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  1. 1. It's solid but it's also not 72-0-0, so we have work to do. 2. I hope just draft and FA, don't want to lose any more Americans through trade. 3. All of them stick out to me as ones where I could not have played any better. 4. Because VHL Portal says so. 5. I don't know about any trophy but that RJ Thatcher guy seems really cool and handsome. 6. As someone who doesn't follow puckball whatsoever, I actually did watch highlights for one of the games and the scenery was very cool.
  2. @youloser1337
  3. "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" In general though, people should probably be doing their own research before coming to some of the conclusions here. This isn't the place you should be gathering sources or data from.
  4. 1. We just really hate them in particular. 2. I suggest we do something called the "Goalie Showdown" to decide a winner, where the two starting goalies must fight each other until there is a victor. 3. @rory 4. My bedroom is a nice place. 5. I sneak out to the concession stand before games. 6. A guinea pig. No elaboration needed.
  5. Nah thanks, not really feeling forum ToS anymore
  6. 1. First place easily. 2. Davos because Gustav would never make a bad trade. 3. The Mexico City Kings because they are the best. 4. I look up to Chara because he is taller than me. 5. 6. Unfortunately, yes.
  7. Wtf. Reverse jester. Anyway among all this craziness berocka decided to make me the trapper. Not even a fun new role
  8. I was sentenced to be hung Two questions: what does this mean and should I say my role?
  9. The fuck is going on. Guess I should read that role list
  10. 1. I would say 7-0-0 would be more of a turning point, but I guess 3-1-3 will suffice. 2. Greatest strength is everything. Weakness is being too good. 3. Uncooked Kraft mac n cheese. Just the hard noodles and cheese powder. 4. @Dolant would be fun to play with . 5. Always Rocket League, but also playing Brawlhalla and Town of Salem as of late. 6. Exeggutor.