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  1. (me walking into this thread)
  2. 1. Any progress on the back? 2. In one of my earlier podcasts this season I predicted Seattle as a potential cup winner. What team do you see as a surprise contender for next season? 3. If you could replace any current VHL team with one of the retired teams, who would you swap out and in? 4. In English football, teams can be relegated, do you think that would work for the VHL/VHLM? 5. I was listening to a Toronto based podcast and they were talking about how horrible public transportation in Toronto is (subway, go train, buses, etc.). Do you think it could be fixed? What i
  3. Review: Just have to start by saying that this is the perfect size for a signature. The render and placement kicks ass but the money in this graphic is the mix of colors and how well you've done with blending it all in with the background. I just love the artistic choices made and it's truly a graphic I can look at over and over again and admire. The font is literally perfect, and how you've placed Groovy throughout Dood is top notch. I know I'm supposed to add some form of criticism but I wouldn't change a thing. My render for my player (Red Lite) is David Pastrnak, and while I ca
  4. Tate

    Rock Bottom #19

    Review: - I love Blink 182 and really wish that Tom would come back. I know you can't make something work for other people but I miss his distinctive voice within that band. - I give a shit - I feel for all of those in Ontario right now, and everywhere else in this world. Such a damn nightmare. - That 905 game sounds like such an amazing experience! And so memorable with the inside news. - I've heard mixed results about the shot, glad it wasn't so bad, but dear lord- Sorry to hear about your back! - Crazy result in the final, too bad for Jubo that he coul
  5. Cheers to @Jubo and best of luck to all of the applicants!
  6. @Phil when you listen, I forgot you were traded to Calgary so forgive me ahead of time. @JardyB10 & @MattyIce Thank you so much for the comments, you guys are da best!!
  7. Here it be, enjoy!
  8. - The long offseason continues, and it’s going to be even longer after the playoffs are over. I guess it’s something you just have to accept when you’re not competing but it’s a tough pill to swallow. When it comes to the teams that have the chance to win, I’m always one to root for the underdog, and I’d like to think that Warsaw qualifies as just that. Let’s go! - We got a new AGM in Nohbdy (which is awesome) in New York, and we wish our good friend dlamb luck as he heads off to GM in the VHLM. I’ve pondered dipping my toe into that water but let’s face it, there are much better c
  9. 1. We've seen a major boost on The Rock's stat line since joining Calgary, what do you predict for his point totals at the end of next season? 2. If you could place any of your past players on Calgary next season for a cup run, who would it be? 3. The Wranglers are having a Spring pot luck this weekend, what are dish or drink are you bringing to the party? 4. When you try to think back as far as you can, what is one of your earliest memories? 5. Who is a player, outside of the Rock, on Calgary that you think is going to have a break out year next
  10. Congrats to @dlamb!! Very well deserved!
  11. Here is the latest episode, with producer @Phil helping me out with questions, thanks again Phil!
  12. - So, the season ends, and New York was not able to make the postseason. This is disappointing, but all is not lost in the world of the Americans. We made some great strides this year in continuing to build and add pieces, so I think we’re just where we want to be for the future. Last offseason my hope was that we would add on defense and we did that via the draft and trade, so this offseason I am curious to see what management will do? If I am in their position, I think I stand pat. I would look at the free agents that hit the market and see if there is a fit, but other than that I don’t know
  13. 1. Sometimes, the sims do not go our way. Where does NYA go from here? Last year for me the answer was defense, and I think we moved on it just a little bit too late. I say we stay the course, see if any players hit FA that would fit and chase them. But outside of that, we're looking good. 2. FILL IN THE BLANK: The Americans' best player this past season was ____________. Hard to pick between Rush, Rhynex or Chicken Wing. But definitely one of them. 3. What team are you rooting for to win the S77 Continental Cup? Warsaw all the way
  14. Ah, okay! Yes, I understand now. Well, when I first created my vision for Lincoln Tate was an offensive, powerplay quarterback, defenseman. Which is why I did not invest a lot in the DF stat in the beginning (and in the end it hurt me). I also wanted to be a pass first player, as that was more of an appeal for the type of player I wanted to create. I ended up doing that as Lincoln Tate (high assists) but the right format for that was 99 SC and 85 PA. If there was no limit to how you could build a forward I would want to make somewhat of a pest, drawing penalties, and if momentum wa