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  1. The Mississauga Hounds of the VHLM have had a less than stellar start to the s67 regular season. They have come out the victor in just one of the five games they’ve played so far, being completely shutout in two of them. We caught up with Mississauga’s top line right winger, Jaxon Walker, on what he thought about the Hounds season thus far. VHL.com- “Glad to have you, Jaxon… The Hounds have had a tough time right out of the gate this season, how do you guys keep your heads up moving forward?” Walker- “Well honestly I think we kind of knew going into it. We were prepared for this sort of outcome from the start and that's made it easier to accept it and move on. We know what we are up against, top teams with top talent, but I don’t think we’re too far away from being able to contend with them. The right piece or tweak is all it takes for a team to find their footing and I’m confident we can trend in the right direction, so what if it takes a season or so.” VHL.com- “On the bright side of things, you guys recently recorded your first win of the season against Mexico City. You scored your first VHLM career goal, the game winning goal on the power play… take us through that moment.” Walker- “Oh man, it was exciting to say the least. We saw a chance to put the game away on the power play and we went for it. We had a good mindset going into it, get the puck to the net and win some battles in front. I just happen to corral a wild rebound off the chance from Jeff and fired it in. From there we knew we could let off the gas a bit and just try to settle things down. Even though the Kings chipped one in later in the third we were able to fend them off until the horn sounded.” VHL.com- “Thanks for coming Jaxon, looking forward to the rest of the season.” Walker- “Thanks for having me.”
  2. first time i worked on a sig in parts... i think i did a little too much cause of it.
  3. 1. you guys have been welcoming so of course! plus every other team ive been a part of in other leagues has a red color scheme, nice to work with a different color for a change haha. 2. just stick with it basically. earn enough to be a decent supporting role on the team. 3. one of them, thats for sure. havent looked too much in to the other rosters or whatnot but... finishing in the top half would be nice. 4. maybe that one guy (...bird?) i know could draft me in NY if hes not too hammered. 5. ottawa. like to keep my enemies close. 6. dont worry, ill be just as disappointed with my player as you guys are.
  4. 1. sure. cant say i had a real preference as it was but they were welcoming so i cant complain. 2. surprised is more like it. im more of a support role but we will see how things go. 3. with a SK first mentality, i want high ST to be able to maintain possession. 4. i will always rep my team first so Hounds it is. 5. completely fine with it. just happy to be on a team. 6. of course. love or hate boston sports i dont think anyone can deny its always been a decent sports city so why not? nothing id push for but id back it for sure. 7. i have no idea to be honest, ill have to try and gauge that come preseason. 8. yes. 9. when hes not being a dumbass. wouldnt say hes a favorite though. 10. just grind it out really. stick with it and deal with things as they come at me. thats about all you can do honestly. @hedgehog337
  5. Jaxon Walker is the Mississauga Hounds' s67 VHLM Dispersal Draft 5th round, 46th overall, pick. For an average sized guy, the young Massachusetts native relies on his strength and positioning out on the ice to help support his teammates in any way he can. We caught up with Walker after the draft to get his thoughts on this very special day. He didn't have much to say as he seemed a little overwhelmed. "Lots of new faces." he said as he scanned around the room. We will be keeping a close eye on him as the days count down until the Hounds take the ice for the s67 VHLM regular season.
  6. With the 46th pick, in the 5th round, the Mississauga Hounds select: RW- Jaxon Walker ask away.