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  1. Applications end as of tomorrow morning at 11 AM PST to give some people notice . Thanks folks!
  2. fonziGG

    Two New GMs

    Congrats boys. Glad to see you both back in management positions. #TribeTime @Advantage@InstantRockstar
  3. It's around that time again! At the end of every even-numbered season, we hold the World Cup! I am looking for 6 General Managers to take the helm of their respective teams in the tournament. If you have interest in being a GM in the future or want to participate in such a fun even then this could be a job for you! This tournament is comprised of the following teams each requiring a GM: Canada USA Nordic Western Europe World Mercenaries Player eligibility for each team is based on their nationality, with the exception of Team Mercenaries. O
  4. Imagine being me? I’m stuck with me for an entire life long commitment
  5. 1) Online availability at least 8 hours a day (Please note in application your most active hours) and how often you are on forums/discord. All I do is sit on VHL Discord. Kidding. I mostly study/work while the discord is open on my second monitor. 2) Be able to respond to discord pings and be verified via 2fa. I am verified via 2fa and I think I'm pretty good at responding to discord pings. 3) Older than 20 years (anything below this will require exceptional reasoning) I'm closer to 30 then 20 so, I'm old as hell. 4) Not hold other league job
  6. I've been slacking recently and I will be the first one to admit it. I could've had a better career if I stayed steadfast and on track in order to have a dominating career. Is it still possible to do? Absolutely it is and I decided I think it's the best time to start earning that sort of labour. It's time for Onde to shine and I intend to be a scary mofo come playoffs time. I'm here to win a cup in Vancouver. The people I've met here, the family I've brought over and every single fan of the Wolves deserves the best from me and I intend to prove that. Who doesn't want the best for themselves? I
  7. Answer 6 questions for 2 tpe. Looks like we'll be facing Vancouver, are we ready to do the double on them? Is there is a job in the VHL you'd like to take on and why? Who is your favourite member within the community? Do you have any suggestions for the management team here in DC? Who has the funkiest fashion choices on the team and why? Are you prepared to go all the way? Do you think we can?
  8. Honestly, I'm only commenting to be cemented in history.
  9. Wow. I mean, you literally made Calgary not a meme anymore and for that I respect the hell out of you and your tenure. It's sad to see you step down considering what you did for the organization. I wish you the best for the future, as well as the new GM!
  10. Post Valentine’s Day edition 1. What did you guys do for Valentine’s Day? 2. What limitations did you put out so you were prepared to play the next day? 3. Who is your greatest inspiration in the VHL? 4. How do you think we’ve been doing this season? 5. What could we be doing better? 6. How are you doing in the middle of the COVID-19 era?
  11. Malmo was my first ever love in this league. I know I don’t need to post my experience within the league. Specially with being a GM in the SBA, I feel like this role would be right for me. I would like to apply for this job as it would be a team so close to my heart. Hope to be considered seriously for the job and I wish everyone applying in here the best of luck! I’m always available for any questions or concerns!