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  1. @Motzaburger Sorry for the drop off, I'm trying to work on getting better with graphics in the background and wasn't submitting (cause I suck so bad). I agree with @Nykonax about the reorganizing factor of the current voting system (isn't the best set up) and think it would be cool to see all of the graphics on display with a vote button underneath them. Maybe if there was a way that people could upload their photos onto a main "page" that displays them and also tallies votes, and then you could reset it weekly or bi weekly? I do like the weekly aspect of it.
  2. Tate

    Taterade Episode 3

    We hope to do the same (Metchosin), nice new schools for the wee one and an ocean view (will settle for not getting an ocean view lol, just want to get back). The first Pizza Hut I ever went to was in Duncan and I couldn’t believe that the lady wanted to slice my pizza for me and serve me the first slice. People usually think of the Hockey Stick when they think of Duncan, but for me it will always be the Hut.
  3. Tate

    Taterade Episode 3

    @Beaviss I’m jealous that you live there, I hope to move back sometime in the next couple of years. Tough to do $$ wise. I grew up in Langford/Colwood, right behind where Belmont used to be. Parents still live there so I always have places to stay. I have a good friend of mine who lives steps from the beach in Sooke.
  4. Tate

    Taterade Episode 3

    Hello and thank you for joining me for another episode of Taterade! On this episode I discuss the current standings, statistical leaders, and answer all of @Phil questions! (Thanks again Phil) If you'd like to ask me questions for my next podcast, please Click Here Enjoy! *Song is Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede *Runtime of 30 mins 42 seconds
  5. Thank you kindly broseph, you da man!
  6. These look great! Can I ask how you did these? I'm new to the GIMP world... trying to figure out how to make better graphics. This is exactly the kind of stuff I'd like to work on/try to do. Great work on these, love the way you used the team colors.
  7. This is going to be the best series of articles ever, can't wait to read them @Sullvino!
  8. The last five minutes of the game I could not stay seated, I was practically pacing back and forth, such a nail biter and for me it was a clutch performance by Lowry/VanVleet. When Lowry grabbed the ball out of mid-air in the 4th quarter to stop it from heading back towards the Raptors net I was blown away, Lowry should be very proud of himself today (and the others). I point to Lowry the most though because he was always a guy that seem very good, but not great, and last night he was great.
  9. Tate


    Thanks again for making that brotha!
  10. Negative, confirmed via @Beaviss, it's a ton of work to do and we get other perks like the WJC
  11. Tate

    KnightTime #1008

    Loved the podcast, and great suggestion for a snack! Going to try that. You have to tell me what it is you were promoting on TV??? WHAT!? Gotta hear more about that. I will resist giving you more questions so as to allow others the opportunity but not for very long. Great work as per usual @Phil, really enjoy listening