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  1. Fantastic year for Eagles, you couldn't have done better as a backup and I can't wait to see Eagles on a more consistent basis. Keep up the great work broseph!
  2. Excellent work! Looked beautiful as well as a fun and interesting concept, now all I have to do is find me one of those cookies. Give 12 TPE to this man, stat.
  3. Tate

    Retention Review

    Love the podcast series you're doing, I've been listening to you on my drive to work and haven't gotten the chance to comment until now but wanted to mention how much I'm enjoying your series. I'm wondering where you're from in terms of your accent, I'm assuming English but I wonder what part? Great to see you back on here with podcasts and I look forward to listening to your next episode tomorrow, on my way to work.
  4. Excellent podcast! I learned a lot about both the history of the VHL and what you've also learned from your experience, really enjoyed listening. I'm looking forward to the draft, I think in terms of GM's who are strategical thinkers both you and Enorama are of similar minds, so it's going to be very interesting to see what you both do. Exciting times ahead, looking forward to future episodes!
  5. Gary muthf**kin' Busey knows how to happy! Ain't nobody telling him otherwise. No one, I repeat, no one messes with the Busey. Great work Elmebeck! I'll be rooting for ya come draft day #ElmebeckNYC
  6. Playoff time baby! Woohoo! ** Great murmur, but finding out that there was no additional Knight Time Radio episode made me all sad.
  7. Now that's what you call an interview! Great read
  8. 1. What does a successful playing career in the VHL look like to you? 2. What qualities should a VHL GM have? 3. A lot of team builds from the net out, do you agree or disagree? 4. What cities in NA and Europe are runners up when it comes to expansion? Where do we go next? 5. What are you the most exciting about for next season? 6. What's the best brand/logo/team name you've ever seen for a hockey franchise?