up the position and I want to thank @Beketov and @Quik for hiring me. I want to thank everyone on the Vancouver Wolves roster, @Nykonax for being a the best AGM I've ever had, @Sixersfan594 for being the OG AGM who had my back every single step of the way, and to @Beaviss for drafting me to the Wolves which gave me a passion for a team again. I'll never forget that championship run with the incredible roster we had. Thank you, Vancouver.
  3. Haha this is such a specific thing it's insane. My mom worked in the tourism industry that included meeting with booking agents in China, Korea and Taiwan. They all believed it was good luck to sign with my mom because my ears were large and thats means good luck. Crazy call unless you know me IRL
  4. "I can't believe I was selected to play for Mississauga to play under @Zetterberg and @MexicanCow123. Both have been so integral towards my defensive game and development. MC is now going to be training me more and more on my offensive side of the game which I'm super excited for. I think the team really needs me to step up offensively and I'm going to provide that in fashion. My offensive prowess has felt natural too. I've always been taught to be a no-nonsense defensemen and I think these guys are really bringing it out of me. Heck, @Nykonax has been a hell of a defensemen partner by stepping up on the defensive end to allow me to push forward a little bit. I've been helping him defensively and he's been helping me offensively too. @BarzalGoat is also pushing me to be better and stronger every single day. Barzy is such a great defender coming up, any team in the VHLE and VHL will be lucky to grab him in the upcoming draft at the end of the season. So much talent in this roster that I can't wait to see in the top leagues. I'm so excited to see the introduction of the VHLE as well since some of these players are going to absolutely rip it up sooner rather than later.
  5. 1. I've definitely upped my scoring like crazy. I'm really impressed! 2. Z and MC are fantastic GM's. Really glad I get to develop under both of them! 3. VHL straight BB 4. Haha, I'd probably speak my home language first (gujerati). 5. Da Wolf Bois. I don't mind sharing it with @Nykonax 6. I think we can as a collective. We have such a strong group here and I genuinely believe we can win it all!
  6. 1) What are your thoughts on the teams performance so far this season? I'm suck ass but we're doing pretty good right? 2) Is your player performing how you expected them to? Not at all lmao. 3) Do you think management needs to make any transactions? Keep buying LETS WIN BABY. 4) Do we have a shot at making the playoffs, or will we end up choking hard? I think we do. 100% 5) How do you feel about your ice-time? Are you comfortable with the amount of minutes? Anything for the team, if you ask me. 6) Finally, do you want to stay in Mississauga or do you want out of here? It's time I get back to Vancouver next season
  7. D- Linus Zetterstrom @CowboyinAmerica
  8. D - Scotty Kaberle @TMGSosa
  9. Haha. Apparently I’m doing fuck all
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