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  1. I love it, looks killer! 😎🐲
  2. 1. We've started a little rough for the season, were you expecting any better from the squad? I think we're still feeling out how to play together as a team being so new, we'll find our groove after a few more games and figure out what works and what doesn't. 2. If you were GM of the Dragons for a day, what is the first thing you would do? First thing would be to find Free Agents to fill out some roster spots, mainly forwards and find a goalie to help fill the pipes. 3. Which is more important to you; team success or personal success, and why? Team success above my personal success for sure, This team is brand new along with the squad, I think it would be beyond rewarding to bring home the grand prize to it's new fan base and build a legacy of success. 4. If you could re-design any logo in the VHL or VHLM, which would you pick and what would you change it to? I think I'd switch up the Seattle Bear's logo, I think it can look more animated and ferocious than it's current state 5. Who is winning the Stanley Cup this year? Call me crazy, but I think Tampa Bay has all the tools and friendly contracts to make a solid run now that Columbus is deweaponized lol. 6. Is there any NHL or VHL player that you're modeling your play after? 100% Erik Karlsson but with the ability to skate backwards.
  3. 43 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 44 Calgary Wranglers @ D.C. Dragons 45 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans 46 New York Americans @ Seattle Bears
  4. Review: Really awesome and unique backstory for Guy, especially his hobbies. Glad to see that he was able to carry his grandfather's gift all the way to the pros while indulging in his favorite pastimes like the AV Club. I really enjoyed how Guy had his parents in mind when choosing to go to Notre Dame, good to see that all their efforts in helping him progress as a player was paid in full by this. Well written and I can't wait to hear more!
  5. Review: Really cool concept of his dad's backstory and longing for the countryside and glad to see that Dalton picked up on his habits and work ethic both in and out of the rink. Dalton seems very relatable in how, when he was younger, he wanted to keep his options open in either hockey or his studies and his questioning of his mother. Glad to see that hockey came out on top and hopefully he'll meet him mom. Well done and great transitions in giving the reader a colorful idea of his timeline leading to his career!
  6. Review: Good to see that Patrik kept Lucas in mind on his path towards a professional hockey career. Nothing says more about an older sibling than to stand (literally) up for his younger ones and going all the way wtih them in mind. Well written and great detail in telling about Patrik's value in his family. Looking forward in hearing more about Patrik!
  7. Review: Really, really well written and great pictures to bring Ryo to life! The story itself very detailed in the timeline from Ryo's first interest in hockey to present day. Well done on the little things like turning the page on his personality and demeanor after meeting Misa and the jealousy of what was an only child turned oldest sibling. Glad to see that there was a happy ending for him, Misa, his parents and his new sibling with no bad blood between them. Can't wait to hear more about Ryo in his ventures!