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  1. Deathwalker: Nighthawker Blog #3 My Rookie Experience Hallo, Malmo fans everywhere! Many of you have been clamoring for another blog post before I leave for the World Juniors where I go to play for Team Europe for the second straight tournament. So, I will give you what you wish for. I’ll give you my thoughts on my rookie season in the VHL with the Malmo Nighthawks: Following a fine season with the Mississauga Hounds in S76, I was chomping at the bit to play in the VHL for S77. Aside from my chagrin at not being drafted in the Top-10, I was thrilled at
  2. Malmo power forward Druss Deathwalker who represents Scotland internationally, was thrilled to receive the phone call from WJC Team Europe GM @N0HBDY to let him know he’d been selected to the defending gold medalists again to go for a repeat. “I was grinning from ear to ear,” Deathwalker posted on social media later that day. “So many of the S77 top draftees are there. We have a great team, I’m so looking forward to this tournament. It’s an honor to be selected for consecutive years! Aye, it’ll be a grand time. Half my hit list will be there. I better keep an eye out for that whiny
  3. Going for a repeat EU Boys! Let's go get that gold! Assuming @Bojovnik doesn't take my head off first!
  4. Congrats on a great season, @Seabass! Looking forward to see where you end up in the draft, buddy!
  5. You can edit it and just add the tags at the bottom. I'll even help you get the tags if you want.
  6. Once again, head historian @Victor dabbles in facts, stats, and record books and brings our attention to more VHL records that have fallen to newer blood. These are great little snippets that keep the league alive and give future stars aspirations of new records to break. Clean, concise, and cordial. Always the professional, Victor once again delivers. Review: 10/10 Love this stuff!! Great job! Thanks for keeping the historical archives of the VHL straightened out! Congrats @Beketov and @zepheter
  7. This was a fun idea and was extremely well executed with team logos, colors, an easy to read format and hidden contents! As part of the Nighthawks team to lead the league in shootout wins (6), this was enjoyable to relive some of those games. I would suggest adding player tags to get more exposure and to recognize the great performances you highlighted. Overall, though, this was a beauty! Awesome job @16z! This should become a seasonal article. Review: 10/10
  8. S77 Team Awards Announcing the S77 Malmo Nighthawks Team Awards as voted by the players and management. Condor Adrienne Award (Best Defenseman) Viktor Alexei Kamenov The lanky Russian was nothing short of amazing for the Nighthawks in his fifth season with the team. He was potent on both ends of the rink setting career-highs in assists (49), points (68), shots (233), and blocked shots (223 – which led the VHL!). He was second on the team in scoring and led the team in power play goals (12) and was second in power play points (31) even after Chris
  9. Congrats Bears! Another terrific run! Nice to see @FrostBeard get a Cup after leaving Malmo.
  10. Malmo Nighthawks Press Conference Answer all 6 questions for 2 TPE for the Week ending in 5/9 -------------------- 1. Well, after an unsuccessful play-in round, it the off-season now for Malmo. What will be your player's focus this off-season (skill, free agency, retirement, etc.)? 2. What will be the Malmo's greatest need that should be addressed in the off-season? 3. We likely have two centers graduating to the Nighthawks next season, Bradley Senjo @Senjo1706 and The great @Jake Sumner. What is your advise to them as they begin their journey in
  11. Congrats to Miami. I feel for my former Hounds mates though.
  12. Happy Birthday, @Quik! And Happy Un-Birthday to the rest of us!