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  1. Tuning in just for the lols
  2. What thread was that? Been here all week and there hasn't been anything infamous I can recall? @GrittyIsKing09Great idea!
  3. Sweet we'll go up 5.0% percent after the tournament and have an even better chance to move up in the draft, the #2 pick is calling our name
  4. Thanks for giving me what I wanted and freeing my soul nerds
  5. This time it's a little different and the chance to win TPE is even better, correctly guess a series and earn .5 TPE (rounds up to the nearest whole number) and if you can guess the correct series length in one of the series earn 1 TPE. Max is still 3 but the chances to win some are better! Good luck like always Questionnaire Responses @VHLMGM @Abe Roque @OrbitingDeath @Mr_Hatter @ATST @Joshothegreat @Alex Bridges @rjfryman@Jbeezy76 @bluesfan55 @Ricer13@IHateBobNutting@NotSoGood88@capogna @djpeterson@Ty343 @Telkster @weekz @Eldredman @Deadlyjester @TXC @Viperxhawk
  6. No that's totally fine, loading up a image resizer now and I'll get it the right size Again, appreciate it and thanks for the effort
  7. I like the post in the first one better but thanks a ton for the signatures
  8. Well I guess yeah if it's every team at once that would be impossible throughout a full season, but you admit that sims have been passed through all these seasons numerous times and nothing has been done to change it? A reminder would be good, who doesn't check a notification? This is where some of the conflict is coming from because it either helps players that know more about the engine and the forumers that have no clue how anything works seem to have a bad first career. Yes I know it again is on the player to ask questions but come on we can't blame it on one party, we are all in it togeth
  9. Sure nobody would complain as long as it doesn't happen every time, if it does.. Fire them!