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  1. 1) I use my home gym to lift weights and run outside my home for endurance. 2) I practice with Kyle Glass in the off season. 3) I usually check it out for the USA. 4) We played hard and came up short again. 5) I know I was heckling their top line a lot. 6) I think it’s bigger if we would’ve won.
  2. We will miss you Jubo! You have taught me so much! I am applying for Helsinki GM spot & I have good VHL experience and have been on Helsinki many seasons as a player. I am very familiar and have been part of the locker room for many seasons. It would be nice to be considered!
  3. Let’s Go Titans shall we ask the crystal ball
  4. It’s time for a epic Comeback !! Come on Helsinki!
  5. 1) I didn’t even get to watch the draft so I’m just going to say Helsinki got the best draft picks. 2) Somebody always gets FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY...lol 3) It’s an honor to actually get drafted cuz some players don’t make it. 4) I really don’t have a lot of time to watch the drafts. 5) I would’ve drafted Kyle Glass cuz that’s my boy. 6) Lots of hype for the draftees! You know who you are ! Build your players up and get ready fir the big league.