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  1. Jesse Nyman Forward LW Goals 16/10= 1.6 ( 2tpe) Assist 12/12= 1 (1tpe) Points 28/10=2.8 (3tpe) Hits 70/30=2.3 (2tpe) +/- 12/6=2 (2tpe) Total= 2+1+3+2+2=10tpe (13tpe)
  2. 1. We preformed well, but everyone should watch out us in the playoffs. 2. I played good start of the season but in mid season i had hard time. Last few games i have really felt good and i just will do everything to win. 3. I just hope that top 3 is all Houston Bulls players. 4. They are gonna have hard time when they meet us. 5. Dalton was and is an superstar. There is still some staff you have not seen. His shot is unreal. 6. With the players that are staying here there is no way this team is missing playoff. Our young guys are just getting better.
  3. Check this one out, 10 free TPE


  4. 1. We should take fishing trip somewhere. 2. Mexico city, with the last season they should not be where they currently are. 3. Teemu Lehtinen Jr. been fantastic all this season. You just need to get open and he will find you. 4. With the team that Frostbeard build this off season i have to name him. He found right guys to make our team better and we are showing it right now. 5. It has been great experience and i am enjoying my time here now. 6. I do not really see us having any rivals, maybe as this season goes we have our rival.