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  1. I mean I have had it fixed for awhile now. Just never published the edited version because I wasn't done.
  2. I would like to say, that as a team effort we are getting to our game well. The same gameplan getting pucks deep, 3 Quarter Ice Games, Traffic in front of the net, great transitional game, one and done defense stopping shots getting through. Minimalizing Great A Chances. I will be taking any Questions anyone has.
  3. Since the joining of Ryszard the entire team has become a fire not to mess with. 5 Game Winning Streak, and everyone pitching in at the times they need to. Ryszard doing his part with a +5 on the boards in only a few games. Everyone working together well, we caught up with a few players and the manager. Offensively everyone has been pitching in a lot Rockstar, how does it feel to have a personnel group like this working well together as a team and getting the job done night in night out? I feel like we have solid lines all the way down the Forward Core, and Defensive Core. We have great leadership in Marleau the acquisition of Franciszek has helped support our defense, and it's working well together. We have improved since the start of the year, and we are hoping to just get better each and every night we play. We have become a real good team, improving and playing our style of hockey. Marleau, it seems like your leadership has helped the team battle, and helps get everyone confident in their game and chip in when need to, anything you do that has worked over the past week? Uh, nothing much really just telling them to play our game keeping the team together. Uh, just making players confident in their own game to help us win some hockey games. Anything to have on a couple of the games this week? Uh just getting the pucks in deep, getting pucks to the net. Um, we have done a real good job at getting traffic in front of Goaltenders. We have been doing really good at playing 3 Quarter Ice games keeping tired defenseman on the ice for them getting effective, and prolonged sets of O-Zone time. It's all working well together. Transitional game. Keeping pucks, and traffic out of our zone. Making plays one and done shots for opponents and it's really working well for us. Ryszard since joining the team it has become one of the best teams in the league, do you feel you are a big part of that? Uh, I wouldn't say I am a big part of it. I do my part as everyone on the team does, this is a team sport. No I in Team. Like Marleau said we have been doing good at getting traffic in front, getting pucks deep, 3 Quarter ice games, prolonged O-zone time. I think our transitional game has been the best part of the whole thing, and using hits that are there not going out of position to give the team hard choices to make just making the plays that are their. Everyone on every line is chipping in when need to, and it's helping the team out. Make an ease on our Goaltender to not have to worry about high quality Great A chances. Anything over the next week you think needs to be done to keep this going? We just need to get to our game, play our style pucks deep, 3 Quarter Ice Game, Traffic, Transitions, Prolonged Offensive Zone time. Just trying to keep the same thing going. Try to keep our game going do the best we can at our jobs. It's the only thing we can do, and I feel confident this team can do it right now, and it's a positive thing that gives me confidence.
  4. we will see about that by the end of the year.
  5. New Canadian Center Jacob Girouard had 2 Contract offers from Mississauga, and Houston, but Jacob's past comes to public. Jacob has a past of attitude problems. When reports came out about the incidents of his past, Houston has withdrawn their offer for Jacob Girouard. Jacob has since now trying to get a 1-year deal with Mississauga, but we will see further on if Mississauga will withdraw their offer as well. Jacob has since publicly been ashamed of his past of harrassment, and Cruelty to other people. Further more on this he has apologized, but it has shown that he can be a locker room cancer. Minor League Hockey teams do not want to take a risk on him for it could ruin chemistry for the team, and be a bad contract with negative value. Jacob is further negotiating with Mississauga, but if he can't get his act together he might be history to the VHL.
  6. Jacob, You have to quote the teams, not just say something they don't get the message. There you go Mississauga and Houston he is interested in both of you.
  7. Just to give you a little background he has trolled, and harrassed people in about 6-7 different discord servers. Sign at your own risk, but this is a warning.
  8. +1 on my stat glad I could do what I did to win some hockey games.
  9. 1.) Super happy I can chip in with the offense when they need me, and I just want to win hockey games for my team. 2.) I think that it could be a multiple time thing if I keep my head in the game, play smart with the puck. 3.) I would probably choose Cody Smith, the guy is a great player worth every second to watch him. 4.) I think San Diego is a great team, but I think we are 1 player away from being a contender, but we are definitely a playoff team. I would say another scorer and we are set. 5.) San Diego to me isn't just a team, it's a family and its something I respect as a hockey player, an a lead by example locker room. It's a fun team to play for glad I have the opportunity to play for a great hockey team.
  10. 1.) As a team do you feel you guys mesh well? 2.) are you guys confident for the push? 3.) How are you all feeling about the next few weeks of hockey any tired guys not ready for a few weeks of hockey? 4.) Gaudette, does it feel good to be in the running for the 2nd Line LW spot on team Canada? 5.) Any changes personnel wise, tactics wise, or any line changes that you guys feel need to be made?