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  1. Good series to our opponents! Not sure what happened to our scoring that was so dependable throughout the year? makes no sense really. Congrats to Halifax!
  2. I still believe in my team. There’s a reason we finished ahead of Halifax in the standings. I smell a comeback McWolfie 👍
  3. Yeah the original looks more clear. Seems like ever time I try to upload the original it’s way to big of a file. Then I resize it so much it messed up the entire quality and blurred it too.
  4. How do you predict the series going against Halifax?Yukon is going to kick some butt! What players from each team do you think will have the biggest rivalry in the series?none A Red Guy vs Gunnarsson, who has the better performance? Red guy is going to dominate. Prediction for the winners of first round and why? Yukon will win mainly because we have great defense and timely scorers. Who is your prediction for MVP of the playoffs? I hope for myself!😂 Any takeaways from the season before we hit the playoffs? We all played a team game and stayed on the same page. That will continue on into the playoffs.
  5. Thanks. Maybe I can get lucky tomorrow. I have two games left and need 1g1a to give me 30 & 30
  6. What is this a Lottery thing?what did I win?😂