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  1. 4/18-4/25 Answer 6 questions to claim 2 TPE 1) Who is your least favorite sports player/commentator/public figure? 2) In general, do you consider yourself a "serious" sports fan, or just casual/not at all? 3) What is your favorite comfort food. 4) There's two minutes left in the 3rd, you're down a goal, and its the last game of the season. A win gets you a higher seed to avoid the killer number one team, but a loss drops you out of playoffs. Do you pull your goalie? 5) We have 9 games left to play! Predict our final 9 record. 6) Given the same
  2. my dude! Thanks for the shout-out, its wild how long its been already
  3. 411-4/18 Answer 6 questions to claim 2 TPE 1) What is your worst nightmare? 2) If you could play for any league in the world EXCEPT the NHL, what would it be? 3) Do you think the VHL is more of a hockey game, or role-playing game? 4) How has your player been doing recently? 5) What is your favorite season of the year? 6) Beach house or mountain home? 7) Tell me something that you have never told anyone before.
  4. Mr_Hatter

    DCD/MOS; S77

  5. Fantastic read @GustavMattias, albeit sorry for your loss HOF lock in my book for 420 alone
  6. Totally agree. Not sure on its efficacy for all the awards (in fact I think I'd hate it for all awards) but I think for the Funk it makes a lot of sense!
  7. lol how are we winning JOKING MOSCOW MOSCOW MOSCOW
  8. 4/4-4/11 Answer 6 questions to claim 2 TPE 1) We've had a couple good sims here, where do you think we will end up in the standings? 2) Currently, we are 7 points ahead of 9th place, and 8 teams make it to playoffs. What are the odds that we miss playoffs? 3) What has been your favorite part of the season thus far? 4) Do you have a job in the league/would you want one? 5) Do you ever think you would want to be a GM? 6) What is your favorite kind of sandwich? 7) Who is your least favorite Power Ranger?
  9. Thank you to everyone who applied! For those of you who were not selected, please don't be discouraged; prior interest is always a selling point in any future applications, and I wish you all the best moving forward! Without further ago, welcome @Spartan and @Bobo to the VSN family! Spartan will be joining VSN Scouting, while Bobo will be taking up a position focusing on general VHL coverage, specifically as a co-writer on our Around the VHL series.