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  1. Coming from a person who picks and chooses favorites based off posts is insane, who the hell stays in character 100% of the same time while expressing an opinion, she's obviously upset and holds the Titans close to heart. I don't see anything wrong with the response to Sonnet, this is getting blown out of proportion.. Sonnet leaves the same kind of comments and since both are veterans around here, who cares..
  2. I'm not applying until I take over the VHLM with multiple cups and a fanclub full of haters Don't mind being an assistant though
  3. 16z


    Holy shit this is sexy and very well done! Good placement and sizing, icy design stands out and catches the eye and the text is blazing hot. Other than not having the correct jersey color being so close up, the graphic is easily a 9.5/10! Wonder what it would look like with the logo on the helmet and the text moved down a little?
  4. Great job picking the correct colored equipment to match with the logo, it makes it a lot easier to imagine it with the logo added, looks like a real shot from practice.. Having Zamboni Drive peeping his head near the bottom gives the image a little more depth as well since you didn't add text or any fantasy designs, it's simple but works. Looking a little closer, the logo could be tilted a little bit more right, too bad you didn't switch the IC to BT or put something over top of it. Overall this fits the VHL and gets a 8 out of 10 from me!
  5. The Bears shocked the league and all the forgotten fans that gave up on them, winning their fourth cup in 9 seasons playing an outstanding series against the Titans but how well did they actually perform? Today I'm going to take a deeper look into the final series to see how both teams performed under the spotlight 1. First thing I noticed was the pure dominance Seattle had in all areas of the ice, outshooting, defending and shutting down any chance of a comeback throughout the whole series, shift after shift 2. Another thing I noticed was that forward Jim Bob
  6. I can do it, thanks for the offer buddy. Didn't know they still worked after the fact
  7. Yes please, can manage if you need an extra but give it to the newers first
  8. gimme gimme gimme *nom nom nom*
  9. Thanks guys! I always try and cover something that exists but doesn't get much mention, I had a lot fun with writing and researching this one. Everybody who was involved should remember or realize that there was shootouts with 2 goals, 11 rounds and only 2 goaltenders with 4 straight saves, obviously going into it I don't know what to expect but I keep on. Knew Malmo was at the top of the list.. Wanted to include more statistics but this took me at least 8 hours so thanks for letting me know that, Los Angeles has to be second Formatting needs a little work though for all viewers (m
  10. 1 - What are your offseason plans? Going to take a chill pill and focus on playing my best each game, don't really need to continue tiring myself out with maximum workouts 2 - We're losing a couple of key players to retirement next season - are we still able to make the playoffs? Yeah I think we do, it'll be a huge hole to fill offensively but we have a great depth squad. With a little time and a rising prospect potentially.. We'll be at the top of the standings 3 - If you could re-do your career, what one thing would you change? No
  11. This week I decided to look at all 57 shootouts this season and find out which teams had the best duels, after selecting my favorites and creating a list I was left with a lot of nominations so I ended up with a few lists, the best goaltending, the best goal scoring and the longest duels we've had, leaving out the shorter shootouts where there was only a few saves or goals. These are the best of the best, which one do you think is the most entertaining? the Best Goaltenders Jacob Tonn Game 470 | London United vs. Vancouver Wolves Both goaltenders duel but Tonn com
  12. I don't see a few uncapped making that big of an impact but yeah the good get better, what if it wasn't for a 50 goal season.. 50 career goals? Also what about forum/game achievements made up by the staff? Just thinking.. Be on 3 different teams, log in for so many days straight, 1-year medal.. Could be anything really
  13. There should be milestones, reach 100 games played, earn 1 uncapped TPE
  14. I know we have the total amount and the update log but I wanted to know how much TPE some of my teammates had in a previous season. Maybe after every season players get their TPE cemented to their profile? Might be a lot of work but the league files have the information? Just thought I'd drop a suggestion if anybody else might find that useful Exampe: In season 75 with around I don't know, 450 TPE? My player scored 42 points and in Season 77 with 850 tpe I had 86 points, could he interesting to see in our profiles Even bigger.. Attribute changes over seasons? Might not