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  1. 1) I really want us to comeback because we had a decent season. 2) I look forward to the peace and quiet of my home in the woods. 3) I just want to maintain my points production and be a leader. 4) I wouldn’t want to fight Bolonee he’s strong as an ox. 5) I really like coffee sometimes. 6) I was good in history and obviously gym class. Lol
  2. I’m applying for any GM job that is open. I have been GM twice for Canada (silver medal) and I love the game of hockey more than anything.I have been in the VHL since season 67. I would like to help the young talent grow and mature into legends of the VHL. I have met a lot of decent people on here and would love to spread positive vibes. I am ready and confident I can help. Thanks for your consideration, E.D.
  3. Draven with his 20 th goal. That’s 20 goals or more five years in a row. All five years in the VHL. (6 yrs counting VHLM)
  4. 1) I would like to play Moscow and beat them. 2) I am leading team in plus/minuswith +19 and that was one of my goal score this year. 3) I will miss Fontenette and Strong mostly but Johnson has been a huge part of our success this year so I don’t want him to go either. 4) I would look for a good goalie or forwards first. 5) No, I do not play mobile games. 6) I would go to the Pacific Northwest area.
  5. @Jubo07 what a game! Now that’s what I love to see.
  6. All in good fun. No pain no gain !
  7. Great interview! @Seabass still my best buddy in the VHL. He’s a stellar player and pretty good human!. But we step on the ice he’s just any other player I would love to beat!
  8. 1) 50 games in, what has been your season highlight? I have picked up the pace in scoring and sit second on the team in goals with 16. 2) Which expansion logo do you most enjoy? (LA, Chicago, London or Warsaw) I like the Warsaw logo best. 3) Are you hopeful to be on the Titans expansion protection list? I am hopeful I will be on protection list. 4) What area of our game do we need to improve on through the final stretch of the season? We need to score more goals and win consistently. 5) If you could have any athletes signature who would it be? I would like Ryan OReilly’s autograph. 6) Its hot out and you want to cool down with a cold dessert or beverage, what do you go for? I stick to my Dasani reverse osmosis bottled water.
  9. 57 shots and only 2 goals definitely like rolling dice with the sim results.
  10. No love for ST L but we still the champs. (Yet Chicago gets love?)