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  1. Amazing thread guys, had a blast reading through all y'alls stories. For me, running was supposed to be something to keep me in shape for soccer. But once I became better at it than soccer, I adopted it as my only sport now in HS. No real goal to get from working out, just the good feeling. My demons have come from my body NOT wanting me to run. Last season, I had Appendicitis and a growth plate issue in my foot called Severs. Throw in exercise-induced asthma as well. Those things made me sit out for the majority of the cross-country season. When I did run though, I always improved and that kept me going. Despite losing a whole track season due to COVID-19 and having some knee problems already in summer training, I'm still hitting the roads. We can get through the setbacks guys, we got this! Keep sharing your fitness achievements, we can support each other.
  2. @bigAL I don't use an app to track. Have a Garmin for the GPS and put it into a sheet. Never saw a point considering I only needed to know my summer mileage. But I'm down to join one with others.
  3. first hockey sig came way later. Proudly made on Canva
  4. Vote Doomsday idk what to make of this TP situation
  5. @BarzalGoat please tell me who you're going to jail between Doom/Hatter as I can shoot the other
  6. Vampire Hunter will kill a Vamp if they try to bite them, regardless of a roleblock
  7. just don't listen to ferk lol, he's trying to plant insecurities because his back is against the wall
  8. assuming our LO is legit, I doubt Solas would have known to visit the jailor only when CC did
  9. yes that's what I just said. Ricer and solas = our TPs
  10. okay then. Lynch Ferk, jail Hatter (exe if you wish), and we'll deal with what we have left tomorrow
  11. don't forget, we have a weird case where if CC is evil, then our TPs also become unconfirmed. Given our jailor isn't dead and our TPs are still alive, I'd like to give CC the benefit of the doubt