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  1. 1. I think by winning more games. If you lose games, you aren't undefeated anymore. 2. A pretty big impact I'd say. The more shots they save, the less our opposition can score. 3. My player has been amazing at ice skating this season. 4. That Flynn Remy character is very good, he's my pick. 5. By scoring more goals. We can score more goals to not be last. 6. Continuing to win games will extend our streak of games won.
  2. 1. Playing better could definitely help. But bribing the simmer could help even more. 2. Well we're last, so not good. 3. Feels okay I guess, we'll go down in the history books at least. 4. I don't think we've developed any rivalries just yet. 5. Winning games, we're the weakest in the E. 6. Mute the locker room and block all role pings, it's what I did and this is the first time I've heard of a chicken nugget takeover.
  3. 1. It's fairly exciting to be drafted in the first ever VHLE Draft and play in the first ever VHLE season. 2. Do whatever my team needs of me, no personal goals in particular. 3. Title or bust, right? But really, given this is our first season ever, everything is up in the air at this point. 4. Yes, down with Minion. 5. Probably the Express for sending their scouting message as a group PM rather than individually, so I was emailed and pinged for every response to their questions. 6. Sad pepe with the hoodie on and Rome logo on the side
  4. vhl banner submissions are becoming very bland and same-y, this is a bit different. Just bad execution
  5. 1. Update system favors the early updaters - what's the point of a week ending date? 2. Very active and strong community, produces great content. 3. I think six different teams throughout all my careers? 4. As a GM, dead last. As a player, first round loss. 5. No, it's part of the game. If you punish teams for tanking, it encourages dwindling in mediocracy. 6. Boring I guess, don't really care about it. 7. Here, no I don't think so.
  6. for my last player, I was a very consistent 12 capped a week guy throughout the VHLM. At around Nov/Dec 2020 I went IA in every league, including SBA, and lost interest after returning Not as good of an earner with Remy, but at the same time, it won't be an end all be all for me if I happen to miss a week
  7. 1. We're looking good and riding high. I like our chances. 2. Gotta go with our wall in the goal, Greiss. 3. I gotta put in more work for us on the defensive end. 4. I have not, but I hope it's Vasteras. 5. 3 is always a nice pick to have. Near the center but fairly early. 6. There's been some close cases around my family (my sister is currently in quarantine because of it) but no direct cases. I'm just glad my school mandates wearing a mask and that my cross-country team is well vaccinated.
  8. 1. Championship or bust, we're the Kings for a reason. 2. AJ Williams has a lot of TPE and would probably help. 3. A lot of scoring and defense is always good. 4. Pop-tarts, untoasted of course. 5. Honestly even when I played in Saskatoon, it's gotta be here in Mexico City. 6. Nope, winning is all I want.
  9. you're a huge inspiration for me. I picked up digital design through sim leagues when I joined almost 3 years ago and I'm currently pursuing it at my local career center. These guys ( especially @gorlab ) have really inspired me to work on GFX and I hope I can find myself in the same place you are 10-15 years down the line. welcome back to the VHL, I'll def hit you up on insta for that stock pack lol btw, think you joined the SBA bout a year ago yeah? Absolutely insane stuff, hope you can create here
  10. 1. It depends on the pizza. If that shit's floppy then yeah I'll fold it. In most cases though, no. 2. Probably a rock at Stonehenge. I'd get lots of attention but people can't touch me. 3. Salad probably. Could make a pizza salad, burger salad, etc. 4. Real life Hunger Games. It would be interesting to see how average people react to being thrown into a giant arena to fight. 5. Post a vegan blog then eat a chicken wing. 6. Nut sauce.
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