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  1. The London United had its struggles throughout the first half of the regular season despite a top-end talent type of roster. The problem appeared to lie within the team's depth as well as its offense not clicking on all cylinders like anticipated in the preseason. Through 53 games (with approximately 2/3 games in hand over everybody else), London has only scored 185 goals, more than 40 short of the league leading Warsaw Predators. However London's defense has proved to be the most stingiest, only yielding 146 goals, 11 fewer than the very same Predators team. In these two teams' most recent ma
  2. 1. I think it would have been interesting to see how That Dude and his Minnesota Storm won last year’s VHLM semifinals against the Mexico City Kings. Surely we could have a chance against the Houston Bulls and who knows. We might have won it all 2. I think we have faith in most of our roster. A little more depth on defense certainly would have helped out a whole bunch but it is what it is and we’ve got to make the best out of it as a team effort. 3. Believe it or not, I actually haven’t listened to music in a bit. Guess I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the family, house
  3. In a different lens compared to what I've been doing lately with random ramblings of That Dude's rookie year with the London United of the VHL organization -- we'll check out what That Dude has been doing within the capital of England outside the ice rink. He has been volunteering a part of his free time at the Blanche Nevile School for Deaf Children, located in London. This school has been in existence since 1895, 126 years of service for Deaf children in the city of London and its neighboring municipals. That Dude has been supporting the school's extracurricular / recreational activities and
  4. THAT DUDE - ROOKIE C That Dude unexpectedly fell to the London United in the S77 VHL Entry Draft at #10 overall despite being a Top-5 caliber TPE player out of the S77 Draft Pool. Nonetheless, this was an unexpected development in That Dude's journey. After demonstrating outstanding play through stretches in S76 for the Minnesota Storm, That Dude was restricted toward the tail end of the year as well as the postseason, which may have something to do with his draft stock plummeting as well as positional need of several teams ahead of London. That Dude arrived in London as the lone r
  5. After a red-hot start in London United rookie center/winger That Dude’s first few games, he’s gone on a horribly bad drought. Then there are games where he did show some promise and picked up points again, only to dry up once again the last five games or so. “I’ll be the first to admit that it has been frustrating. I clearly feel that I am capable of more. Is it my teammates? Or the coaching staff? One thing I know for sure, and that’s it’s not myself. I expected more out of my stay in Minnesota last season. That’s old news. Playing alongside some boba tide studs like Maiko
  6. London United rookie That Dude sensationalized everybody (ha, not really) with his play in the first few games of the young VHL S77, scoring goals left and right. It’s safe to assume that he has come back down to Earth since. “My line mates are not giving me the puck enough! They were just scared of my bright, shiny star and decided they wanted one for themselves too. Crazy how things work in life sometimes. You’d think that you want to see a young kid succeed right? But not at your own expense though, that would be too much and make you look bad, right? Our team has been a
  7. 1,) folks in the locker room have been saying that we have the talent but not the chemistry. That kinda makes sense to me in a way.... we just have to learn to play with each other in a way that somehow pleases the sim engine. 2.) we have the star power and the goaltending to back up our claim for a postseason run this year. Prague is maybe the only other team I’m gauging because I monitored my fellow countryman Wolf Stansson Jr so it’s been nice to see this franchise eventually turn the corner? 3.) Big Ben. Or one of the Queen’s guard you know? Those guards that are not su
  8. 1.) I don’t worry about expectations. I just focus on whether or not our team is able to execute. If we can do all that the coach is asking of us then we can do some great things this season. 2.) I’m new to the team so I don’t have any history content. So let’s say... all of them? 3.) I don’t have anybody that I hate or hold a grudge at the moment. But I do try to keep track of my fellow draft mates’ progress. 4.) My guy is new so he is still getting the hang of our London beat writers. I hope that folks will like him. 5.) I think 20 pounds. I’m a cash
  9. The S77 #10 overall pick That Dude landed on a team that would soon enough load itself and become a strong title contender. So playing time would be tough for That Dude to find against seasoned players. However That Dude didn’t take long to show the team that he was capable of playing. in the London United’s season opener against Helsinki Titans, That Dude scored less than eight minutes into the game, beating out Helsinki goaltender Zamboni Driver. “I was an undervalued player in the draft and that’s going to stick with me for a long while. Naturally I’d like to
  10. 1.) It is rather unfortunate that somebody has to get traded - but it looks like we got the better end of that trade. Any time you get a premier player, it's always a good one. Should get us into the playoffs this year. 2.) Playoffs, baby. We gotta go far and I'll try my best to help the team out this year. 3.) Yesterday I had leftover pasta. So I'm hoping for something fresh this year. Maybe Tacos? 4.) I wanted to become a professional athlete. I think it's safe to say that I fell short of that goal, but working in the school athletic department is kinda c
  11. That Dude was anxiously anticipating this moment, the day that he gets drafted up to the VHL. It happens only once in every player's career and it's kinda a big deal when you think about it. Unlike the M Draft where high-TPE inactives can sometimes muddy up the first round over the up-and-coming prospects, the VHL Draft is the pure measuring stick of a prospect's standing amongst his class mates. In many people's mock drafts, That Dude was slotted in around the middle of the 1st round with many linking him to the Toronto Legion at #6. The Draft Day came. "I've had talks with sever
  12. Saddens me that @gorlab no longer remembers me :’( #NeverForgotYou
  13. 1.) In a small way, yes. Kinda makes it feel like it was sort of meant to be and there was nothing we could have done otherwise. But the sweep still stings though. 2.) Yes? I never thought Mexico City would win it all this year, thought it was Houston’s to lose and we’d be the one to steal it away. 3.) I’m on Europe with Idaho and Atreides so my vote goes to us. 4.) Not sure about the World Cup as I haven’t gotten to that level yet. But go Europe? 5.) Yessir I was! Big honor. After being FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY the last time, I’m glad to get m
  14. Icelandic center That Dude is now representing only himself as he no longer has any active ties to the Minnesota Storm of the VHLM. It’s been a week since the Storm’s season ended in disappointing fashion with a semifinal sweep against the (eventual champions) Mexico City Kings. That Dude’s mindset has shifted toward preparing himself for the upcoming Draft. A number of teams have contacted That Dude with informational interviews to date. ”I am enjoying this experience. It only happens once in your entire life, the draft process. You get a chance to talk to a wide variety
  15. Great write up with good logic for all of your predictions— let’s see how accurate you are! appreciate the tag too