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  1. 1. My start has been just what i thought it would be. 2. If we just keep working hard we will win the league, but i think i will win scoring title this season. 3. Best has been win against Houston. It is always fun to play against your old team mates. 4. Yes i was. It nice to be drafted by your hometown team and my time in Houston was great. 5. I trust my gm and agm to pick the best name and logo possibly. 6. I know there is few guys that know music a bit better than me so i let them pick us a great song.
  2. Jesse Nyman Forward LW Goals 16/10= 1.6 ( 2tpe) Assist 12/12= 1 (1tpe) Points 28/10=2.8 (3tpe) Hits 70/30=2.3 (2tpe) +/- 12/6=2 (2tpe) Total= 2+1+3+2+2=10tpe (13tpe)
  3. 1. We preformed well, but everyone should watch out us in the playoffs. 2. I played good start of the season but in mid season i had hard time. Last few games i have really felt good and i just will do everything to win. 3. I just hope that top 3 is all Houston Bulls players. 4. They are gonna have hard time when they meet us. 5. Dalton was and is an superstar. There is still some staff you have not seen. His shot is unreal. 6. With the players that are staying here there is no way this team is missing playoff. Our young guys are just getting better.