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  1. @Beaviss Thanks for the kind words. My numbers definitely prove it. Since joining Helsinki : 300 games played Draven scored : 118 goals 144 assists equaling 262 pts. +32 Plus/minus 19 points in 17 playoff games last season and a Finals appearance. 20+ goals every year in the VHL. Not bad for my first ever player creation ️
  2. 1) We just need to pick up the pace and score more goals. 2) We just need to play better defense. 3) Tampa Bay might win in 7 games. 4) I must say I would love to see myself or VV. 5) I’m always a fan of a deep roster. 6) Maybe Toni Bolonee would cover me. Lol Then again he might set me up for a laugh. He’s a prankster.
  3. @Jayrad28Congratulations brother. I definitely enjoyed my time playing with you during my first couple seasons in the VHL with Prague. I wish you the best and I know you gave it your all every night and day with the team. Hope to play with you someday in the future. Draven also retires after this season so it’s going to be emotional for sure.
  4. 1) I’m basically going to build my TPA to exactly what it was last season and stay with the same configuration. Hopefully I will do what I did last season and I plan to be a leader on the ice. 2) He's my best buddy in the VHL so I have nothing but good things to say about this guy. He puts in 110% and puts the extra work in to be ahead at the end of the day. Great personality in the locker room. He’s winner. 3) Zamboni will be great like he was in his few starts he had last season. 4) The rookies just need to relax and go out their and play their roles in the system we have
  5. @Seabass welcome to Helsinki!!
  6. 1) We were one the highest scoring teams in the league. We lead in goals fir the playoffs so yes we can. 2) Its been amazing the team feeds off their energy. 3) I honestly don’t know. I have Blues logo on my PS4. 4) I love good old fashioned water. 5) We are going to win the Cup with him. 6) I have been playing hard against everyone on their team.
  7. @Tbeez99 Bolonee with 1st star and 3 pts. Way to go dude!
  8. Great comeback boys! Good series to Malmo. Still work to be done!
  9. 1- I usually make pants or gloves last a long time. 2- I focus on the game plan. 3- Maybe like a blue and black one. 4- I don’t usually wear a tie at all. 5- I like having a good physical game and getting in the dirty areas on the ice. 6- I will Aloe Dear or Luke Thornton will have the best chance for number one.