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  1. D- Linus Zetterstrom @CowboyinAmerica
  2. Haha. Apparently I’m doing fuck all
  3. F- Dominic Gobeil @CowboyinAmerica
  4. F- Christian Mingle @CowboyinAmerica
  5. 1. I think you guys did fantastic!! 2. Continue to train hard. I’m preparing myself for a two-peat. 3. I want us to be deadly on the PP. also to win a cup obvs 4. Probably score around 10 goals. I’d be happy with that. 5. He was down bad until the VHL draft 6. Honestly, Al is a really good choice. Deserves his chance in a large position like this!
  6. Basically this. I really appreciate this kind of energy. I want to see your goalie in the top goalie conversations soon. Respect, brotha.
  7. Holy that sounds incredible! I'm applying!!! Ok on a serious note, this is the AGM position of a lifetime. Eno is a great mentor and GM to learn from. It's funny, DC is a team I still miss AGMing even though I have my own team to GM now.
  8. 5 Uncapped TPE Doubles Week 1 Mil Player Store Transaction ID: 20699740214084101
  9. 1. No cause now I’m here!! 2. I was! We were on a championship campaign. Now I’m ready to bring that to MIS 3. absolutely. I’m here to be a shut down defender. Let’s get to work gentleman! 4. we haven’t chosen captains yet!! 5. So far it’s the atmosphere. The roster is incredible so far. 6. I see us gunning for a chip. Let’s do this everyone!