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  1. Congratulations @Ricer13 Look forward to play for you next season in Calgary.
  2. Let’s go Prague & Helsinki! I’m rooting for my old teams!
  3. I would like to apply for the Mexico City GM spot. I have played for them for 3 seasons and I have a lot of experience with GMing a team in the STHS system. I won an offseason cup as I managed my Storm team to a championship. I also am a GM for another STHS league I’m in for the Blues. I really have a lot of love for the minor league system. Hope to help out some youngsters make their way to the big time.
  4. 1) I think every match up in the playoffs will test us. But I believe we can win it. 2) I think Yukon can bring an upset in the first round. 3) I truly don’t know but I’m sure they will find someone. 4) I have always like Mexico City logo and also Prague& Helsinki also. 5) I haven’t had much time to get excited for the upcoming drafts. 6) I was binge watching the Sinner show.
  5. @SeabassFriends for life brother. Good luck with your new player. Look forward to seeing you out on the ice again.
  6. Kings have won 9 in a row
  7. 1) I think it will be hard to over take first. 2) It definitely helps us make a solid run. 3) I don’t think any of them will. 4) I would say Little Debbie fudge brownies. 5) My son came up with it for me as a silly online nickname. 6) I lift weights 3-4 times a week. I need to work on cardio though.
  8. 1) I would order a round of “ Red-Headed sluts” for the boys. 2) I usually hit the hot tub and smoke a bowl. 3) Houston is very dominant and in first place. 4) I wouldn’t mind be sponsored by “ Essentia “ bottled water with a 9PH. 5) I want to win a cup with the Kings before I join Calgary next season. 6) I like both. Hard cookies are good dipped in coffee. Chewy is just good period! Lol