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  1. 85 Prague Phantoms @ Helsinki Titans 86 Calgary Wranglers @ HC Davos Dynamo 87 Riga Reign @ New York Americans 88 Malmo Nighthawks @ D.C. Dragons
  2. For a second straight season Riga Reign’s top pairing defenseman, Lincoln Tate, is a point per game player. Long are gone the days of old in which Tate struggled to put points on the board, and here now are the days in which Lincoln Tate can be counted on. “I want to see a better record out of us, but I’m happy to contribute,” the tall defenseman told a group of reporters as he exited from the shower. “We’re five and five and it’s not good enough, because I know we’re better than this,” Lincoln told the group, “Listen, if it was a few years ago and I wasn’t producing and we had this record, yeah, I’d be nervous,” he paused for a moment, “But what worries me now is how we’re performing and I need to be better out there, just like everyone else.” Lincoln Tate exits the huddle and removes his towel, revealing his incredibly muscular and attractive naked body. Lincoln then stretches, flexing his muscles for all to see and garnering a few gasps from the group as they marvel at the size of his- 188 words
  3. 1. Thoughts on Marleau's season thus far? 2. What does Malmo have to do to get more offense? 3. Any regrets when it comes to Marleau's build? 4. What pleases you the most about Marleau? 5. If I did another podcast series, what should be the name of my show? 6. Any surprises when you look at the standings? 7. Any big plans for 2020? 8. What do you think of the changes made to the pension program? 9. You can put any NHL player (present) on Malmo at the trade deadline, who is it and why? 10. Don't you like the fact that I gave you ten questions? @Phil
  4. F - Randoms F - John Frostbeard F - Pat Svoboda D - Apollo Hackett D - Lincoln Tate G - Rayz Funk @Big Mac
  5. F - Randoms F - John Frostbeard F - D - Apollo Hackett D - G - Rayz Funk @Big Mac (oh btw Big Mac, Finn Davison was already taken)
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    Tate Review Log

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  7. Review: Love the background and font, and how the render is blended. Something about the render doesn't quite sit right, looks a bit funny but I can't explain it. Overall, very cool graphic.
  8. Review: Love the use of color in this graphic, it really pops and catches the eye. I would have liked a different font (I am no graphics expert) but something about it doesn't quite sit right. I would like to see this graphic a bit bigger, if only to admire it. Great work!
  9. Review: Great work on structuring the bio out and I love the fact that it also includes your ascension to the DC Dragons! A lot of the time bios are put into place before any of that happens so that's a nice addition as well. Great use of pictures, it helped sell the story and make Ricky stand out. Good luck in the VHL, and looking forward to more posts by Ricky Johnson!
  10. Review: Overall you did a great job of structuring it out so that it was easy to read and follow. I think the story is a good one and adds some character to the player that will be Oskar Lagesson. Welcome to the league and good start when it comes to hashing out a bio for your player!
  11. Review: Wow, great job on your bio! I really like the way that you structured it out and adding a good amount of photos, with each one of them fitting the sections well. I like the choice of font and how you were able to take us through the different stages of Willie's life. I think you put together a solid story and it's always great to see such a promising bio like this, it makes me look forward to seeing how your hockey career pans out. Great work!
  12. Hot off the rumor mill this morning is both frightening and thrilling news for all of those who are a part of the VHL world. It turns out that the GM position for the highly coveted Davos team is in fact CURSED. Yes, this is true and entirely based on factual facts that have been found locked away in a hidden laboratory built six miles under Earths core. Turns out that if you are chosen to take over the Davos GM role the curse immediately affects you and turns you into a wild @ShawnGlade. This means you’ll grow hair all over your body, fangs in your mouth, and have a raccoon like black mask get painted on your face. Don’t worry, you will not immediately become hostile, however if you find yourself trapped in a storm gate or unable to get out of a big trash bin you’ll end up rather angry- rather quickly. So, avoid those and you’ll be fine. Best of luck to you @GustavMattias, that black mask is going to be a good look for you. 180 words
  13. Standing one hundred feet atop the Daugava river, the view from Lincoln Tate’s third-floor balcony was that of pure beauty, and it displayed the heart of Riga’s downtown core magnificently. Lincoln Tate had purchased this costly estate at the end of last season because he wanted to immerse himself in the city that had drafted him to really get to know the local culture. Riga, Latvia, was a city like most in that it was riddled with history, and some of that history had been masked in the architecture that surrounded Lincoln now. Watching the water flow below him was a soothing experience and it allowed Lincoln to clear his mind. He knew that he had to stay focused and not allow the ending of this past season to dissuade him but- “Lincoln?” He heard the concern in her voice and knew instantly that she was standing in the doorway that led to their balcony, “Is everything all right?” It was a simple question, but one that was covering several subjects. What one did she wish to know about first? Perhaps it was best to start with himself, “I’m fine,” he felt her edge closer, she was standing behind him now, “Everything is fine,” he said as he turned to face his newly wedded wife, Anna. She was strikingly beautiful in the morning light, and as the sun bounced off her long and wavy hair, he had to resist grabbing a hold of her and pulling her in. He didn’t want her to know he was struggling with the loss, he didn’t want her to see any weakness in him at all. Yes, of course they were in love and yes, he trusted her to stay with him no matter what the circumstances, but they were still getting to know one another- and he didn’t want her to see him as anything but strong, both physically and mentally. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her head into his chest, “Is it the loss?” She was asking about Riga Reign, “Or something else?” She was asking about his family. Because in Lincoln’s case, it was one or the other. “The loss,” Lincoln was being honest, he was having a hard time shaking it and he knew that if the two of them were going to be a partnership then he would have to confide in her. “We were close, so close Anna and now,” he paused, “It’s all changed. Kallis is gone, Palo and Elias are retired,” Lincoln turns slightly to look out on the horizon, his mind going over the finals bit by bit, searching for a way to pass blame. “There have been times in my life where I lost a game or a series and I could understand it,” his eyes fell back to hers, she was listening to him, “This one stings. I wish I could say that Seattle was the better team, but I can’t. We were the better team, and we were so close. I just don’t know what to expect next season, there’s a lot of what if’s right now and I hope I’m not one of them.” “Lincoln,” her voice was reassuring, “No matter what happens you’ll have me,” she pulled him in close and kissed him. “I’m happy here,” Lincoln told her, and he truly meant it, “This is home for me now.” “Wherever we go, is home,” she smiled and gripped his hand tightly. “I know that,” Lincoln said as he squeezed her hand back, mimicking her action. “I think what I mean to say is that I’m not done yet, not with the game and not with Riga. I haven’t heard anything but, in this business, you can never say never, and with all the changes that have happened so far it’s got me worried.” “What worries you the most?” Another question that was layered, was she really asking about his feelings toward the game and Riga Reign- or was she asking about them? Did their love depend on being in Riga? Did Lincoln believe it could last if he were traded to another team? Lincoln thought out the question and settled on an answer he believed to be true, “Not having control.” “What can you control?” “What I do on the ice,” he knew where she was leading him, but more importantly, he knew that she was right. “Focus on what you can control,” she told him the answer he knew all along, “but for today, focus on me.” She smiled devilishly, “Brunch?” “I love you,” his words genuine. “Ditto,” her word too. 766 words