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  1. I only take Molly's before the game starts. TF kinda amateur is this
  2. lmao this guy talking mad shit for a guy who just lost to us with a 2:1 ratio on shots
  3. big boi trades in the VHLM

  4. fonziGG

    WJC Predictions

    1. Canada 2. Europe 3. Asia 4. MORPHEOUS DESTRUCTIOUS
  5. Michael Johnson has tapped into his heritage roots to join Team Asia. His grandparents are of Indian descent. Michael decided to switch nationalities due to the competition and pecking order of goalies in the Team Canada camp and saw a great opportunity to get into a national team camp this way. Another reason Michael has chosen this route is due to the emotional connection he has to his grandparents. He’s felt a life-long debt to his grandparents due to the undivided support he was given by them in the past. “The major factor that lead to me deciding to make the switch was to make my grandparents proud. I’ve always been close to them. They’ve always supported me through everything and anything. I remember when I first told them that I was pursuing hockey as a career. They were the first people to encourage me that I was making the right decision. Unfortunately, they passed a few years ago, but I’m dedicating this all to them. My international career is all for them.” The team was announced today that Johnson alongside Evgeny Rapinsky (of Russia) will be the goalies representing Team Asia for the World Junior Championships. “I just want to thank @Enorama for the opportunity to join the team and live out my dreams to represent my family and nation in a way. I hope I can make the Team Asia fans proud.” Team Asia looks to be adding strongly for this tournament with several top quality players. Matthew Kai, Chico Smeb, Viktor Kozlov and Acyd Burn just to name a few. Asia looks to be rounding off the strongest team they have put out in a while. Michael looks to be slotted in as the #1 but you never know, Rapinsky also has a solid chance to start at the tournament. Michael is slotting a rough transition into the VHLM with the Halifax 21st, with a .885 SV% and a 3.06 GAA. Granted recently he’s been getting hot and challenging Thorvald Gunnarsson for the starting spot. Currently they are splitting shifts but Michael has been improving week in and week out. Thorvald Gunnarsson looks to be slumping slightly but expect to see him bump back into his regular self. Michael’s teammate in both Team Asia and Halifax, Acyd Burn, has also had a rough transition to the VHLM but is finally coming into his own with 4 points in 2 games recently. Matthew Kai, Malmo Nighthawks, has put up 11 goals and 14 assists for 25 points in 29 games in the VHL this season. Chico Smeb, Riga Reign, hasn’t put up unreal stats but is an absolute defensive unit who’s dangerous on the counter. Also Viktor Kozlov, Helsinki Titans, is another defensive rock on the squad. Team Asia looks to be the defensive type of team this year and hit on the counter. I expect to see a defensive masterclass from this Asian side. @Enorama looks to have a great squad at his disposal this season. I’m quite excited to see how they fare against the likes of Team Europe, Team USA and Team Canada.
  6. Review: I liked how you organized this bio. Also the sad story in the beginning was fantastic. Also your note at the bottom was not necessary, it was not repetitive. Loved it.
  7. Review: I loved how it was obscure to play hockey for him. Lots of pictures which animated your bio. Great set up as well!