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  1. 1. My start has been just what i thought it would be. 2. If we just keep working hard we will win the league, but i think i will win scoring title this season. 3. Best has been win against Houston. It is always fun to play against your old team mates. 4. Yes i was. It nice to be drafted by your hometown team and my time in Houston was great. 5. I trust my gm and agm to pick the best name and logo possibly. 6. I know there is few guys that know music a bit better than me so i let them pick us a great song.
  2. Jesse Nyman Forward LW Goals 16/10= 1.6 ( 2tpe) Assist 12/12= 1 (1tpe) Points 28/10=2.8 (3tpe) Hits 70/30=2.3 (2tpe) +/- 12/6=2 (2tpe) Total= 2+1+3+2+2=10tpe (13tpe)