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  1. Michael Johnson: The Grandpa Michael Johnson is turning out to have finally started his breakout this season. He's been beasting and feasting in net and has been working hard on his game day in and day out. Every single day, he's early to practice and reviewing clips later than any of the players. If there's any player for this to happen to, it's happily got to be Michael. Some say, since he quit journaling - he's become more astute to focusing on his, and his teammates play. Every evening, he's had the defensemen on the team over reviewing their games and other strong defenses to see what they need to do to pull out games. This surge of play hasn't been all Michael Johnson; it's been a testament of the entire Malmo squad - including the defensemen. He also had a lot to say about the new player, Acyd Burn. "We intend to be the type of team to be grinding wins. We have so much talent on this team, but with a few additions, I can see us exploding soon. Acyd is going to be such a great player to join the team. We're hoping he re-signs here and continues to propel us up. He's been a huge member of our locker room and has taken such great measures to be a huge leader on this team. I wouldn't be surprised if he were given an A in the next few seasons if he continues to play for us. He's been a huge part of the defense as well, even though he's not blocking shots that much. Huge acquisition by our General Manager, John Frostbeard." Michael has been decent in the past few seasons but hasn't been superstar quality. Last season, he put up suitable statistics for a team that struggled with a .921 SV%. This season, he's been at a .953 SV%, which is such an unsustainable stat line, yet it doesn't look unstoppable with the way Malmo's defense has been. I assume it does drop, naturally, but this has been his breakout season if he can keep this up. Michael has been calm about it, which can only exude confidence that this can maintain. "Hockey is like this; some seasons, everything just bounces your way. Some seasons, like last year for me, can be a season to forget. I mean, I played through the motions last season and barely worked hard since I wasn't in the right place mentally. I'd go home, lounge on the couch and play Heroes of the Storm with other members in the league. I changed all that. I came back into the gym every morning, trained harder, and took every single moment on the ice and review room seriously. It was a huge change to go from a young player to a leader on the ice. It was a significant change to my role, and I also felt the pressure. Nowadays, it's been calm. I've not taken it so seriously, and it's been working, I'd like to think.
  2. Remember when we all got like 400 goalies? Good times.
  3. Some games, Michael has been absolutely stellar and yet some games he's been mediocre. We're yet to see him be pulled from the net but he's had a dud of a game. If anyone would have foreseen this to happen, I wouldn't have. He's boasting a .953 save % and a 1.36 goals against average which has been league leading. It would be absolutely unprecedented to see Michael keep this pace up but it would be the best season he's had to date. Every single season, he's improved statistically but this has been an unprecedented level of growth. I don't expect this level of performance to continue since he's facing the 5th most shots in the league. Granted, he's been extremely hot and this could be the first season where he fully breaks out as one of the top goalies in the VHL. It's an exciting time for him and while there are a lot of eyes on him, he continues to mention that other members of his team are playing just as well. "Have you seen how our team has been playing? Our defense has been lights out and makes me look like a stud. Seriously, I'm not. We're forcing the opposing teams to shoot from low percentage angles and it's been working. The new management has been implementing some big changes to the team and we're reaping the rewards under @FrostBeard. We've been working on these new strategies since the beginning of the preseason." Michael Johnson has been quite humble about it all, really.
  4. 1. What do you think about our start this season? It's been mediocre. We're still growing as a team and we can see that in our performance. 2. Who do you think is our current MVP? Right now, @Jtv123 is my MVP. 3. What is one thing we are truly lacking? You know, I'm not really sure. On paper, we're a very strong team. We may need 2 more defenders. 4. Moscow media has released a piece about how Malmo is the best VHLM team out there, your thoughts on this? Moscow is cocky since they had a season where nobody could compete with them. Watch them diminish back into mediocrity pretty soon. 5. GM Frostbeard was seen last night dancing in the streets of Malmo screaming for gods to help him make @Acydburn play better, are gods even capable of doing that? I'm sure they are. Acyd has been working hard day in, day out so eventually it'll happen. He's at a decent scoring rate, however. 6. In your eyes, which team in VHL is our true rival and why? Moscow. They've always been our rival.
  5. I'd be worrying about Solas, if I were you guys
  6. No cause I’m Mafia. Good job everyone.
  7. There are literally 5 random town @omgitshim. But you guys seem to have your mind set up already lol
  8. I’m just trying to be honest. Do what you think is best, though
  9. Yeah just random town. Nothing special sadly. Just haven’t had the time to put into this, like I thought I did
  10. I did claim as random town, yesterday haha.
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  12. F - Owen Nolan I believe that concludes this draft!
  13. @Spyro go ahead since poptart hasn't posted his picks. @Poptart can pick anytime.
  14. I’m just random town. Sorry for my 0 contributions, works been crazy 😢