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  1. 1.) Congrats mate! we’ll miss you. Been busy with RL work/family/home and whatnot. 2.( Nah, I prefer the You-Ask-6, I-Answer-6 3.) BBQ sauce hands down. 4.) Everybody has their own truths and no one truth is more right than other. Something like that I think. 5.) My first car was a blue Dodge Neon. Pretty fun car to ride around in, but once my dad passed away and I had to transfer insurance from his to my name - I traded it in for a car that I actually wanted, a Jeep Cherokee. Fun car, had some fun ski road trips in that one. 6.) I grew up watching the New York Yankees and my favorite player naturally was Derek Jeter. Loved wearing that #2 but it’s a baseball kind of thing. Don’t have a particular number for hockey I guess.
  2. London United skater That Dude is ready for his fourth season in the VHL. Why the change in his tune compared to being nonchalant his first three seasons? ”I was working my way up the ranks. The first two years, London had a whole bunch of vets so yeah, I was just finding my spot to squeeze in within the ranks and do my part. Those days are long gone— the vets of past days have parted ways with the team and I’ve stuck around long enough. Seems like I’m one of the alphas on the team right now, so might as well act the part.” In the Lotto Tournament which London finished 2nd — Dude seemed to show a more aggressive, efficient dimension to his game. Dude and the team hopes that this will correlate to a strong Y4. ”I thought I would make that jump in Y3 but it didn’t quite happen. There were some shuffling of the lines and I got the short end of it for a while. Not sure why or how that happened, but it sorted out by the end of the year and I think that my workouts are starting to pay dividends now. It takes time and patience, not always easy, but I think I’m definitely ready to make my presence on the VHL.”
  3. That Dude of the London Unitedhas been quietly putting together a sensational tournament in the annual VHL Lottery Tournament - aka the Toilet Bowl spectacle for the teams that aren't good enough for the actual VHL postseason. Through the 10 lottery tournament games, That Dude has notched 8 goals and 7 assists for a grand total of 15 points in addition to picking up multiple Game First Star honors lately. What has changed? "I think my game is starting to click and the Leadership 101 classes that I've been taking appears to be working so far. Some of my comments to the team pre-game, during the game, and post-games seems to be crossing over quite well. They're responding to my messages, what I want to do and all that. You know, London and I decided to marry ourselves for the remainder of my career -- so basically I've got to make this my team. How can I do that? Get my folks to respond to what I need out of myself, out of them, and out of our cohesion, chemistry and all that. We had a down year last year, which sucked. It's not like we weren't competitive at all, but we just couldn't stand up against the big boys of the postseason. Next year has to be different and I've been inspired by this quote of sorts. If not you, then who? If not today, then when? So basically, yeah -- I think that this Lotto Tournament is hopefully a precursor of what we are capable of and we've just got to capitalize on this, hopefully win the Lotto Tournament, get a nice pretty drat pick and build upon our "postseason" success for next season. I'm heading into my fourth season, it's time to step up or shut up. And I don't intend on shutting up at all."
  4. 1.) Already busy with the school year starting (I work in the school system) so yeah, it's been crazy but good at the same time. 2.) To be quite honest, I don't pay attention lol. Unless somebody tags me in the LR on something that my player/team did - then I'll check it out. Other than that, just getting ready for next season already. 3.) I've been working on establishing myself as a leader of the squad, hopefully my charisma helps us play better. Might do a little investing into my penalty shot, you never know when you're gonna need it. Other than that, I should probably work on my physical attributes (skating/strength) to enhance my other abilities. 4.) Mainly my team's locker room. Otherwise I'm irrelevant around these here parts as my work commitments/RL stuff starts to build up and my sim time dwindles 5.) Interestingly enough, my little girl actually picked out my spirit animal out of a deck of spiritual animals talot cards -- it's an emu lol. 6.) That's a tough one upon first read. Then when I think about it- it's actually easy. I'd rather be unable to forget anything over forgetting all the wonderful moments/highlights that has taken place in my life.
  5. That Dude has just completed his third full regular season for the London United. However this is the first time that Dude won’t be participating in the postseason. “It was a tough road this year and we knew that coming into S79. Unfortunate really, but at the same time, it wasn’t like this came out of left field during the season if you know what I mean. We battled, even came within reaching distance of the 5th seed but we’ve struggled with consistency and defense all season long.” However Dude did finally show that significant jump in on rink performance, nearly posting career highs all across the board (goals, assists, points, hits, shots, shots blocked). “I think that statement is a bit misleading. Sure, I improved my stats but that was more so a byproduct of my expanded role compared to my previous two years. I’m glad that London is trusting me a bit more. now I’ve got to figure out how those tea and crumpets work around here…”
  6. That Dude recently made headlines (yeah right, who was paying attention) when he decided to sign a five-year contract offer from the London United. What is the significance of this? It virtually guaranteed that Dude, a third-year forward in the last of his three-year rookie contract deal, will remain with London for the remainder of his eight-year VHL career (only if he makes it that far, and only of London doesn't trade him away for an apparent upgrade). "London pulled the trigger on me in the S77 Draft. They could have easily gone with somebody else or traded the pick away for an apparent upgrade/other considerations, but the United organization wasted no time in adding me to their veteran-laden roster at the time. I truly appreciate that and it makes one feel wanted if you know what I mean. Then to commit to my development all those three years that we've been together. Sure, there was a period of time earlier this season where I was relegated to just the fourth-line center duties which sort of ticked me off. When we met with the front office, I wasted no time in sharing that thought and the organization immediately took care of it and ensured that I got more playing time and opportunities to contribute to the team success, which I know that I'm definitely capable of. Got straight back up to the second line in addition to holding on to my fourth line duties and my production has picked up. We're seemingly doing better ourselves as well, which is a welcome sign. So with all that said, I felt that I was ready to stay a little longer -- when the five-year deal materialized, that was something that I couldn't turn down as I've always envisioned myself as a loyal guy, a one-team kind of player unless something horribly went wrong. The organization wanted to build around me, which I greatly appreciated as well. So I'm looking forward to cementing my London legacy with a long list of achievements. Let's get it done London!"
  7. London United third year forward That Dude has been putting together a career year (in spite of it being only 2/3 way through S79 as I type this one up right now).... in all statistical categories except the +/- category. After remaining close toward the team lead in scoring, it appears that Dude has fallen off the pace, ranking fourth on the team in goals, points and fifth in assists. He also ranks second on the team in hits. That largely has to do with That Dude being relegated to the fourth line center duties although he's gotten opportunities on both the power play and penalty kill situations which has helped to keep his point-per-game pace alive. "We're starting to make a few more strides up the standings. While it isn't quite what I would personally prefer -- but we're in this together as a team and we simply have to do whatever it takes to help the team win. If that means me doing mopup duties or whatever, I'm perfectly okay with it. Our team still has a shot at the postseason and we've been slowly but steadily making up ground on Prague Phantoms for the fifth/final postseason spot. We definitely can do it, just got to keep on hustling on both ends of the rink and eat into our goal differential. As for myself -- I'm in a contract year, so I've got to hustle and really showcase my talent/skills to the best of my abilities. I'm practically playing for a job next season, every game from now onwards."
  8. 1. I think that all of us are starting to click together as an unit, which is a really nice feeling. Our potential has been there the whole time, we just needed to put two and two together. 2. I haven’t picked up any hardware in my agency’s time here. Hopefully I can snag one with That Dude. 3. I think that whatever we have been doing recently is working, so leave it as it is. 4. Probably a lame ass comedy film that flops in the box office/on streaming platforms ‘cause of the script writing and the unappealing ness of That Dude as the leading actor. 5. I’d go with having a second schlong. Would be pretty cool to see a threesome in action with my two phallus organs. Yeah, that was a weird answer. 6. I’d go with Flash’s speed. EZ breakaway goals all day long!
  9. That Dude and his London United teammates are trudging along this season -- they've accumulated just 31 points through the first 32 games of the season which isn't exactly what they are accustomed to over the last two seasons. But these United teammates aren't quite out of the postseason yet, finding themselves just five points out of the 4th/5th playoff ticket in the European Conference (currently held by Warsaw Predators and Prague Phantoms). "It hasn't been an easy year by all means. I've been saying this the last few weeks or so but we knew that we would need to battle and fight even harder this year than we have over the last two years. We have less starpower and the players are generally a little younger/less experienced. More of the load of the team has fallen on some individuals' shoulders, myself included. I've sort of taken on the role of the enforcer of the team this year, dishing out the most hits of all London folks. That's something that I've never envisioned myself doing -- but it was a necessity for the best of the team. Sure, that means me picking up more penalty minutes -- but if that shows our team my heart and willingness to lay it all out on the rink for my homies, then so be it. What I want to do more is to help our team win games. That's always been my main objective. It's been a long season, but we're all trying our best, battling along. Doing what my team management feels is the best for me in order to positively contribute."
  10. 1. I actually sort of enjoy these things and cry myself to sleep when there isn't one available in a particular week. Yeah, that's how much these pressers mean to me. 2. I think we sort of had to expect that kind of regression after the offseason we had. But the lack of offense is kind of disappointing and I play a large part in that. Got to step up my game. Maybe a shuffling of the lines is in order? Who knows, something could really hit pay dirt? 3. Chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. Yeah, we import that shit from America. 4. WAFFLES NO DOUBT 5. That's a fun question actually. I enjoyed GUTS - remember that shit when I was really young, had dreams and all that shit of being on the TV show myself. Also had the video game on Super NES platform... although I can't remember if I did ever beat the mountain. 6. The smell of freshly cut grass yard. Seriously, go try it out if you haven't done so or do not recall.
  11. London United third-year forward That Dude has been working on a breakout year from a statistical standpoint thus far. After posting a measly 29-point and 39-point campaign through his first two seasons on a veteran-loaded London team, London has opted to go younger this year. With that in mind, it has correlated to an increase in playing time/role responsibility for Dude -- who has responded well. That Dude is currently on pace for a point-plus per game average (7G, 14A through 19 G). On top of that, he's also recorded 84 hits to date (on pace for a 280+ hit season), which would more than double his previous career high. Speculations among irrelevant people in the league have gone on record saying That Dude is apparently on PEDs, or Performance Enhancing Drugs. "All I'm hearing is that haters are gonna hate. This is all just progression at work. I've been busting my ass off each and every single week since being drafted in the S77 Entry Draft. Sure, I'm not a monster earner or a donor like some of the other folks from my class but I get every single capped TPE as much as I can. I've been working on fine-tuning my game, the techniques and whatnot the last two seasons. This year, the team management and I've decided that it was time for me to get to work on my body in the gym. Doing different things with my workouts and what not... I just think that the dividends are starting to pay off right now. Nice to have that feeling you know, progressing showing itself. I fully expect to post career-highs all across the board this year, then improve upon myself with each and every passing season from now onwards. Am I taking PEDs? I will neither confirm nor deny that speculation. You want to know the truth? Go ahead and test me, b*tches."
  12. London United third-year forward That Dude chats on the team's practice rink with The Terrible Trivium and Hex Rose It's been an interesting career to say the very least. London United drafted That Dude in S77 at the 10th overall selection despite doing absolutely zero scouting on Dude at all whatsoever and Dude himself even saying pre-draft that he would refuse to play for any organization that did not reach out to him pre-draft. "Yeah, I know exactly what I said. London said that they did not even expect me to still be available at the 10th slot, so they had to jump on me. We hit it up right there post-draft and that helped soothe things over with me and my family. And um, I guess I'm still here today. Lucky for London." Through That Dude's first two seasons, he struggled to find playing time on a veteran-laden team and things were not easy at times. That Dude struggled to find personal successes when opportunities were limited. He shuffled time in between the third line and the second line, playing exclusively at the wing position as opposed to his natural center position. Even then, he was playing alongside veterans who dominated the puck and was the youngest player on the roster (Draft year wise) both of his first two years. "I only scored 29 and 39 points my first two years. Yeah, it was cool that we made it to the playoffs both of my first two years here in the VHL, but at the expense of my personal enjoyment and success if you know what I mean? I felt like it was Minnesota (Storm of the VHLM) all over again, me showing my talent only to get benched/shuffled to the lower lines 'cause of other folks like Brendan Telker who wanted more for himself. Here in London, it was folks like Lahtinen in my first year or uh, I forgot who last year but yeah you know where I'm going here." This year, That Dude finally has some S78 players on the roster -- winger Shane Lazeski and defenseman Sven Reikkinen. On top of that, there are 5 players from the S76 Draft Class (one year older than Dude) so That Dude is starting to feel like he is no longer the kid on the roster. Dude currently ranks second on the team in points (5G, 8A) and leads all United players in hits with 49 through 12 games, something that was missing from his game the first two seasons. "This year, I get the feeling that I'm starting to command more of the presence on the rink like a veteran does. It's a nice feeling to get that kind of respect amongst your peers. It's translated rather well over to my play on the ice, I'm starting to score and produce more plays. Leading the team in hits too. My plus-minus leaves a lot to be desired for, but I'm trying my damnded best. Somebody's got to become more vocal, be the leader on the team and I suppose if everybody's sort of standing around looking at each other -- I'll go ahead and take one for the team."
  13. 1. It's been a rough start without a doubt. None of us saw this coming, well maybe we sort of expected a step back but like this? Ouch. It's tough on some of us who had become accustomed to success the last two seasons, but that goes to show you that everything is earned here in this league... and maybe a little sim luck. We apparently don't have either yet this season. 2. The top two scorers this year has been Kevin King and myself. I think that we've sort of taken up the load as the first two line centers. General Zod has surprisingly been our leader in hits as well as shots blocked. The rest of us definitely need to pick up the slack if we're going to make up ground from this slow start. 3. Probably. It delays prospects being on the team because they'd rather play in the E amongst their peers instead of getting dominated in the VHL and bust their asses off the first few seasons before finally getting their turn. I'm okay with it because I've been through the cycle once myself in the past, so I know what to expect and just try to do my best every single week. 4. I'd love to see us upgrade somewhere. Either add a big name forward or defenseman who can really help enhance our quality of play through their leadership and whatnot. 5. Goat would be cool. They sure can clean up your yard for you pretty good, save some money on lawnmowing. 6. I'd have to say the piano is pretty cool. The old, big ass wooden ones that are impossibly heavy to lift. The worst? Maybe the harmonica, I dunno man haha.
  14. London United third year forward That Dude has finally been given the opportunity to showcase his talents in an expanded role. London has to make some difficult decisions this past off-season, offloading some of their seasoned veterans for younger assets. Naturally that means taking a step back (or two or three?) compared to their results from the past two seasons. “I have zero problems with this at all. We had a great two year run, finished high in the regular season standings however that did not correlate to any luck in the postseason. So I’d have to say I completely agree with the organization management’s decision to repivot and position itself for a separate run. That could have a higher reward compared to had we kept on trying with the previous core only to come up short in the postseason if you know what I mean? Also— on a personal note, that means I get more playing time and a better opportunity to showcase my abilities which you will not hear a single complaint out of me. It seems that the United coaches have finally given me a shot at center, playing the second line which I’m totally cool with. I look forward to a breakout season statistically wise and continue my elevation toward becoming the face of the franchise. Let’s get it done y’all guys!”
  15. 1.) I’m actually looking forward to it. My guy is most definitely ready to take the next step as I assume full autocracy of this team in my third season. Gonna expect my player to rank among the team leaders in a good number of stat categories. 2.) Turnover is inevitable for every professional sport team. We may have had a few more than the last two seasons, but that’s okay as long as your draft picks continue to develop accordingly. I’ve been doing so and once again, I look forward to becoming ‘The Man’ here in London. 3.) I believe depth is essential here especially as hockey is a team oriented game. You can’t just win with one or two lines of players. Gotta have guys for every situation, for every aspect of the game whether it be physical, offense or defense. My guy is getting there in all aspects, namely the physical aspect. 4.) Uh who? 5.) I like hockey how it is. But I’ll admit that playoffs hockey >>>> regular season. But if you throw a couple of mandatory shots into the mix, that would really make hockey a whole lot more entertaining with players’ increased impulsiveness / decreased inhibition in action! 6.) Not at all. I really like @Devise’s answer on this one, so I’ll just go with what he said.
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