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  1. 1. The Phantoms are on a 3 game losing streak, is there a sense of frustration in your locker room right now? I think none of us enjoy losing but it just shows we need to play better as a team and play better in front our goalies. 2. Where do you feel we can most improve our play? We need to play better defensively and play a full 60 minutes. 3. What are your thoughts on the new man in net, Solomon Crawford? He’s still young and getting used to the league. So hopefully he will settle in soon. 4. What is your go to alcoholic beverage of choice? I really don’t drink anymore. It’s all water for me. 5. What is your typical pre-game ritual? I usually make sure I’m fully rested and in a relaxed mood. 6. Do you still think the team can finish above .500? It’s definitely possible but we might have to share time for both goaltenders and play better all around defensively.
  2. Thanks @Sebster03 really appreciate the praise!
  3. Aleksei needs to lay off the vodka 😂 Pearson & Draper are doing a fine job scoring goals ( both with 12) & Draven leads the team in points with 30 points in 30 games. & is 5th in the league in assists (1st on team) 👀😂But great job to the Rookie we definitely appreciate her hard work. Just had to point out some inaccuracies from the old discombobulated GM of ours.
  4. 175 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans 176 Prague Phantoms @ HC Davos Dynamo 177 Calgary Wranglers @ Moscow Menace 178 Riga Reign @ Vancouver Wolves
  5. 1.Were off to a hot start? Think we can keep it up? We definitely can keep playing good. 2. DC is also off to a hot start, who will finish higher in the standings? Prague is going to end up on top of DC for sure. 3.Who will finish last this year? Most likely HC will finish last. 4. Are you more of a shooter or a passer? Im actually a two way forward. So probably pass first mentality unless I have a wide open shot. 5. What are some personal goals for this season? I just want to lead this team to our first ever playoff birth. 6. Who do you think our MVP will be? I think Alex Pearson has a good shot at it. I would say even myself (Draven) has a shot also because I’m 2nd in points and first in assists.
  6. 139 Helsinki Titans @ HC Davos Dynamo 140 Moscow Menace @ Vancouver Wolves 141 Calgary Wranglers @ Prague Phantoms 142 Seattle Bears @ Toronto Legion
  7. 97 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 98 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 99 Moscow Menace @ Calgary Wranglers 100 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans
  8. Disregard my iPad was messing up. Didn’t show my last pick. Now it does. Lol sorry @OrbitingDeath