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  1. I checked vhl portal and halifax was too good
  2. Thank you to everyone who sent a message! I'm picking fast but there's no real point to waiting. This user is one of the few here who I'd absolutely love to play for and the team is one I'd feel comfortable on. That said, no offense to any of the other VHLM GMs, it looks like you all work extremely hard and I would probably also enjoy playing for you. But familiarity helps me, so... #SaskyBois Let's get it Doooooom
  3. Review: Pretty solid job here. There's a lot of good elements going on. I like how the player in the background is faded, keeps the focus on the main render. While I don't necessarily like the stroke/outline on the main render, I like the attempt to try a technique. Text is clean, nothing wrong there. I think the red section could use a texture, it's a bit bland as is. I also think the Russian flag could be incorporated into the sig a bit better, as of now, it's just slapped on there. 7.5/10
  4. Review: This is pretty slick, good preview of two of the potential VHLE teams. I like the text, mix between sans serif and the large paintbrush type is really nice. Background is good, composition is great. My only recommendations are with the renders. The helmet and jersey is puke green rather than the bright yellow. The renders could also use a bit more flair, they're pretty plain. Overall though, one of your better ones as of late. 8.5/10
  5. What is something you couldn't live without? It would be pretty hard to live without lungs I'd say. What is one thing ritual you do before every game? I have a very specific stretching routine that I do before every game. What is your favourite pre-game meal? Chicken and rice for sure. It definitely gives me the energy I need. If you had to play another sport what would you play? Possibly basketball. I played well up until high school ended. What is your go to shoe when you're relaxing? None! Gotta let the toes breathe if
  6. Player Information Username: jhatty8 Player Name: Flynn Remy Recruited From: Returning Age: 23 Position: D Height: 68 in. Weight: 175 lbs. Birthplace: Belgium Player Page @VHLM GM
  7. I like Rome a lot. Could you send them without the text?
  8. I could see the fox in the first one (took a few sec) but idek what that second one was. Replaced the head with text?
  9. text is your best yet, but I'm not a fan of the jagged outline for the tank
  10. @GrittyIsKing09 sent you a friend request. Lmk when you can play
  11. let's turn this into a thread, why not
  12. if Sens is not a CL, I'll go on Flex. Without a CL tho, Flex can't stop being shot