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  1. 1) It was a fun season playing with a new group of teammates and @Zetterberg and @tcookie did a great job trying make us competitive and cohesive. Up until the end the games mattered which was exciting! Personally, I pretty much accomplished my goals for the season and it was a great experience! 2) I'm hoping to be drafted and then up in the big league! Probably won't be back but that was the plan all along. 3) It's hard to bet against Houston. 4) I'll be getting stronger and working on all aspects of my game. Maybe take a trip somewhere. 5) Real
  2. Don't know how I missed this! Cheers, @Doomsday! At least you guys have a shot this year!
  3. In a season where it was known that there were a few high-octane teams at the top of the VHLM and then everyone else, the rebuilding Mississauga Hounds were holding on to a playoff spot until about the last quarter of the season when the wheels came off. They ended the season with an eight-game losing streak before beating the top two teams in the league to finish off the season. Power forward Druss Deathwalker capped off his solid season with seven points in those last two wins which brought his totals to 32 goals and 46 assists for 78 points good for 2nd on the Hounds and 7th among league ri
  4. Pleasure sharing a locker room and the ice with you @Seabass! Good luck with your new player. Hope we get the chance to be teammates again. #Phamily
  5. You did a heck a job with Calgary, @Jubis. Looking forward to still seeing you around. Much respect!
  6. Good luck with your player @Seany! Have fun!
  7. Good luck, @enigmatic! Not that you need it. You've already shutout my Hounds.
  8. Good luck with your new player @DarkSpyro! Cool name.
  9. Name: Druss Deathwalker Position: Right Wing Height: 6’ 7” Weight: 250 lbs. Nationality: Drenai/Scotland Previous Team: Aberdeen Lynx, Scottish Hockey League Having never played hockey in his childhood or adolescence, but possessing a huge frame combined with immense strength and athleticism, Druss Deathwalker, at the tender age of 25, was looking for an outlet to forget his violent and sorrowful past. As a walk-on, albeit a very intimidating one at that, Deathwalker was given a shot by the Aberdeen Lynx in the Scottish Hockey League to make the final roster spot just before the 2
  10. The Journey of Druss Deathwalker I never looked to be a hockey player but this is my story. And it's not just a hockey story - it's a story about finding a place to belong. After fighting many battles and suffering personal loss during the first 25 years of my life, I headed into the northern mountains looking for solitude and a place to clear my head. I reflected on my childhood and my life thus far. Born the son of poor but proud parents in a forest village and growing to be a strapping young lad, I naturally was trained to be a woodcutter like my father and became very proficien
  11. Great write-up, @Owen Taylor! Glad to have you on the Hounds!