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  1. 50+ shots in our two games today. Huge two wins as well! Also @K1NG LINUS got a huge first goal today!
  2. Review: Holy crap. This is some next level stats work. Major props! I want to say that it's interesting to see how you put it together and you followed up on every detail really well. I respected that you put the limitations into your work as well so we're not super swayed. Great work.
  3. Review: Interesting write up. Hopefully Smith crushed it at the WJC. You brought up some great points on the competition Canada had on the winger position. Might have been nice to see some images but honestly, your content made up for it.
  4. Review: This was last season in the VHLM so it's interesting to see this from the future. Great write up which would be a great if it was accompanied with a gif or an image. Other then that, I enjoyed reading the write up!
  5. Review: LMAO. Honestly, this media spot is absolutely hilarious. Every time Chett makes some weird comment, the interviewer just brushes him off like that crazy grandpa at family reunions. 10/10 interview
  6. Review: Pretty standard bio. I think theres some aesthetic work that could be done on this bio. Pictures could've been centred and maybe even the titles could've been centred as well. Overall, the story was great. Easily the best part of the bio for me.
  7. Review: I like how you formatted this into an interview style biography. Also, mad props for nearly hitting 2000 words. Also really cool to see how you incorporated figure skating and business history into Macburn's history. 10/10
  8. 07/18/2019: Oh my god, the weather here in Malmo is absolutely amazing. The city is so vibrant, the sun shines so bright here but theres also a lot of clouds as well. The air here is incredible. I love it here in Sweden. Europe has such a different culture yet, us players for Malmo are so North American, it's hilarious. In Sweden, there is this type of energy that is so animated. Well, I'm tired. Yeah, I said it, I'm tired. It's a good kind of tired, you know? I'm ready to eat a Kit Kat, to be honest. The gym is fun, as is practice and bonding with the guys but I'm just physically tired. I played an entire season last year, did draft combines, then I came straight into training camp with Malmo and I'm starting for them now. Granted, I'm not complaining at all. This has been the best experience in my life, especially to join Malmo. Time difference (jet lag initially, but I got over that) has been absolutely bonkers as well. The guys have been incredible and patient with me as well. They know what its line to be a rookie in the league and with that they expect inconsistencies. I'm trying to iron that out but I'm not super letting that into my head. OH! I'm learning some Swedish from being here. My favourite way of insulting people is saying "du suger" which translates to "you suck" which is relatively tame but let's be honest, it's low key stealthy when trash talking North American teams. I remember saying it to Beau Louth on the Vancouver Wolves and he just looked at me funny. Pretty sure I won that battle since he didn't know how to respond. Plus I made 29 saves out of 30 shots which is unreal. I was on fire that night, specially against my hometown team. We started real hot but I think I've been having a bit too much fun with the squad, we started to get a bit inconsistent with the games we've had so far. Naturally, we've started on fire but turned out to play poorly. I'm obviously not happy with my game but I think we're partying a bit too much and enjoying ourselves. I mean, we're only young for so long, right? Ehhhh. Hockey is a business, if we're not performing then who is? If we've been garbage, we only have ourselves to be accountable for. Hopefully we can fix our mistakes and keep pushing and making it harder for teams to face us. Plus we have Morpheus and he sure as hell is scary. Dude does some weird stuff in the LR too but I'm going to keep that for myself . Rough patch but we're determined to rectify our play. I think we need to focus more in practice and get ourselves going. The sky is absolutely high and we have every opportunity to get some huge wins! Lets go Nighthawks! I believe in all of us. Sincerely, Michael Johnson
  9. Hello @Hockey73! Welcome to our league! I’m an Assistant General Manager of the Halifax 21st. If you need any help at all, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re offering 2nd line minutes and special teams time. Keep in mind that other teams will send you an offer so if I’m you, I’d wait to hear them all out. Good luck on your decision! fonziGG
  10. Big games from @Saelven88 @Gscx420 and @studentized