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  1. 1. How do you rate the start of the season for your own player? Ok start so far. Looking to,contribute anyway possible. 2. Which team in VHLM is the one to beat in your opinion? any team any night is the team to beat. We need to take every team seriously at this point. 3. We have had our motto #HornsUp since our first season? What kinda meaning do you personally think it has? I think it shows the fire for the team and fans. It shows were ready for a fight, night in and night out. 4. What is your opinion of the trades we had to start our rebuild? I'm kind of coming in after the trades so it gave me an opportunity that I'm more then thankful for. 5. We are aiming for S67 and S68 as ones where our team will dominate, what do you think is the most important thing our team has to focus on right now? just continue to grown everybody not only as individuals but also as a team. 6. If you would have to choose a celebrity to be our Nr1 fan - who would you choose? oh wow Peter Dinklage from game of thrones.
  2. 1) First off, welcome to the Bulls! How does it feel to play for a brand new franchise in the VHLM? It's amazing just ready to get started and help bring a championship to Houston! 2) Is this where you expected to end up, or was your selection more of a curveball to you? Didn't really have a set destination in mind but I am ready to take advantage of it and help win games. 3) Now that you've had a day or so to get to know the team, what do you think so far? It's awesome everyone has welcomed me,right in and willing to help me reach my potential. 4) What are your expectations as a member of an inaugural franchise? just to continue to grow and help other around me be successful. 5) What's your favorite thing about the Houston Bulls so far? great logo for sure! Secondly the guys in the organization have taken me right under their wings to help me succed. 6) What's your least favorite thing about the Houston Bulls so far? Nothing it's a top notch organization and I'm ready to help them right away!
  3. Thank you sir! Happy to be here.
  4. Player Information Username: LeoKoz3 Player Name: Leomaed Koziel Recruited From: YouTube Age: 18 Position: RW Height: 67 in. Weight: 185 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM