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  1. When they ask Frobe what his secret is to remaining undefeated:
  2. 1.What do you think of the new additions made by GM Glasser? To be honest, just got back to the practice ice for the first time since my isolation training regiment of single malt scotch and hunting. I have no reason to doubt the GM's ability to crush deals, so a hearty "welcome aboard" to all the new teammates. 2. What’s your favourite fast food place? Why? In-N-Out, I'm assuming only because I don't have a Shake Shack near me. 3. Do you think this is the year we finally make the playoffs? Other teams in the league better hope not. 4. Who is gonna be the teams mvp this season? And what do you think our strengths/Weaknesses are going into the new season. Gotta be the netminder, Wahl. For skater production, I'll go Fizzlebeef. 5.What kind of numbers do you hope your player puts up this season? (Goals, assists, points?, for goalies wins/ GAA, SV%?) 69-0 in fights. (STILL undefeated) 6.Whats one area of your game you’ve improved in over the offseason? Passing & shooting, hope to help out offensively while still putting bodies into the boards.
  4. Cauae he wants ti be the first one to ever defeat Gert B Frobe in hand to hand combat.