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  1. Here ya go graphic boys. Made this during our last playoff run (so I think it was good luck ) https://imgur.com/a/9v4UBTQ
  2. Its all good man sorry you were so busy!
  3. Thats two consecutive misses, so unfortunately @Zyrok is DQ'd, @fishy F - Thomas Landry II @MattyIce go ahead
  4. @Zyrok skipped F - Chad Magnum @MattyIce you're up
  5. 9/13 - 9/20 How are you spending this offseason? Will you be moving up to the VHL, or staying down in the M? Top three spices, go. Do you like museums? What was your favorite you've ever gone to? Cook with butter or olive oil? Predict the next season we will win a cup. Who do you think should be our captains this season?
  6. Mr_Hatter

    HFX/MIN; S74

    Thank you for your service @Hops Hello and welcome, S76 HFX 5th S76 HFX 3rd S76 MEX 3rd S76 HFX 1st S75 HFX 2nd
  7. also can we just remember how absurd it was to give expansion teams the 11/12 spot in the draft
  8. Going into the draft, tbh, I was hoping to be selected by Prague. Its funny how things work out sometimes though butterfly effects and all that
  9. Once again, as the off-season continues, I sign off on the VHLM for another time. Thank you to both of our fantastic commissioners, @Sonnet and @diamond_ace who work to make this league a better place. Thank you to all our GM’s, our staff, and most of all, thank you, the community and players who come together to create such a wonderful place. I have been your host Mr_Hatter, and on behalf of the whole VSN crew, thank you, and good night!