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  1. 1. We're two sweeps in! Which of the two series we've won so far do you feel was toughest? I'm going to go with Moscow on this one, it was a series that had doubt swirling around it and I'm glad we were able to dispatch them in 4. 2. Who are the two players you feel were underrated before, and now are stepping it up in the playoffs? Definitely Sasakamoose and Hackett. Moose for finally turning into the player we knew he would be, and Hackett for taking it to the level he always had within him. 3. New York were relatively quiet in the regular season before upending a solid Seattle team. What changed for them? Hot goalie and a team that had under performed for too long, they've finally shown what they can do. 4. Expansion is always a tough process for most teams. How have you kept it off your mind throughout the playoffs? By knowing I won't be available to be selected, 5. Do your pre-game rituals change for playoff games? If yes, how so? Hell no, I'm consistent and steady and never change a damn thing. That's how you stay successful. 6. Has your career thus far gone the way you've expected it to? Do you have any regrets? Only during my first couple in the VHL, but once I figured out where I needed to put my TPE, it came together. Just wait for my next player. 7. If you're a rookie, how have you managed the playoff nerves thus far? If you're a veteran, how have you helped out the young guys on the team with nerves? I try to be the example for others to follow, stay calm and show them how to win. 8. There's definitely been more chatter in the GM office during the playoffs than previous. Who all is the boss talking to in there? Hedge always has his ear to the ground, I wouldn't be shocked if he was talking to everyone and anyone. I expect to see him do something special this offseason.
  2. Lincoln Tate approaches his locker room stall, sweat pouring from his brow due to an intensive practice session with his team. The Riga Reign are preparing for the cup finals, having completed back to back sweeps and remaining undefeated in the playoffs. The franchise defenseman's demeanor is stoic and humble, and as always, he answers the rapid fire questions with ease as he is asked by the group of huddled reporters. “Lincoln, do you have a preference in who Riga will face in the finals?” Lincoln shakes his head, his eyes never wavering, “It doesn’t matter. Both are strong, dominant teams, and we’re ready for either. Our game plan won’t change if it’s New York or Calgary, and our goal stays the same.” “What are you going to do to take your game to the next level?” “Stay focused,” Lincoln is quick to say, “We’ve had a good enough break in the time between rounds and we can’t get complacent. We have to stay a little on edge, and I’m not allowing myself to feel a moment of relaxation.” “Do you believe you will be the difference maker, considering you led the team in scoring in the regular season?” “Every time I step on the ice I intend to make a difference,” Lincoln answers with confidence, “But I’m not the only one that got us here. It’s time for Riga to Reign, and we’ve got the group to do it. I believe we’re as ready as we’ve ever been, and I watch Hackett raise the cup with my own eyes. I want us to win.” 265 words
  3. Tate


    Damn, this is some quality work, beautiful graphic as always Steve!!
  4. You're going to fit right in, damn that's a great graphic!
  5. Happy to have you aboard!! Good luck in your career and I can already see superstar in your future!
  6. Review: To start off with I really enjoy the choice of render, it's a great action shot and what you've done in making it the focal point of the graphic really makes it pop and stand out. I also quite like the effect of movement you've added to it, it gives the graphic a slight more edge to it and makes me feel like this photo was taken mid-wrist shot. I think the choice of font is great and making it so that it is over a faded out logo was a top notch choice. I also really enjoy what you do with logo swaps, it's seamless and looks authentic. The only thing I would suggest is doing a bit more with the background- now don't get me wrong, it's fine how it is, but I think a bit more could be done to so that it is not completely white/faded out. I mean it's the ice and it works, but it dominants a lot of the graphic so it makes it a bit bland and the colors are not as rich. But overall, solid work! 7.5/10
  7. Review: Where to begin? That's the real question I ask myself when I stare at this beautiful sight. First of all, love the choice of photo as the tunnel of love or whatever it's called is a perfect place for any two lovers to visit. The choice of font is fun and sells the kind of graphic you've made, plus the array of hearts are not only terrifically cheesy but they also remind me of candy, which I happen to love and now want to eat. I can't help but enjoy the logo placements over the two heads, and the fact that the two people are holding hands really tells me how truly in love they are. I guess it looks like I've found a new romance, and that's with this graphic. 10/10
  8. 1. We swept Davos for the first time in Riga history, what gave us the edge? 2. Who do you think we will face next round, Helsinki or Moscow? 3. What do we need to do next round to ensure our spot in the finals? 4. Any surprises in terms of statistical leaders so far in the playoffs? 5. Who is our team MVP so far? 6. What do you think of the NHL draft lottery results? 7. If we make it, what would be our ideal match-up in the finals? 8. You win one million dollars in a lottery, what's the first thing you purchase? 9. Is macaroni just cut up spaghetti? 10. Any fun plans for the summer?