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  1. WSJ continuing his hot play... and the team wins another one. Nice.
  2. 1) Where do you see the Rush ending up this year and why? We are aiming to become #1. We have some competition from Philadelphia and Minnesota, my old team, but I am fully confident in our abilities to play outstanding hockey together as a team and claim a very high seed, if not the first. Our first line is killer... we have A Red Guy manning the posts, we have an outstanding GM/AGM that are actively involved in our success. I don't see what could go wrong here unless the management decides to have a fire sale for no apparent reason. 2) What are your first impressions of Yukon? Yukon... reminds me of home. Geographically, we are very close in terms of how far up North on the Mother Earth. So you can imagine I was very pleasantly surprised when I came here. It's a nice feeling. I've actually made friends with a polar bear who keeps raiding our community's garbage cans. He's a sweet fella who just happens to be hungry. 3) Which team do you see having the biggest rivalry with? And player in specific? Teams that are up in the standings, that is going to be our biggest competition. We are going to want to take them out when we match up, and they are going to want to do the same against us. It should be a fun, competitive season. Players, I do not really care for creating rivalries with anybody because I know I am better than them. I am capable of outplaying them, so I would prefer to allow my play and my size do the talking. If you want to mess with me, you're going to get the whole package - enough said. 4) Is there a player you model your game after? Not really. I am focusing on what I would like to accomplish and that's to become of the finest D-Man in the VHL. I do not need to be copycatting anybody in order to improve my game - I will allow my game to naturally improvise and me rolling along with my play. Figuring out what areas to grow/improve with each passing box score. 5) If you have been drafted in the VHL, are you happy with how it went? If you haven't, where do you expect to go in next season's draft? I will be going into the S68 VHL Draft. I do not know where I will end up, but I don't think I really have any preference anyway. Or any unfavorable teams if that makes sense. Again, the more geographically North the team is, the more content I will be off the rink. I am also seeking out ample playing time from the get-go so that I can naturally contribute and improve my game as we go along. We'll see how things pan out. 6) What has to happen for you to consider this season a success? As a team or personally. The team must win a VHLM championship and make history. If we can do that, then we will view this season as a success. Anything other than that would be a disappointment. I just hope to continue my recent play because it feels like I've been doing a lot of things right. I just have to keep on improving and working in order to continue to stay one step ahead of everybody else.
  3. 56 - Helsinki Titans 57 - Toronto Legion 58 - Malmo Nighthawks 59 - New York Americans
  4. One of Yukon Rush’s premier defensemen has been a huge catalyst and driving force behind the team’s 4-1 start through 5 games this season. No, it isn’t Lance Flowers... but rather his defensive line mate Wolf Stansson, Jr. who’s been playing great in the early goings. Through the team’s first 5 games, the Icelandic freak defenseman has posted 3 goals and 6 assists while demonstrating heavy involvement on offense. This is a surprise considering WSJ was touted to be a heavy hitting, punishing defenseman with limited offense, not the other way around. It is clear that the work that WSJ has put into his game in the offseason back in his home country of Iceland has paid off this far. The Rush organization is looking like geniuses already for taking him in the third round and there might be some blips on VHL Scouts’ radar when they’re scouting out S68 draft prospects. It remains to be seen whether or not WSJ and the team can continue this production/success.
  5. jfc no patience smh D Jesse Wilson G Alexander Pepper @Dalton Wilcox your turn mate
  6. @Dalton Wilcox your turn, uphillmoss forgot to tag you.
  7. 1. What do you hope to accomplish this year with the Rush? With a full season ahead of me (compared to 10 games last year), I fully expect myself to be up there in hits, shots blocked, assists, hopefully with a positive +/- ratio. I also hope that our Rush team puts together a winning season and compete for the S67 VHLM Championship. That would be ideal. 2. Who would scouts compare you to in another hockey league? I don't really know hockey leagues too much as this is my first endeavor. But I'd probably compare myself to Mr. Cornholio from the GOMHL - the short defensemen racked up hits/shots blocked and was a decent puckhandler/offensive contributor in what was a nice, long career that unfortunately went unrecognized due to his loyalty to a cursed team. 3. Out of the 8 VHL teams, who would you like to be drafted by if you haven't been draft yet? I don't really pay attention to the VHL, so I do not really care where I end up. The more Northern the team is, the better. I dread these Southern, tropical cities that some of the VHLM organizations play in. 5. What type of player should we expect to see from you this season, and moving forward in your VHL career? For this season - I'm just gonna try and get my guy up to 200 ASAP. I will be focusing on a nice, well-rounded build that will help contribute the most to our Yukon Rush organization in their drive for a S67 VHLM Title. I look forward to the challenge and carrying this team alongside Lance Flowers and Frans Ellers, three of the top-four rated S68 prospects. But in the long-term run, VHL-wise, I want to build a solid, aggressive checking defensive defenseman who can contribute positively on offense/PP situations. 1b. What do you think about the VHL during your time in the league? I'm fairly new to the VHL although it seems like I was here 60+ seasons ago, but it was probably for a short time as I don't really recall this brief tenure. But yeah, I think that the VHL is a really nice, well-run system. Everything looks good and I really like the VHL Portal compared to the SBA/EFL electronic updating system. But it looks like there's a significant amount of members here and a lot of active, lively discussions here (i.e. the TPE Inflation article) that you don't find in the two other sister leagues too often. I'm still fairly new and trying to assimilate myself a little bit here, so we'll see how that goes. 5b. Where do you see yourself in 5 VHL seasons? In 5 VHL seasons, I'd hope to see myself as one of the premier defensemen in the league and somebody that the opposing forwards dread having to go up against because of my style of play and punishing hits. First line status would be my goal and I intend on accomplishing this. I made it all the way up to Minnesota's first line last year in a span of 10 games, I think I can do the same here in Yukon and in the VHL.
  8. Wolf Stansson, Jr. was drafted #25 overall in the S67 VHLM Dispersal Draft (3rd Round, 3rd Pick). That means that all eleven teams passed up on him in the first two rounds (whatever amount of picks they had) -- including the incumbent Minnesota Storm who saw first hand his development through the final stretch run of S66. WSJ was not too happy about this, but he has moved on from this personal setback and has made it so that he is determined to prove everybody else wrong for passing up on him. So, about his new team, the Yukon Rush... WSJ had to look up where Yukon was and was very relieved to find out that Yukon is still in the North. Actually it's almost as North as Iceland itself, so that's a big relief for WSJ. So his one-year stay in the VHLM will have half of his season being spent in the great North with periodic trips to southern, warm, tropic cities - which is a big help to WSJ's transition to the VHL. "I am glad that i will be playing with Lance Flowers, a strong defenseman and a fellow S68 Draft Classmate of mine. I will be working closely with him to pick his brains and all that since he has more experience in the system compared to me obviously. I am also excited to play with Frans Eller, another great forward who is a part of the S68 Draft group. Justin Rushmore seems like another good guy too - if all four of us can continue our development and eventually max out, I can see great things from our group, no doubt about it. I look forward to bringing greatness to the Rush organization and make them proud of picking me." Stansson Jr. projects to play significant minutes on the first line of defense with Lance Flowers as well as earning significant minutes on PP, PK among others. It will be interesting to see how WSJ's first and lone full VHLM career transpires.