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  1. That's my boy!!!!!!!!! @Proto What a goal to kick off his goal scoring career
  2. 1/26-2/2 Answer 6 questions to claim 2 TPE 10 games in, 8-2-0, how do you feel about the start to our season? What do you think is our teamโ€™s greatest strength? We took a big L against Philadelphia this week, 4-1. What went wrong? Who do you think our biggest threat is this season? Who do you think has been our MVP through the first 10 games? Next game we come up again against the Reapers. Predict the scoreline (or, if it has already happened, Game #54, react to it) We have two games against the Marlins coming up as well, who have put together a pretty good team this season. How do you think we will do?
  3. Oof and so the streak comes to an end. Hell of a run tho!
  4. Mr_Hatter

    RB PC

    Ah thanks!!!!! Even if it is Vegas I appreciate it!
  5. @Bushito in case you need a ping to let you know we are all done; thanks for running this!
  6. D - Lincoln Tate F - HHH F - Acyd Burn F - Phil Marleau D - Jerry Garcia D - Lincoln Tate G - Greg Eagles And that's a wrap folks! Good luck to you all, I think gorlab might have this one, but there are some other good groups in here too
  7. Penalties and this Seattle team name a more iconic duo... actually don't I have a feeling I know what you will say scary good game from both goaltenders though
  8. I don't like this new meta where DC and Prague are good ๐Ÿ˜ฌ gg, close game!