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  1. RIP hope it can happen someday...
  2. Well GG Werewolf, wins are rare for y'all and bigger props considering it's your first game ever.
  3. Mike is WW. Mafia promises that you will not die if you vote him out with us.
  4. Then let's do it this way. Vote Mike We kill Mike, then do nothing for a night. Then we get you tomorrow.
  5. Hatty - Maf Engi - Maf Mike - WW Penny - Surv Nyko - Vet In any possible scenario, @Nykonax is going to die. Neither WW nor Maf can win with town. Penny is the swing vote here, whether he wants to side with Mafia or Werewolf. Or very possibly, Nyko votes to get the WW out.
  6. We wouldn't kill Penny. If he votes with us today that is.
  7. There's 2 maf, a WW, a survivor, and a townie. @pennypenny Let's get nyko out today, Mike tomorrow, and then we can ride off into the sunset. Vote Nyko
  8. I think we know who's gonna get the dub here haha
  9. Rayz outlines his post well and I believe him. I'm not with Wolfie for the most part, I believe all the TIs, including Phillie and omg, are sketch. I've also said beforehand that we need to eliminate the WW and Vamp first and foremost.