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  1. 1. Holy hell, we’ve thrown ourselves back into the playoff race. Be honest, did our slow start worry you in the first week? Honestly it didn't. Was confident we'd turn it around one way or another 2. Who is the team MVP through 12 games? Gotta say Xavier leFlamant. He's been on fire lately. Otherwise i'd say myself.. 3. Who are you looking at to step up in the next 12 games? I'd say one of our first line defenders in Flowers or Valentino. 4. DC is tied for second in the conference, but seventh place is 3 games behind us. How do we separate our
  2. 1. What do you think about our s74 draft? I'd like to think we got some pretty solid picks. They still need time to develop, but they're looking pretty promising. 2. What are your goals this season? As always it's been to hit that 50 points mark. Seem to always come up short. The idea of winning the cup would be great too! 3. Do you have any superstitions before a game? Can't say I do actually. 4. Who will be our breakout star this season? We've had a lot of guys have breakout seasons last year. My money would be on Xavier leFlamant this time around though.
  3. 1. Just been trying to take it easy and forget about it. Taking a well deserved vacation and living it up before gearing in for the next season. 2. For the team I don't see why we can't make it back here again. Possibly being in an even better position honestly. As for my Ricky Johnson, I'm hoping to take that next stride seeing as I may possibly have more responsibilities headed my way. So maybe this will be a break out season for the boy 3. As I said before, partying and just enjoying the early vacay. Not trying to reminisce on the playoff loss that's for sure. 4. A bit of sco
  4. The buzzer rings as Aleelee Kiak from the Seattle Bears slips one past the D.C Dragons goalie, Stone Wolski, ending the overtime period. The score 3-2. Seattle advances to the NA Conference Finals after 6 back and forth games. Ricky Johnson makes a swift exit off the ice with his face clearly filled with both disappointment and frustration. It didn't take long for the VHL media to flow into the saddened D.C. locker room to ask questions in regards to the series and the game, giving the players very limited time to even think about grieving their final season game. Interviewer: "He
  5. 1. The Dragons were able to qualify for playoffs for upsetting Vancouver in the play-in series. What was the best part of that series to you? Definitely closing out the series in game 5 in OT. Was hyped 2. We are down in the series to Seattle right now, is there still hope when down 3-1? Certainly there’s still hope. We’re more than capable. 3. What is your favorite moment of the playoffs so far this season? Just being able to get past the first round. Hopefully we can keep it going! 4. Who has the best playoff beard? Definitely Boris the
  6. 1. After the big push mid-season, does DC have what it takes to make playoffs? Absolutely. I don't see why not. We've got all the necessary tools to make it happen. 2. If we do, what kind of shot do we have when we get there? I'd say winning the whole thing. Teams like Calgary, Seattle, Riga and Helsinki will be tough to beat though. I'd be happy even at least making the conference finals. 3. If we don't, what changes might we expect in the off-season? I can't see us doing anything too drastic. With the retirement of Aaltonen i can see us going after a
  7. 1. Wouldn't say I'm close with many of them. So i'm open to being stuck with anyone i guess! 2. Similar to the first, I can't say i know many of the VHL Members too well. So I wouldn't want to be stuck with on that's widely known for being the worst i guess 3. Myself and with Boo 4. Most likely my brother. Always good times with him 5. Would be dope to be somewhere tropical. Like Mexico or Jamaica. Somewhere like that. 6. The lack of entertainment. Would be hard being stuck in one place for so long.
  8. To start, there is no guarantee that I'll recreate here in the VHL. Mostly because my life is pretty busy and given my GM duties over at the SBA, it's hard to be very involved in other sim leagues as I'm one to normally apply a genuine effort towards the work I do. Not just for my own self gratification, but to also help any teams I've joined or will join in the future. Plus by being someone in charge of a team, I'm aware of how tedious an inconsistent earner can be. Enough rambling though, on to what this article is actually about. Miles Johnson For a little background
  9. Following a home 4-1 victory against the Chicago Phoenix, the VHL media stepped inside the D.C. Dragons locker-room for a quick interview with defense-man Ricky Johnson. Media: "The Dragons were off to a rough start having only won 4 of 15 games to start the season, but have all but turned it around having almost reached an even win/loss record. What had brought about this change for you guys?" Johnson: "I think we were struggling to find our groove and the right chemistry between guys. It's never easy figuring out each others quirks and habits and we happened to strugg
  10. 1. It may come down to the recent line changes done earlier in the season, but I personally think we just got off to a slow start and we're finally finding our groove. 2. Just continue to improve. We've done great so far but it would be disastrous if we were to let up now. 3. His ability to not only score but set up players. He's been a great addition so far and he's on track to having his best season yet. 4. They've all had their great moments so far. I gotta say Liam Flaten has been great for us as a fellow defensemen. He's managed to hold a positive +/- and has sacrificed his
  11. After months of media silence, Ricky Johnson has welcomed the VHL press to a quick sit down interview in the D.C. Dragons locker room following a 3-2 victory over the Vancouver Wolves. Little time was wasted in getting to pick Johnson’s brain: Press: “So Johnson what’s it like playing your 5th season in the VHL?“ Johnson: “It’s not been bad, but not great. I don’t have much to show for it as of right now. It’s disheartening but I’m working towards become a better player. Not just for myself, but for the team as well” Press: “What are your thoughts on D.C. st
  12. 1. I feel as though we’re definitely still looking for that answer. Overall I think we just need to do better. Defensively and offensively 2. A lot. Even more so because I feel as though I’ve regressed from my former self 3. I think it was a dope idea to expand. I have to say my favorite out of the expansion teams is the Chicago Phoenix..even though they’re not doing so good right now aha 4. I do. We’re not showing it right now, but I’m sure we’ll turn things around for the better 5. Tough. I eat all sorts of takeout. To be honest I’d say sus