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    animal74 reacted to SlapshotDragon for a status update, I already said this in the locker room but man, it has been fun being a Wrangler. All   
    I already said this in the locker room but man, it has been fun being a Wrangler. All of you are such awesome and welcoming people and truly made the experience so awesome. @Ricer13, @Jubis, you two were there from the beginning. I still remember when Jubis wasn't a GM and I spent my year as a backup. Then when I finally got the starting role, you two and everyone else on the team were so kind and patient, keeping the locker room positive. You two were definitely the biggest leaders of this team during my tenure, with @Patrik Tallinder joining in the leadership later in my player's career. To all three of you, your presence in the locker room as well as your excellent players were a big part of this team and it's turnaround. Without you guys and the rest of the Wranglers in the earlier days, I don't think we'd have the great locker room we have now. Special shoutout to Rylan Peace, who brought me in to Saskatoon on that historic run. While you weren't a Wrangler, you definitely played a part in how I made Laffy. @Big Macand @animal74, while we were teammates and heck, even when we weren't, it was always fun to play along and against you guys. @ROOKIE745 and @DarkSpyro, you two were great rivals and helped motivate me to push forward with Laffy despite early struggles. Our matchups were legendary and the respect we had for each other was admirable. Seriously, thank you two for everything, thank you for being such great competitors. To the Wranglers of the future and our young guns, kick ass next season and carry the torch higher than we ever did. Asky, it's your time to shine, we all believe in you. For one last time as "Jacques Lafontaine", thank you.
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