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  2. Rookie defenseman Wolf Stansson, Jr. has an unique experience that not many people can claim — he is one of the few rookies to be a starter from Day 1 onwards and on top of that, he’s doing it for an expansion team in Prague! So each and every single day, there’s a chance for organization history. The Prague Phantoms on the other hand, they’ve been struggling. Prague was able to pick up a win against Riga - that’s proven to be their only win of the season through approximately 13 games. “We’re a very young team. A lot of potential here, but the early going’s have been rough. We’re making a lot of rookie mistakes that the other seasoned teams aren’t. It’s very easy for one or two mistake to snowball and by the end of the game, it translate to a loss. We just have to keep on grinding and continue to get better. But it’s also exciting at the same time- getting a fresh start and immediate starting/playing times from the get-go, I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my career.”
  3. G- Greg Eagles F- Hunter Hearst Helmsley F- Roll fizzlebeef sorry for the delay - draft all done now
  4. D - Jagger Philliefan D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
  5. 43 Vancouver Wolves 44 Calgary Wranglers 45 Helsinki Titans 46 Seattle Bears
  6. +6 sba article
  7. 1) Are you happy with becoming the first players to ever play for this brand new VHL team ? I am extremely honored to be a part of the Prague Phantoms, especially as this is an expansion team and coming into the league with a clean slate and roster. Prague was one of the few teams to contact me prior to the draft to get to know me, so I am grateful that they took me as opposed to a team just taking me out of the blue. The odds were not on Prague's side in the draft, but it is fortunate that everything fell in place for me to go to Phantoms. I look forward to making some history with the team while I'm here. 2) What will be the best way to improve your player this season? It definitely will have to be skating and defense. I was able to hang around in the VHLM because my build was at the 200 cap. But now that we're in uncapped territory, I really have to step up my game in order to be able to hang with the big boys. There's no learning curve or a hold-your-hands kind of learning. I might get overwhelmed or fooled from time to time, but as I've said in the past- I am a firm believer in that experience is the best teacher. With Prague, I will have that opportunity - so I'm kinda excited about that one. 3) Is there any players that you look forward to playing with that is on this team now ? Seabass Perrin, I look forward to playing with him. Our time on the rink didn't overlap too much in Yukon 'cause we had two other solid defensemen. But now that we're on a whole new team - so we're going to have to play and learn together while we're here. Willie Dredge is another Yukon player, which is cool and it'll be nice to have some familiar faces around as we acclimate to the VHL. 4) Do you like the Phantoms logo ? The logo is pretty fierce and I like it. Quite appropriate for an expansion team looking to make its mark in the well-established VHL. 5) Do you think we will do better than the other new expansion team DC ? I am not too sure about that. It looks like the D.C. Dragons went for a few more experienced/veteran players as opposed to Prague Phantoms. One thing that's for certain is both of us are going to have a rough inaugural season - but it's all about playing through the motions, learning about each other and the system. A few years down the road, I anticipate us being better than the Dragons. 6) What do you think we need to get through free agency to make the team better ? A few more experienced, proven veteran players would be awesome. It looks like I'll get plenty of playing time, but it'd be nice if we had some veterans in the LR to help us break through mental blocks, scoring slumps, you know, the little things that us hockey players make when we are mentally fatigued. It's kind of hard to know what we exactly need/what is available in the market but we'll see how the offseason pans out. It won't change how I intend on approaching the game.
  8. Wolf Stansson, Jr. had been waiting for a long time. After buying a one-way flight to Iceland following the conclusion of Yukon Rush’s season in order to spend time with his Icelandic family— it ended up being a longer-than-expected training / family time. So when the S68 VHL Entry Draft came, Stansson opted to spend time with his family to receive the news as a collective unit. So I guess you could say that it was appropriate that WSJ had to wait the full first round, all the way until the 12th and the very last pick before his name was finally called. “About time. Prague made the best pick of the draft. I’m glad that I’m headed to Prague. I’ve heard it is a beautiful city and I look forward to starting my VHL career with a team that recognizes and appreciate my talent. I will do my best to make the city and the franchise proud to have me as their first round pick. I get to play with a teammate of mine from Yukon, Seabass Perrin which is pretty cool. The teams that passed on me, they are going to regret passing on me. Now I can start packing my bags and kick some ass!”
  9. Whooo @Sebster03 glad to be teammates with you in the VHL, let’s kick some ass!