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  1. Hey there! If you have any question about the league, feel free to ask them here or in Discord (or PM me if you want )
  2. I've done these awards for I think 5 seasons in a row now, maybe more, and so its weird sitting on the sidelines. But that just goes to show change can be a good thing; fantastic work my friend @fromtheinside. Congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved, and I wish you the best of luck in your careers moving forward!
  3. Yeah I asked that in the past, but didn't say it this time; I'm happy to hear this was preferred and worked out well
  4. Doubles Week 1 Mil Cash 5 Uncapped TPE Transaction ID: 20494132377112923
  5. Gg all. That was certainly a TT game
  6. Pty, there is no evidence that I am TT. Literally you don't have a single scrap of evidence, other than claiming to have been targeted by a seance, and even then the "evidence" is assuming ricer, a known evil, was caught making a mistake and not laying a trap." Btw I guess typing out the chat log is ok, but you should only do things that could theoretically be faked, if that makes sense. Like taking a screenshot would be against the rules, but typing out the logs like you did is fine. You keep saying that I only shot two neutrals as if I knew they were guaranteed neutr
  7. Well I spent the last hour or so on here instead of working, so I should probably get back to that . If things change can someone ping me on discord tbh? idk if that is against the rules but I'd rather not come back to this without time to respond.
  8. He is actually right technically, the plan was for no one to visit and then we lynch today and I kill tonight.
  9. - I did vote against mafia early in the game and I linked the comment to it. - I have still shot neutrals, that's not an argument against myself. I mean realistically there were no good mafia shooting targets, we sussed out maf pretty quick - I didn't come up with the plan, and if I am town, of course I will be the biggest proponent of a plan that lets me guarantee a town victory. - Lets assume you actually were seance'd we are going to blindly think Ricer "accidentaly" let something like that slip - We literally have no way of knowing you were actually seanced, so you sa
  10. And just in case you think I would edit a comment https://vhlforum.com/topic/97250-town-of-salem-15/?do=findComment&comment=811662
  11. Once again, lets look at the decision from last nights perspective: If I am TT: Option 1: I shoot Caboose, I win the game by forcing a stalemate with a lookout and the timer runs out. Option 2: I do nothing, allow town the chance to lynch me and lose the game for no reason. @Caboose30you say I am smart. Which one of these seems like the smart decision to you?