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  1. 1. I could believe it, they have a championship squad for sure! 2. I honestly can't wait to hit the ice with him! Same draft class, same position, I really look forward on what kind of pairing we could make! 3. I have a feeling Wolski is going to have a hell of a season with our heavy blueline with some great scoring from our forwards. 4. I think Toronto and London had a handful of great picks in the first round, It's a deep class so I'm thinking they're in a good spot. 5. Call me a homer, but I really think we're in a great spot. Other than that, I think Seattle and Calga
  2. 1. A lot of vino and spaghetti to cope with the pain, but eventually he'll shake it off and get back to work. It was a hell of a run. 2. The loss of Mikko is gonna hurt but i think we have the tools to adjust, Wolski looked great and I look forward in seeing him next season. 3. He's definitely going to venture back home in Italy for a bit to visit family and support system there before he hops back into the preseason training. 4. Seeing how Mikko's gone, Valentino is going to need to step into some big shoes to fill some of the missing leadership. He's been scrapping a lot recen
  3. 1. I think we have a hell of a chance, We're been on a tear recently with a few hiccups but I believe in the squad! 2. It's going to be a tough one facing the top dogs in the conference but we'll give them a hell of a series and hopefully beyond that, the goal will always be the Cup. 3. A replacement for Mikko for sure, as a player, leader and guy in the locker room but I don't know who can fill those kind of shoes. 4. Valentino has shown his limit on patience in getting involved in tussles and scrapping a bit, I think he understands that he only has so many games left in a few
  4. 1. Who would be the best VHL Member to be stuck in a bubble with? There's a lot of players I'd look forward to hang out with in a bubble, I'm pretty easy going. 2. Who would be the worst VHL Member to be stuck in a bubble with? Not really many here, but I'd say pretty much any team we'd be playing against in the playoffs. 3. DC is gonna have a Mario Kart Tournament.. Who wins and with what character? Most def myself as Luigi, everyone knows he's a God... like me ? 4. VHL Lets you bring one family member in the bubble, who you bringing? Gotta bring my main and