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  2. +6 sba
  3. Prague's first-line defenseman Wolf Stansson, Jr., playing out his fourth year with the franchise, has not seen a start as strong as this season. Last season's start was solid, but Prague never found themselves in first place in the entire league. This year, the Phantoms find themselves in this unique position. Is it good? Is it bad? Only time will tell, but Wolf had some words to share. "I think that we've been playing really awesome so far. I mean, we're just playing really solid from top to bottom, first line through the fourth line, our power play and penalty killing units have been solid. 7-2-1 through the first ten games is pretty cool, but I still think we could have been 8-1-1 if not for that 1-0 fluke loss against HC Davos. But you lose some games you should have won, you win some games that you should have lost. You just take each game, one game at a time and hope you get the best result each time. We've been keeping up with the team leaders in goals, minimizing the goals allowed and posted the best goal differential thus far - that's the ideal formula for success. I really hope that we can keep up this stellar play and really assert ourselves as legitimate this season. We all know that it is a season-long process and we have to keep on putting in the work. It's time that the VHL woke up and start to recognize us. It's been a process and I think it's a good time as any to make our impression upon the league and hopefully bring home the Cup at the end of this season. Send our goaltender Brick Wahl and veteran forward Joel Ylonen off properly."
  4. 1. If you had to lace up using any color laces what color would it can't pick white? (please explain why.) I would choose pink. It's sort of become our team color for this year… and it seems to be working out rather well for us. After all, pink is the new black as you surely should be aware of by now. 2. Would you rather be a MMA champion or be a WWE star ? I grew up during the WWF Attitude Era and oh man, those were the good old days. Shit was real and people bought into the hype. While WWE isn't quite the same nowadays, I'd rather that than getting the shit beaten out of me in the MMA. 3. Would you go streaking across the rink during a home game for 80 million dollars knowing there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll get arrested for indecent exposure and possible fired (depends on if @diamond_ace is feeling merciful)? I totally would. Prague isn't paying me too much, so I'd rather take the gamble on a $80M wager. If the worst case happens, then I know that Jason Glasser will bait me out cause he needs my ass on defense. 4. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done with teammates ? I believe it was back when we were doing the train line shot challenge… where you had to line up five different shot glasses with five different liquors - then you just chugged right along the line and finish them all within 30 seconds. Fair to say that we were all buzzed as fuck by the end of our respective challenges. Good times. 5. If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be? I'd love to have an unlimited storage of pizzas. Man cannot get enough of pizzas and I probably could eat this everyday if possible. Coupled with unlimited storage, I'd live happily ever afterwards. 6.) If you had to become an inanimate object for a year, what object would you choose to be? The mirror in Prague's LR. Just to be able to observe and reflect everybody's likeness for a year, that's something I would sign up for in an instant.
  5. G Brick Wahl F Mikko Aaltonen All done, your turn @Peace
  6. +6 SBA
  7. The final few seconds ticked off the game clock and it was all over. One team erupted in celebration while the other team was left devastated. The scoreboard read - World 2, Nordic 1 Team Nordic Defenseman Wolf Stansson, Jr. was among those hit the hardest by the loss. "We played for Team Scandinavia in the S68 World Cup -- we got eliminated in the quarterfinals. Against Team World no less. Our team was really young, sort of up-and-coming if you know what I mean. But we knew that our future was bright since we were practically returning everybody… and we'd be serious competitors at the S70 World Cup. This was what our team management identified in our closing meetings." Team Nordic finished the 10-game round robin with a second-place finish, just one point behind Team World. If all went right, Nordic would be getting their revenge against Team World in the Finals. Both World & Nordic Teams squeaked out with 1-0 victories in the semifinals against Western Europe and Mercenaries respectively. This revenge tour would have the perfect storybook ending if Nordic could get over the final hump. "World got out to a nice 2-0 lead in the first period. One on a bad penalty, then the second one was just a good one. We didn't give up, and we battled back to cut the deficit in half. But man, that World goaltender [Michael Johnson] was on fire. We sent a lot of shots his ways and he just saved all of them. Deflected a couple, and we just couldn't find the back of the net. I'm kinda bummed as we were dedicating this WC run to Frederik Elmebeck and we couldn't get it done. We're losing some guys, so I don't know if we'll be back in this position for the next World Cup."
  8. 1. What part of your game are you working on the most currently? I've been working on my footwork, leg strength and plyometrics. I think the next step in my game is to really be a strong skater [I think I am okay with where I am after all my offseason work] and maybe try to round out my game - add a little to my puck handling, passing, maybe checking? I'll have to consult with our coaches on that one. 2. Fizzlebeef was our top scorer last year, any predictions on who takes it in S71? I think it's going to be a good race between Fizzlebeef and Willie Dredge. Dredge has really put in the work on his scoring lately so I expect him to be a sniper this upcoming season. Now that I think about it, I should work on my passing to better feed them. 3. What role do you hope to fill on this year's roster? I was a first-liner my first two years before being relegated to the second line last season. I ended up posting a career-high in goals and posted an positive plus/minus rating. The plus/minus rating was huge for me as that's always been my benchmark of how good I am playing/contributing to the team. I hope to improve upon that plus/minus rating and maybe try to be a more positive influence on both ends of the rink. 4. What are the odds this team can make the playoffs for a 2nd year in a row? We will. No doubt about it. 5. Who is our breakout candidate of the year? Willie Dredge for sure. He's kind of been playing under the radar his first three years with me -- but I can see that he's definitely ready to take the next step in his game. I hope that we'll be playing on the same line so I can make a concentrated effort to feed him. 6. How do you feel about your team's offseason moves this year? We kept mostly everybody and added Joel Ylonen, a veteran forward. We definitely needed him as he'll contribute on both ends of the rink. I look forward to us taking another step forward as a team this year and really try to make some noise.
  9. bummer. we couldnt get it done for @Elmebeck
  10. 1. What do you think about the development over the last couple of seasons by the Prague Phantoms? I think that we've been doing a nice job in this area lately. There's a solid group of guys putting in the work every week, and there's others that have been doing a little. Anything counts in the long-term picture. We were active in the free agency market last offseason, I'm not sure about this season - but I think we need to continue to take the next step upwards. 2. After an early exit to Moscow, where can the team improve upon last year? Going into our fourth season, mostly intact, I think it's time for us to step things up and seriously compete. We started strong last year, only to fade down the second half. This time, we know what success tastes like and the amount of work necessary to maintain this high level of play. It's up to us if we can do this or not. I really hope we do. 3. Do you think the team is too young? Should we attempt to mix it up by acquiring some veterans in return for some young talent? Last offseason, we decided to acquire two veterans and these guys [Roll Fizzlebeef and Brick Wahls] helped out big time. I'm not sure if we should give up a little more of our future in order to compete in the present. If we can maintain our core, continue to improve, and become better collectively as an unit - don't shake things up too much. 4. IF we don't make playoffs this upcoming season, what is the plans for your player? To be honest - I don't know. I'm at the point where I am starting to wonder what else I can continue to work on with my player. I've been saving up all my contract moneys for regression, so yeah. We made it to the playoffs in our third year. We absolutely cannot take a step back at this point. We have to strive to move forward and try to make it to the second round at the very least. The Cup is what we want and we have to get it before our window closes on us. 5. How important is player chemistry to you, do you need to get along with teammates off the ice to succeed? I think that player chemistry is important. It might not be the most important thing -- talent and continuous improvement is -- but it certainly helps out if you are enjoying your Discord LR. Sometimes winning or a long, quiet offseason can put a strain on the LR. We were quiet for a bit -- but I enjoy our LR, and the addition of new blood, namely Doomsday, has been wonderful. I look forward to another season of the friendly banter. 6. What's your opinion on the chemistry of the Prague Phantoms? See above. We're doing good in terms of chemistry. Just have to get some practice time in with the rookies, see where we stand this season. Try to shake up the lineup for the betterment of the team as a whole. At this point, we're all-in for the team.