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  1. S: Craig McTavish S: Linus Seerings G: Pablo Roland No team in particular but I guess Ottawa (VHLM)
  2. Jacob Scott Look for defenseman Jacob Scott to be diving into the action of the Victory Hockey League in upcoming seasons. Don’t underestimate the young eighteen-year-old out of Connecticut simply because of his size. Standing at a measly 5’11” and just over 200 pounds, Scott should not be counted out. Born in New England, Jacob Scott started playing hockey at the age of eleven. For three years he played in a travel team at his local hockey rink. Beginning in high school, Scott joined a combined school team playing games around the state. It was at this time he began to play a defensive position, after exclusively playing as a winger when he was younger. After graduating from high school, Scott began looking exclusively for a future in hockey. He was soon signed to the Las Vegas Aces of the VHLM. After playing about a dozen games with them, he will be available in the S67 VHLM draft. Strengths: Speed: Jacob Scott prides himself on being a fast player despite his small frame. His speed allows him to race back on a backcheck if he is ever caught up in the offensive zone, and it also gives him the option to join the rush up ice to create scoring opportunities. He is very versatile on the ice because of his quik movement. Reliability: Scott is able to take chances and know that they have a good probability of working out. He can, reliably, make a simple defensive zone break out without creating turnovers that turn into scoring opportunities for the opponent. He consistently has a good balance between safe plays and risky decisions to move the puck. Defensive Awareness: Despite leaning more towards the offensive side of his position, Scott will always ensure that he is not leaving his partner out to dry in an odd man rush. He knows where the puck is going and what to do in that situation to regain possession. His quik-thinking in the defensive zone will help prevent goals against. Weaknesses: Discipline: Scott has the tendency to play the puck carrier below the goal line, which can lead to an errant stick and a minor penalty. This lapse in judgement can be costly to the team since he can rack up these penalty minutes. Scott will need to stop getting stick infractions if he wants to be on the ice more to help his team. Scoring: Since he is a defenseman, Scott is not supposed to score for the team, but usually a defenseman will have an odd goal here or there. However, since taking up the position, Scott has never focused on scoring, thus leading to missed opportunities in a game. He is a pass-first type of player and will always be focused on assisting on goals rather than actually scoring them. Size: Although it is not something that he can change, Scott manages to use his body as much as possible. In the defensive zone, he will try to block shots despite the risk of injuries. However, he can easily be knocked down by a taller and bigger player if he is carrying the puck. Scott needs to have open ice to safely make any plays for his team.
  3. Scott Stoked for the Upcoming VHLM Draft Jacob Scott, a S68 prospect, is expected to be drafted into the VHLM on Tuesday night. And while all the general managers are hard at work preparing for tomorrow, Scott took a much-needed vacation to visit family back home. After a few extra practice sessions while still in Vegas after finishing off his shortened season with the Aces, Scott managed to fly back to New England for a few days to visit with his family for the first time since being signed. When asked about his vacation interfering with any training for the draft, Scott stated that he practiced as much as possible and will hopefully be using the few games he played to suffice for any “previous work experience.” After hearing the results of the draft Tuesday, Jacob Scott plans on flying out to Chicago for a day before making another flight to his team’s city. Find out where Jacob Scott will be drafted tomorrow night at the VHLM Draft.
  4. 1. Where are you and what are you doing? Just returned home after finishing some extra training in Las Vegas. Will be with my family for tomorrow's VHLM Draft. 3. What is your greatest fear? I hate water. Was not a fan of pond hockey when I was young. 5. How would you like to be remembered? I want to be remembered as a reliable defenseman, who was able to contribute for the team both offensively and defensively. 6. What is your worst trait? Patience has always been a struggle for me. 7. What's the best meal you ever had? I had this great salad in Halifax. The restaurant menu changes though, so the next time I went, they didn't serve it. 8. If you could fly anywhere in the world right now where would you go? Probably somewhere outside of North America, maybe Europe or something.
  5. Thanks to those for giving me some advice on my last one. I felt good about this until I made the text in the top left.
  6. 1. I wasn't surprised with the results, but I did think that Halifax would have made it to the finals (and also kind of hoping). 2. Bruins. It only took a week to get over the disappointment. 3. I think I'll probably be a mid to late round pick. 4. I absolutely agree with all the choices for the awards. Not sure about any additional ones though. Maybe something for specific stats. 5. The easy access to help from other members is very useful to me. 6. Three slices of bacon.
  7. This is the first graphic I've made. Hopefully it's okay.
  8. 1. I think Philadelphia will go the distance and take it all. They were dominant all season. It makes sense they would keep it up in the postseason. 2. I think I would choose to keep either the yellow or the green, but not both. Add some other color that would look good. 3. I think staying in the VHLM helps simply because it allows a player to build their skills before facing the best players out there. 4. I grew up in New England, so let's just say it was not the ending I had wanted. However, it was good to see the Blues, who had been at the bottom of the standings, make their way to the top. As for next year, I just don't yet. Really anything could happen with trades and signings during the offseason, so it's really tough to gauge. 5. I think I might have tried to focus on one skill at a time rather than trying to spread out my TPE throughout. 6. I think it'd be fun to be in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Not for too long though, but maybe a week.