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  1. Just need a time! Some personal reasons! I will be back but Alex not...
  2. I would love to apply! I know I'm not the best candidate. I tried,maybe I get lucky.. idk But I'm ready to take any team
  3. Moscow Toronto Calgary Helsinki
  4. Happy birthday VHL! You guys doing amazing job! Keep it up! 😉F

  5. Markoovskyz


    After what u did I just can't leave all this! This is so amazing! Keep it up you too!
  6. I love you! Marry me!

    1. Jubo07


      Haha, how about just take it easy on us Reapers!

    2. Markoovskyz


      We have a deal! ☝️

  7. Markoovskyz


    Man, I wish one day I will be good at photoshop as u and will make one special for you!❤ Thank you sm!😪❤❤
  8. Markoovskyz


    yoooooooo, whaaat? Why? This is so fire!🔥🔥🔥 man i don't have a words to say.. why? Maybe it's because u saw my last graphic and u understand how i suck at photoshop 😂
  9. soo hi, still learning how this all work.. I don't have much time last days. It's sucks I know and yeahh.. this really sucks. And also learning how to make the text better but I guess this is my best. lol. Sorry, this without logo.. I'm a noob...
  10. F-Carrie Oakey F- Taligater D- Baron Von Sorf D- Vedro Pomoev G- Just Alex G- Nunchaki ( idk it's just random )
  11. Oh sorry didn't know that,my bad
  12. About Europe: Switzerland ( Bern ) Germany ( Berlin ) I think it would be cool see teams from there. Like I said before thats only my thoughts