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  1. I leave DC and this is what ensues? My lord!
  2. I just want to quickly mention that at the time, both @Enoramaand I unanimously wanted to draft you with our pick even before we spoke about it, let alone won 1st overall. Sure, no disrespect to some of the players you mentioned but we both believed in you as a user. So uh, I think Eno has a brain
  3. Awesome work folks! Glad to see this still running. Maybe I'll chime in next season
  4. How has the first week of the season treated you? It's been really 50/50 it seems. Onde plays great some games and in others, he's been lacklustre. Do you feel like your off-season training has paid off yet, or have you been disappointed by your start? Absolutely. I feel like I've gotten stronger. Currently fourth in the NA conference, how do you like our playoff chances? I think with us moving SS Hornet and Micah, our chances have dropped a bit. Who on our team do you think flies under the radar with their contributions? Definitely some of the younger guys. O
  5. fonziGG

    TOR/VAN; S77

    He's not wrong. I guess, blockbuster trades?! I forgot about that tbh
  6. fonziGG

    TOR/VAN; S77

    Thank you for the trade talks my man. Reminds me of Saksy vs Halifax trades. Them good ol days. Anyways good luck to both @Poptart and @McWolf in Toronto! Glad to bring in the new boys.
  7. I’m not even on the team and I voted for @Doomsday! Congrats guys! See you on the ice
  8. Thread is unlocked. Keep calm in here folks. No more personal attacks please
  9. Hi everyone. Keep it calm and constructive so I don't have to lock this thread