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  1. 1. Can’t say I follow the league too much to give an accurate guess, but from just taking a quick look through the teams I’d say either New York or DC did! 2. Davos. Mostly cause they’re last and still don’t look like they’ve improved much 3. Definitely Vancouver. 4. Not too involved in the GM politics or candidates, but whoever is willing to put in the effort to be a good GM as well as put together a team that would be capable of competing. 5. Personally I have a lot. “Catch me if you can” is what comes to mind right now though 6. Oferson, Davis, Killinger, Wolski, Vikingstad & Bob
  2. S70 D.C. Dragons Washington D.C. Home of the VHL D.C. Dragons Having only entered the VHL scene back in S68, the D.C Dragons have struggled to establish themselves as a premier VHL team. Having a record of 20-49 in their first season followed by a 24-41 in the next, many wouldn't think the Dragons would be much of a threat for a few seasons. The GM of the Dragons may be on the brink of proving them wrong. With a flurry of off-season trades and newly FA signings, the Dragons may approaching their best season yet. Let's take a look as to why that is. Keeping up with a Keeper The best way to win games is to ensure the puck stays out of the net. I mean it makes sense. Well the Dragons weren't the best at doing so having the 3rd most GA total last season. Despite Pekka Pouta's efforts the Dragons were in need of a top class goalie who could prevent them for facing the same fate they had in the previous season. So a decision which sent DCD S72 2nd and 4th picks to Riga to acquire Kallis Kriketers was made. Kriketers has regressed from his former top-notch self, but by bringing him to D.C. the Dragons have a temporary upgrade in net as Pouta continues to improve. Kriketers would also bring a veteran presence to this VHL team that may prove to help as he'll be somewhat of a guide to follow for the younger players. New Weapons The D.C Dragons' offense was anything but pretty. Having only scored a total of 140 goals in S69, they needed to solve a big issue in how they were to score more goals in order to win games. With not being a defensively sound team, the Dragons needed someone alongside Mikko Aaltonen to carry the offensive burden in order to provide D.C. a chance at coming out on top in the W column. Well a few traded picks later (S70 DCD 1st, S71 DCD 2nd and S72 DCD 3rd) the Dragons managed to get their hands on John Frostbeard. Frostbread recorded 60 points last season in which 32 of them were goals. He's slowly emerging as a top forward in the league and by landing in D.C. he should manage reach a new career high if he continues to live up to his projections. Frostbeard isn't the only newly acquired offensive piece for the Dragons. Raleigh Ritchie, who was drafted back in S68 as the 61st pick, also joins the D.C. team this upcoming season after finishing his time in the VHLM. Ritchie recorded 76 points last season with the San Diego Marlins and D.C. are already hoping that he'll provide similar numbers for them as he'll be thrown into the 2nd offensive line. The addition of these two should see that the Dragons offense numbers improve and by a lot. Gone Fishin' The retirement of Piotr Jerwa was a problem that the Dragons needed to solve.. and quickly. Having already a sub par defense, losing one of their top defense man would only make things worse for them. So it came to no surprise that DC would send their previous acquired picks from Riga (S70 2nd) and Moscow (S71 3rd) to get Elasmobranch Fish. Despite the rumors that Fish no longer has shown any signs of improvements, the Dragons were in need of a quick replacement and Fish happened to fit the bill. By gaining the well rounded defense man it helps solve Dragons immediate issue while the rest of the D.C. defense men improve. D.C. Dragons have solved some of their short-term issues while also improving their roster. Hopefully this season will prove to be one that sees D.C. rise to the top!
  3. Ricky Johnson Childhood Ricky Johnson was born on April 15th in Toronto, Ontario where he grew up in a small and quite neighborhood in Scarborough. Johnson's father and mother, Jamal and Maria Johnson, introduced him to multiple sports growing up and was fairly active. It was known that Johnson would play many of these sports along side current SBA player Roy Johnson. By being given the opportunity to explore so many different sports, it didn't take Johnson long to develop a passion for specific ones and by the age of 12 hockey would slowly become the indisputable favorite. Oddly enough, Johnson wasn't the best hockey player or let alone skater having a much harder time picking up the sport unlike the other sports that he happened to be fairy good at. This only drove him to work harder and become better. It would only take Johnson a year of playing in a community hockey league to emerge as a highly scouting youth player. High School Johnson chose to attend The Hill Academy Prep High School in Vaughan, Ontario. With the support of his parents and by the advice of former coaches, Johnson believed it would be best to attend the independent high school in hopes that he could further develop his skills here. And that he did. It wouldn't take long for Johnson to start his first season as a Hamilton Bulldog in the OHL (Ontario Hockey League) where he would record 30 points in a 52-game rookie campaign as a defense man. Johnson would create quite a bit of buzz after such a fantastic junior season playing for Hamilton that it caught the attention of many VHLM teams. So much so, that after playing 48 games into the following season with 35 points already recorded he would be picked up by the The Minnesota Storm. Professional Career VHLM Rookie Season (S66) Johnson would join the Minnesota Storm with a only 13 games remaining in the season. Despite this, he'd go on to record 9 points alongside 26 blocked shots. Johnson would also get his first taste of playoff experience having faced the Philadelphia Reapers in the opening round where they'd end up losing the series 0-4. During the playoff run Johnson recorded only 2 points with a goal and assist. Sophomore Season (S67) Going into the next season, Johnson would find himself transferred to the same team he had lost to in the playoffs the year prior. The Philadelphia Reapers. Although he was fairly disappointed in the news, it would be with the Reapers that he'd begin to excel into a more well recognized defense man around the VHLM. During his intro season with the Reapers he'd go on to record 55 points in the 72-game campaign. On his new team, he'd once again reach the playoffs where they would lose to, ironically, the Minnesota Storm in the semifinals 4 games to 1. Johnson would record only 6 points during the 9 games of Philadelphia's playoff run. World Junior Cup (S68) With the S68 World Junior Cup taking place during the off-season of S68, Johnson managed to crack the Canadian roster as a second line defense man. The Canadian team would end up finishing in 2nd place after a loss to Europe in the finals. Johnson would end his Junior World Cup journey having only 3 points in 8 games. Junior Season (S68) Johnson would remain with the Reapers for his final year in the VHLM. During this season he would shine as one of the better defense men of the league. He would end his season with a VHLM career high of 65 points in his 72-game campaign. Unfortunately, he would not see a playoffs match-up during this season. Nonetheless, Johnson would have high praise for the Reapers and their organization. Johnson was quoted saying during his good-bye speech "They were a team that not only took me in, but believed in what I could do". Draft Day Due to his ability to find the open man and defend, Johnson was already a somewhat of a well established defense man. However, due to his lack of effort in further improvement he would be left behind by many of his peers and would demonstrate a lackluster performance when trying to impress the VHL scouts. Johnson would receive only 1 interview by the D.C Dragons who had just recently entered the VHL. With the conclusion of S67, Johnson was drafted as the 18th overall pick. He would chose to stay and play for the Philadelphia Reapers in S68, before beginning his VHL journey as a Dragon. VHL Rookie Season (S69) Upon completing his last season with the Reapers, Johnson would being his VHL career as a D.C dragon. The rookie defense man would play for the Dragons on the second defensive line. Much like the D.C. Dragons season, Johnson would struggle to establish himself in his first season. He'd end the season only recording 27 points during his 72-game campaign. Despite not fully living up to the expectations he had displayed during his final VHLM season, he'd still be widely recognized over the league as an up-and-coming defense man. This further being true as he was awarded the Rookie Team placement. With the new season set to begin, Johnson is hoping to further improve his game as well as help his team bring a cup to D.C. Johnson was recently interviewed saying: "It's always been about hard work in order to get where you want to be in this league. I'm slowly but surely understanding that now. Talent has gotten me only so far and if i really want to prove to be someone who can be a real game changer for a team, then i have to make that happen through the work I put in night in and night out. I want to be one of the best and hopefully I can make that happen and get a cup or two on the way."
  4. 1. Cile kinda does make the most sense 2. I don't want to get my hopes up, but we have improved a lot compared to last season. I think our odds are pretty good 3. Tough to say. I'd have to say Frostbeard. Gives us that extra boost for our offense! 4. Honestly don't have too much of an opinion on this one. That's up to you Coach! 5. A moose? an Ox? maybe a reptile of some sort? 6. I like me a nice appetizer, but both are pretty good
  5. Let's get this new season rollin
  6. 1. Say we add one F and one D this off-season, one in FA and one in the draft, which should we add in which way? I would say draft a defensive player and aim for a Forward in free agency. 2. Who goes 1st overall, Lahtinen Jr. or Encarnacion? My money is on Encarnacion. 3. Pick a lower ranked guy in this year's draft that you think will be better than his ranking. Why'd you choose him? Shawn Glade Jr. He had a pretty good VHLM season with Ottawa and is rounding out to be a potentially great defenseman. On the right team he would have many opportunities to prove he’s more than ready to enter the big leagues. 4. What's the first video game you ever played? Super Mario World on the SNES. 5. What is your least favourite genre of music? Country 😷 6. Cats or dogs? Dogs all the way