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  1. oopsie thought i would play this season.. pls unretir mi
  2. Solid pick but you forgot to tag the next person in the draft order.. @Phil you are up
  3. Not at the beginning, when it's your turn again you will!
  4. Was close to drafting you in Ottawa.. Good luck this season!!
  5. I should have made an offer if that was the case You picked a solid club though, good luck!
  6. Hey welcome back! If you are interested in joining a deep roster with a ton of friendly faces let me know by quoting this message with a #GOLYNXGO I already know you will be a star, good luck on the next career btw
  7. Hey and welcome to the league. I'm the GM of the Ottawa Lynx and we would love to have you on the 3rd line with possible specialty team minutes if you are in it to win. Our locker room is chill, you'll get instant updates and we will try our best to showcase your skills for the next draft. If you are interested in joining the Lynx let me know by quoting or responding with q #GOLYNXGO and I'll send you a Discord link + contract ASAP
  8. Last minute press conference incoming! ANSWER 6 FOR 2 CAPPED, 3 FOR 1 CAPPED 1. How long have you been a hockey fan? What got you into the sport? 2. If you were a GM what kind of team would you build? Would you start off slow, go straight for a VHL job or are you not interested in becoming one? 3. What type of goal is your favorite to score? Breakaway, game winner, power-play, shootout? 4. What is your favorite VHLE team? It could be their logo, manager(s) or do you have multiple reasons? 5. Any players you look up to in the VHL or do you want to create your own path? 6. Without thinking about it type the first word that comes to mind.. Now make into a hockey themed sentence
  9. I'm sure the mods will move it to the right sub forum so don't worry about that but just claim it as VHL.com instead because you already have a media spot this week anyway. This is worth 2 capped
  10. 1. a new season is about to start, are you hyped? where do you think we will end? I'm hoping with all our picks we can use a full line up to be competitive enough to be one of the top teams. Our scouts are working hard! 2 as the season is about to start also the draft is approching, so, who do you think we will take as first pick? To be honest there are so many big names that could change our team it's going to be a toss up for me until the buzzer rings 3 talking about picks, do you think that one of our next picks will be an hall of famer? (I really hope that one or more players will enter the hall of fame) Yeah I think so. I see some veterans returning for another run and some up and comers looking to the future already.. But who will be end up taking? See you on draft night 4 now, let's talk about me, are you guys happy to have me as an AGM? (only good answers) Oh yeah, since I know you it's easy to adjust and you have a lot of grind so it helps me to keep motivated 5 as I don't know anything about you guys, describe yourself, so we can know each other better. I like baking, rap music and sleep 6 what is your favorite tv show? (i am a big fan of the office, bojack horseman and of course the great south park) South Park is one of one favorites too, usually the only thing I put on other than a music station
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