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  1. 1. We have finally turned a corner, who do you think is the main reason for this surge of success? I think it's a major group effort. The forwards found some good chemistry, the D is holding up pitching in on both ends, and Wolski has made himself a wall when we get vulnerable. 2. Now that we are in reach of a playoff spot, what do you think we need to continue to do to reach that spot? Keep going with the current formula, keep pushing ourselves both in practice and in games, we can't get comfortable when there are teams worse than us but somehow higher on the bracket. 3. Guy Lesieur has returned to DC, what is the biggest asset of his you are looking forward to return to the team? The gang is back together again! Happy to have Guy back in the locker room and on the ice, guy is a gem! He's been helping us where we need it: scoring! 4. Our rookies have been great so far, what is your favorite moment of theirs so far this season? Rookies have been great sports in the locker room, get attitudes and very hungry for winning which is what we need. 5. Going forward on the season, what would you like to see your player accomplish in the second half of the season? I'm hoping that I'll be in the All-Star team this year, I just need to keep putting the work in. 6. NHL Playoffs have been underway, is your favorite team in there? Who are you rooting for if not? Since my boys in Teal aren't there, I'm looking East to my hometown team, Boston Bruins, although I'm in Caps country. Out of the West, Colorado or Vancouver would be pretty awesome to see! Would be cool if the Caps did win so that way I could get the day off to go to the parade again
  2. 1. For certain, consistency like playing all out one game then disappearing in others. Maybe it's a stroke of last season's bad luck following us but I know we're better than this. 2. Boris is out there playing to win, I think a lot of us need that kind of drive to get us out of this funk. 3. I think overall, we're doing great for D. Flaten is doing the dirty work in blocking shots and Drumm is out there laying the smackdown on our oppenents. 4. I don't think a trade is necessary, I think we have the tools to be great. It's just a matter of how we can best mesh and build solid chemistry with one another. 5. Most definitely, I wouldn't point any fingers his way in all this cause he's holding it down for us the best he can. 6. I'd say Americans. After all the short comings they've faced in recent seasons, they want redemption and I can't blame them for that.
  3. 1. Maybe last season's bad luck may have followed us a bit but we can get out of our funk in pressing hard now to gain a rhythm that can carry us forward. 2. I'd say pretty hard, I know my rust is showing and I'm still trying to shake it off and contribute as much as I can. 3. Always exciting, part of me wishes we were still the new kids on the block but it's good to have some new stadiums to play away games at. 4. I think we have all the tools to compete for the Cup, it's just a matter of when we can kick it into gear. Hopefully sooner than later. 5. Thai Food and Chik-fil-a, Taco Bell depending on my mood. 6. Get an official VHL award someday.
  4. F - RJ Jubis F - Owen Nolan F - Uhtred D - Berocka Sundqvist D - Luciano Valentino G - Jimmy Spyro @Advantage
  5. F - RJ Jubis F - Owen Nolan F - D - Berocka Sundqvist D - Luciano Valentino G - Jimmy Spyro @Greg_Di
  6. F- RJ Jubis F - Owen Nolan D - Berocka Sundqvist D - Luciano Valentino (Don't call me selfish ) @Advantage
  7. F- RJ Jubis D - Berocka Sundqvist F - Owen Nolan @Greg_Di