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  1. 1. Hockey Tape and a bottle of whisky. Something to help with the game and something to help with the pain (from games/practice) 😉 2. Probably his ability to score and pass for a defenseman. Heck he could probably play just as good as some of our forwards. 3. Anyone who has worked hard enough deserves to be rewarded. So I do believe it was a good move. 4. Keep it. It’s always nice to have something to remind you of that first goal. 5. Me (Ricky Johnson). I mean I am the strongest guy on our team. Plus I’d say I’m pretty smart. 6. Dancing. I’ve always been involved in the dance community since I was little. Kinda was a second hobby next to hockey.
  2. The rosters of the upcoming World Junior Cup were announced earlier this week and of the teams, Ricky Johnson, has managed to find himself playing for Team Canada. When asked about it he said: ”It’s every young players dream to be able to represent your country on the ice in the World Junior Cup. At least I feel it is. I’m extremely honored to be given this opportunity to say the least. I feel as though we have a solid roster put together. I’m gonna work hard to hopefully help us come out on top and back to the glory days of S62-64” Johnson currently plays for the Philadelphia Reapers in the VHLM. When asked how his current season with them is going he replied: ”It’s been tough I can tell you that. After a promising last season, we’ve had a rough go in our current one. It was almost to be expected though. I mean with a change in management and a handful of players entering into the big league, it was hard to see us really remaining as big of a threat as we were in the past. It’s all part of the process though. We’re still a team with a lot of passion and fight. I’m hoping to make this last season with them a good one”
  3. 260 Vancouver Wolves @ Helsinki Titans 261 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 262 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 263 Calgary Wranglers @ Toronto Legion
  4. 1. Have faith. We’re gonna have our challenges, but the best thing to do is trust that we’ll get it done. Just like I have trust in my teammates that we’ll pull through. 2. As entertaining and eerie as that sounds, i’m gonna say that I definitely don’t believe that. Would make for a great news headline. 3. I’m as healthy as they come. I’ve gotten the odd flu here or there this season though which could be why i’ve performed poorly some games. 4. Congrats to Hiroshi Okada first and foremost. At his current pace I do believe it’s achievable. It’ll be challenging, but i’m rooting for him. 5. Getting the extra practice and rest when it’s available. There’s no excuse not to put in that extra work when you’re able to, but it’s also important to take it easy when you are able to too. 6. Micheal Finnagin and i’d be a your local banking assistant. I’m good with money or atleast i’d like to think so. Plus it’s lowkey enough to get by without anyone really knowing who I am
  5. F - Ryan Sullivan Jr D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen @KC Philip Also believe Jagger Philliefan has been picked twice by two different people @Quik
  6. 175 Vancouver Wolves @ Riga Reign 176 D.C. Dragons @ New York Americans 177 Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 178 Prague Phantoms @ Malmo Nighthawks
  7. 1. Keep on chugging. The best we can do is just keep on trying to work on what we do best and improving on it. 2. The Las Vegas Aces. Mostly cause I don’t know what mascot they’d actually have. Like someone coming out as a big “A”? Who knows. 3. We currently have a decent amount of good defenseman. So trading off just one of them in order to supply the team with future assets isn’t generally bad, although he will be missed! 4. Just keep on training. As a rookie, you can never expect to have amazing results overnight. It’s a work in progress. Just work hard (keep updating). 5. Hmm to be honest I don’t know how i’m doing it. Can’t say scoring has always been my key focus, so I want to say my teammates just happen to be finding me in the right spots. 6. Break their sticks, even the back ups. Might only get through 6 or 8 in 30 seconds though.