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  1. This is fricken fire @Jtv123 Love it
  2. They don’t pay me. It’s voluntary work really
  3. 1. Sad we had to lose that one. I'd probably say we'd need to up our physical play. 2. Probably not, Spartan is a savage. 3. I think it was mine lmao. 4. Not me, I'm here for the hits. 5. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh I think Davos trading Acyd Burn after signing him as an FA is up there. 6. I'm sad now
  4. It's around that time again! At the end of every even-numbered season, we hold the World Cup. I am looking for 6 General Managers to take the helm of their respective teams in the tournament. If you have interest in being a GM in the future or want to participate in such a fun event then this could be the job for you. This tournament is comprised of the following teams each requiring a GM: Canada USA Nordic Western Europe World Mercenaries Player eligibility for each team is based on their nationality, with the exception of Team Mercenaries. Once the other 5 teams have determined their rosters, the GM of Team Mercenaries will be allowed to select from all remaining eligible players from any nationality. To apply; comment below indicating which teams you are applying for. Job Details: Priority will be given to applicants that have a player of matching nationality/eligibility. Help facilitate consistent communication within a teams locker room and in game threads. Bring excitement to the tournament and it's players. Submit lines for each game. Please have a computer that can run the STHS client so you can create and submit your lines. Prior GM experience is an asset but not required. For their participation in the tournament, each GM will receive 2 TPE per week for the entire tournament. As the GM's have been decided on, I'd like to encourage all applicants that this was an incredibly tough decision to make. I encourage you all to apply again at the next World Cup and at the World Juniors. This seasons World Cup GM's are:
  5. Grats @rjfryman!!!!
  6. I’d love to do it. Previously WJC commissioner as well and was Mercs GM last World Cup!
  7. I do think it’s time to start to have interest in taking over a team as a VHLM GM again. I’ve had to step down previously due to my grandfather having had a heart attack. I’ve loved my time as a GM and would love to help new members again!
  8. Glad I could just put all his TPE back in to where it was before I retired him. Really want to see Helsinki prove everyone wrong
  9. fair, however i'm DC AGM. im in for the hits with vegas lmao