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  1. I wanted to take the time in this article to ask if there is another point task idea to get 2 extra tpe instead of writing a 200-word article. There are some, such as a 5-minute podcast, graphics, press conference, or just reviews, but you need to do at least 3 of these to get the max capped tpe. There used to be another one, trivia. Trivia ended a month or two ago, and I honestly miss it, as it was an easy way to max your capped tpe. Now that it is gone the question is, will it be replaced? It seems to not be getting replaced and writing 700 words for 8 tpe (500 media spot for 6, 200 article for 2) is good, but not easy. Trying to write every week is hard for many people, and we seem to be expected to write about 2 different topics every week to max out capped tpe. Trivia was a good way to quickly get some points, yes sometimes it was hard, but in the end, it is hard to find time to write so many different articles with school, work, family, and just life in the way, its just hard to keep up. Sometimes the trivia helped with my stress, but I have rambled a lot and I think it is time to give suggestions to replace it if that is still on the table. 1. Podcast reviews, this could be a little time consuming for some, but it can be an easy way to get 1 tpe for each podcast review, and still have media spot reviews. 2. There can be games like a member posting on a random topic in a random spot, and the people who claim it within the time span will get X amount of tpe (dependent on difficulty) 3. The 3 stars of the week, people guess who will be the star in the VHL, VHLE, and VHLM that week and people who get 1/3 will get 1 tpe, 2/3 will get 2 tpe, and 3/3 will get 3 tpe. This is dependent on the difficulty and how its implemented. Stars can be selected with certain criteria or based on managements honest votes. 4. Bringing back trivia, obviously I need to bring this up since I disagree with it getting dropped. I hope this gives everyone an idea on what other tpe opportunities there can be, as this does not need to be all about writing, especially someone who is not the best in writing, like me. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the read and continue to kill in the VHL.
  2. Intro Brendan Marner is the most fascinating character we have ever reported, with scandals and tricks, this fascinating body cannot keep away from trouble. As we reported last time, Marner had some trouble with partying during the playoffs, and clearly affected his game, as the Watchmen got swept in the first round. Marner told us he would step it up in the playoffs, but he only stepped into the private rooms. Trade As the year ended and Marner, as apart of history, was traded to the Gladiators. This was the very first VHLE trade ever made, and Marner making a scene telling everyone, “The Watchmen lost the trade by a long shot, it should have been multiple elite players and draft picks going back to them.” This seemed too much considering the point total Marner had last year, without a doubt the trade seemed very fair, but Marner has already been spotted in Rome partying and having drunkin banter. Controversy He most recently got into some controversy when he got in a bar fight, but this bar fight wasn’t really a bar fight, he threw fights at an elderly man who was sitting with his family celebrating his 90th birthday. Nothing was said by the family prior to the incident; however, the man was sitting with his daughter (45) and her son. Although punches were thrown, not many landed as Marner kept twirling like he was in figure skating. Some witnesses even viewed Marner taunt and ask if the 9-year-best people if he “also wanted some”. He got arrested but was released on bond. The family is suing for the threats made by Marner that night. Some argue the mother should have intervened, but the mother was in the restroom at that time. The Divide There was a patrician rolling around in Rome trying to get Marner out of the league, as many people hated him, however the population seemed very divided on the topic, as many people enjoyed the view of Marners behavior. It seemed to be a miss, and many people bought tickets after hearing about the restaurant incident, selling the stadium in Rome out for the home opener just minutes after the news broke. Management The management was the next step to get Marner removed form the league entirely, however, we could not meet the management at all, they seemed to be busy trying to improve the team using other means and denied us from questioning them until they added what is needed. The Player Yet we were able to contact the player himself, Marner, as he was in a bar, we asked him what happened that night, he said, “An dogs are not allowed to eat in the restaurant! It is a free space for human beings!” We were not sure what he was talking about, so we asked, and he referenced this photo he found on google and said, “It was like this, see, the are not allowed in a restaurant! Its gross!” Drug Speculation He was clearly out of it, some speculating he took shrooms hours before the attack, but it still does not make it right. However, he ended with, “ok leave talking panda, you are not allowed to be here either.” He then repeated that to everyone in that bar, clearly the hallucinations have not ended. Conclusion What will be next for this player that is completely breaking down? Will he have a come back season? Or will there be too many cats on the ice? Stay tuned for more on the Brendan Marner saga, and we will report to you first!
  3. Very good article, I hope the 2 mates will defend the same blue line again. I would have loved to see some of the stats, including checking stats for the defensive defensemen, so I can understand how you 2 played last season together. I really enjoyed the read, I would love to read how you two will destroy each other this season. 9/10
  4. I think it is a forum wide problem that we have all had some of these writing problems. There was some grammatical errors, but other than that good job. It definately hits me since I have this problem every week xD. 9/10
  5. 1. What are your objectives for the team this season? To win the cup. 2. What are your objectives for your player this season? To win the cup. 3. What are your impressions about your new AGM (be careful, I read every single one of your answers)? He wants to win a cup... but its interesting, staying in touch in the locker room, not leaving us in the dark about what is expected on the team. 4. Who do you think is the team to beat this season in the VHLE? Why? Stockholm Vikings are looking like an absolute beast, great 1st and 2nd lines, ok goaltending, but its still an amazing team. 5. What do you think your GM and AGM should do to make the team better? I would try to trade for a starting goalie, The Watchmen have 2 potential starters, I if we made a deal, maybe we could have a better chance. Also sign a couple of defense. 6. Who do you think should be the captain of the Rome Gladiators this season? Why? Being a new addition, I am still unfamiliar with the team, but with more time I'm sure I will find that leader.
  6. Intro As we move towards the draft, there are still some questions where the top 3 players will go. Nico Pearce Nico Pearce is the consensus number 1, his skills and potential is amazing, with 72 games played he has an insane 117 points and 59 goals, it is an amazing season for him. Although the point total is quite good, he is also playing a very physical game for a forward, with 201 hits in those 72 games, it shows his defensive game isn’t all to bad itself. This may not be the only player teams look at however, his stats were not as good this past season as the other runners-up. Harkat Mulds Harkat Mulds is the consensus number 2, with high end skills himself. In 72 games 141 points, his offensive skills are currently better that Pearces, but the high hitting player seen in Pearces is not seen in Mulds. If the team picking 1st decides to take a player who gets many points, they may take a safer bet in Mulds, but there is a good chance he stays number 2 with Pearces elite like potential. Zaza Colors Zaza Colors is another player that is very much locked into the top 3. With his high-end offensive skills, he has potential to be one of the best goal scorers in the league. He had 53 goals and 121 points in 72 games, proving his potential is great, and any team would be thrilled to have a scorer like that. His defensive game is decent as well, but he is not as much of a grinder as Pearce, or Mulks for that matter. I think he’s pretty much locked in the top 3 by most teams. Conclusion I think it wont matter where each will go, I think they will be elite for any team they play for.
  7. I liked how you separated each section, but you could have potentially titled the sections. I am excited to follow you in the VHL and I think you will play well! You definately have a lot of upside looking at your article, being a real leader. 8/10
  8. I am interested to see where you will end up. I would've liked a little more emphasis on the star players that just couldn't do it for Reign, like stats or tpe, this would give a better argument to me who the top stars on the team are. I would love to have a follow-up to give me an update what team will win. 8/10
  9. 1.) going into the medal rounds, who do you think will end up with the gold? It was clear that Canada would win, we have such a brilliant team 2.) who has been a standout player in the tournament Myself, Brendan Marner, who else did you expect? Corey Kitson? I was setting up this beaut for all of his goals. Ok maybe he was the MVP. 3.) how has your player performed? are you happy with the performance? I am very happy, I have not played this well in my entire career. 4.) Have you had fun this tournament? I had lots of fun, it helps to be winners 5.) With the draft coming up. do you think this tournament helped your stock? I have already been picked, but I'm sure it had an impact on my value, I haven't been my best self the past couple of seasons. 6.) name 1 show you have been watching during the WJC I have been watching, umm, uhhh, I have actually not watched anything recently, only my game and performance.
  10. Intro It has been some rough seasons for Brendan Marner, not playing up to where it is known he can play, and his cockiness is unliked but many players. There is no shortage of fans for Marner, but they have not had his back more recently with the lack of scoring he has been submitting. Since Marner is a loose canon, the teams around him have been putting their heads down to avoid responsibility. This mentality seems to be popular as the fanbase always tunes in and reacts to each post , but the player will get a lot of hate for some of these comments. Past Two Seasons As Marner has played in the minor league and European league there has been speculation whether he will become the great he talks himself up to be. With only 11 points in 72 games in Europe, and 0 points in 4 playoff games, it is clear Europe did not help his confidence in this league whatsoever. As for the minors, he has 9 points in 62 games, with 1 goal in 5 playoff games. So, it is clear from these totals that his play actually downgraded when he went up to Europe if you average the points per games, however, neither of these totals are to be proud about. The Trade Marner was asked about his lack of points, and he said, “I’m better than anyone here bud.” It seems like he is oblivious to his poor play. After he was traded to Rome Marner said he believed that the Gladiators stole him from the Watchmen as he believed he was Matt Thompson quality. Although it was an insane statement, the trade seemed to be quite fair according to many conversations around the community. Considering the talks about Marners potential, it could be seen as a potential steal, but not anywhere near what Marner believes for himself. World Juniors Marner ended up playing for team Canada in the world juniors and he played much better than he has been in the other leagues. With 9 points in 8 games, it is not something to sleep on, and when it came to the playoffs, he got 2 points in 2 games. His performance there really showed another side of Marner and gives him the benefit for his future in the VHL. As he brings home the gold back to Canada, he only looks back at those poor seasons and raise that middle finger. He is going to be a new man, a new player, a new leader. His experience has improved, his play has improved and his skills. As he stays back in Europe for just one more season, he is believed to be the next star if these totals are held up. Conclusion Overall, it is hard to say what the future holds for this kid however, it is known that there is potential for improvement from his previous seasons. He will likely be looking to take a higher spot on the lineup as he only played on the 4th line back in Bratislava, but that was mostly on his really poor play, and being “home-sick” as he said. He is going to be fighting for that top 1st line roll to start the season, but if his good play does not continue from the world juniors, it is possible we see a drop in the lineup for Marner.
  11. With the first 6 games wrapped up for team Canada are you happy with your teams results Marner? “We are chillin, only one game was lost, and quite honestly we were just rusty, we played our very first game against Asia and lost by 1 goal, I don’t think that is bad. It was 4-5 it was a hard game in general…” …But you failed to record a point in that ga- “NEVER cut me off again Derek. I played like the wind that game, just didn’t get lucky.” *off mic whispers* maybe in the warmup Marner you have 6 points in 6 games, are you happy with that even though Corey Kitson has 12 in 6? “Corey has been amazing in this tournament, as a defence I do not except those crazy totals out of him. I feel good too, I am averaging a point a game and I think this is going to get our team far if I can continue this, and Corey for that matter. I have never seen someone want to win for his country more than him, its nice to see and exciting to be apart of.” *off mic whispers* At least he cares “YOU DON’T THINK I CARE?!? COME OVER HERE AND I WILL SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I CARE BIT-.” *Audio troubles* Marner, do you think about the trade? “You better be careful Derek, you’re walking on thin ice… Yes, I do think about the trade, I think about leaving everything that happened in Bratislava to go to Rome, it will be a change. I am going to miss my old mates, but I know there will be knew ones waiting for me in Rome, ready for me to kill the league with my skills there. I think a lot of people are going to underestimate Rome this season, I get it, but I will help the team hit a new high and quite honestly, we will be the next champions. Yes, the cup was stolen from Rome this past season, but it won’t be when I am there this season.” With the Warsaw prospect pool, do you think you will make it to the big leagues sooner than later? And how do you feel about the chances they will have? “Honestly, Warsaw is looking like they are to go into another rebuild soon, with a couple of the first rounders and a light prospect pool I do not expect them to go to crazy and go too far the next couple of years. They got a few good players, but ones that seem to be getting old in age and may not produce the way they have been. However, I think I will be in Europe this next year then graduate the year after to the VHL, I think this will be good for my development and for me to kill these kids coming into this league. I am excited to graduate, but I think it will be a couple of years before the team is competitive again.”
  12. MetalToday

    BRA/ROM; S81

    @FrostBeardIt was a pleasure, I wish the playoff run would've ended a little better but it wasn't an easy fight @InstantRockstarI'm ready to win... are you? @Moon_50So close but so far see you on the ice buddy
  13. MetalToday

    BRA/ROM; S81

    oof Rome easily won, I'm surprised that there wasn't 3 first rounders and 3 elite players going back to the watchmen, I'm the best player on this forum...
  14. With the VHLE playoffs now complete, it was one hell of a year. The first team to ever win the Europe cup is now known to be the Vasteras Iron Eagles. This was the 4th and last team to actually make it into the playoffs which sounds insane, but the season was a really close season, with 2-5 places were 5 points from each other. Regardless, the Iron Eagles take the brand new VHLE cup home first. Willy Myers and Saku Kotkakoivu were the absolute beasts during the playoffs for the Eagles with 24 and 23 points respectively, as Willy had a goal a game. It was a slight surprise Kyle Peace and Shaggy Tipton didn’t get the points they got in the season, but they were still beasts in the playoffs with 19 and 18 points each. With regards to goaltending, it was no surprise Xavier Booberry was amazing as usual, and got an amazing .917 save percentage with 3.21 goals against average. The Eagles were amazing this year and are likely going to try to be a powerhouse next year as well, they definitely want to prepare a bit better, so they do not go to game 7 in every series again. Congrads to the Vasteras Iron Eagles and enjoy being the first players on that new shiny cup!
  15. Very interesting, I think you could have brought up some of your picks, I am coming in without that info. I like the fact you are attempting for the cup after a year that wasn't so great, but quite bold in many ways. I'm excited to see how this draft goes where you pick, and who you go for in the first round. 8/10
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