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  1. D- Linus Zetterstrom @CowboyinAmerica
  2. Haha. Apparently I’m doing fuck all
  3. F- Dominic Gobeil @CowboyinAmerica
  4. F- Christian Mingle @CowboyinAmerica
  5. 1. I think you guys did fantastic!! 2. Continue to train hard. I’m preparing myself for a two-peat. 3. I want us to be deadly on the PP. also to win a cup obvs 4. Probably score around 10 goals. I’d be happy with that. 5. He was down bad until the VHL draft 6. Honestly, Al is a really good choice. Deserves his chance in a large position like this!
  6. Basically this. I really appreciate this kind of energy. I want to see your goalie in the top goalie conversations soon. Respect, brotha.
  7. Holy that sounds incredible! I'm applying!!! Ok on a serious note, this is the AGM position of a lifetime. Eno is a great mentor and GM to learn from. It's funny, DC is a team I still miss AGMing even though I have my own team to GM now.
  8. 5 Uncapped TPE Doubles Week 1 Mil Player Store Transaction ID: 20699740214084101
  9. 1. No cause now I’m here!! 2. I was! We were on a championship campaign. Now I’m ready to bring that to MIS 3. absolutely. I’m here to be a shut down defender. Let’s get to work gentleman! 4. we haven’t chosen captains yet!! 5. So far it’s the atmosphere. The roster is incredible so far. 6. I see us gunning for a chip. Let’s do this everyone!
  10. Vancouvers end of season lines are fine as well (they're the lines already on the Index page as well).
  11. It's around that time again! At the end of every even-numbered season, we hold the World Cup! I am looking for 6 General Managers to take the helm of their respective teams in the tournament. If you have interest in being a GM in the future or want to participate in such a fun even then this could be a job for you! This tournament is comprised of the following teams each requiring a GM: Canada USA Nordic Western Europe World Mercenaries Player eligibility for each team is based on their nationality, with the exception of Team Mercena
  12. Bro even the disqualified kids had you beat
  13. Good luck to all applicants!!!
  14. Just to be the man who rolls a thousand miles To fall down at your door
  15. 1. Definitely. Yukon has been killing it recently and that enticed me to join. 2. I train. I want to be the very best. 3. wait what now?? 4. Hair flow. I’d have the best flow in the game 5. I stretch like you do ironically. Can do the splits and such while watching th! 6. Agree!
  16. Let’s do this thing. @Juice
  17. Player Information Username: fonziGG Player Name: Tony Adams Recruited From: Returning Age: 22 Position: D Height: 80 in. Weight: 250 lbs. Birthplace: United Kingdom Player Page @VHLM GM
  18. So it is unfortunate to announce that @Sixersfan594 will be stepping down as VAN’s AGM, and before I go further with this, I want to give a big thanks to Sixers for being my first AGM. The things I'm looking for in an AGM: 1. Be able to run STHS to do line changes whenever I'm not available to. 2. To help promote locker room activity on Discord 3. Do pressers every week 4. Do scouting for drafts with me If you're interested in the position, please leave a reply or DM me on Discord and I'll send you application questi