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  1. Today's game against the House Bulls we saw the San Diego organization bring along family when they arrived, hoping to give their young team a momentum boost against a deadly Bulls team. 23 different family members from the players families arrived and the biggest crowd out of all of them was the Frobe family, bringing along 5 members of his direct family. In the 1st period they had something to cheer about when Szita blasted one past the goaltender on the power play near the end of a competitive period which would give the Marlins a 1-0 lead going into the 2nd. All family members were allowed in the dressing room and at the end of the period we saw almost half of them go meet up with their relatives, the other half rushed to the concession stands to get a better position in the line up. The siren rang and the families rushed back, In the second period we saw Houston dominate the young San Diego squad and didn't let them get a shot on net, after a even strength marker by Wilcox the Bulls tied the game and the crowd had something to cheer about, humbling the over zealous family members. In the 3rd period was the best bout of the night, the Marlins would go on and outplay their opponents but inexperience and endurance would catch up to them, they would let the game slip out of their hands after letting in 2 straight goals, they would give one last ray of hope when Duster scored and got his second power play point of the night but it was not enough. Family Night would end with a spectacular performance from the young guns and if San Diego were smart they would invite them to come along on games more often
  2. Upvoted and left a comment, says it is removed though
  3. Week of July 15th To claim 2 TPE, answer 6 of the 10 questions below to gain full TPE 1. We're a few sims in now, not the greatest results but from what the Marlins have done, what excites you the most about the results? Seeing my player on the score sheet, I'm a big fan of statistics and even if we lose there is still tons to read and get lost in. 2. How do you feel about your personal performance thus far? Could be better in my opinion but others may say I'm doing great. Just want to keep improving and make my future performances even better! 4. What expectations do you have for us moving forward? Our team is going to be competitive shortly, we might not be at the top of the standings by the end of the season but I can see us being competitive all-around, might even ruin a few top teams days playing the stinker down the road. 5. If we could add one position, which one is most important and why? We need a pair of defenders I think, we could use anybody but if we can get a little more defense to back up Grimaldi and that will give us more chances to win. 6. Are you happy with your playing time over the course of the early season? Yes but wouldn't mind if I had to play less, rest is a big thing and I'm scared if we continue playing this much time we'll break. Obviously I'm knocking on wood because nothing has happened so far (and probably wont) but as much as I like being on the highlight reel.. I also like seeing my teammates smile and enjoying themselves. 7. If you had to give us a rival, who would it be and why? Saskatoon Wild. They were the second team to offer me a contract and I think since I turned it down they might want my head, thank god I have some tough teammates. Also, beating my buddy @diamond_ace makes the victory feel even better
  4. 56 Vancouver Wolves 57 Toronto Legion 58 Malmo Nighthawks 59 Seattle Bears
  5. Big win to tie the season series and end our losing streak, we need more games like this
  6. We fought hard but it wasn't enough, gotta keep training and improving as a team
  7. Climbing the rankings 😎 TPE TPE TPE Nice to see all the new San Diego entries, now we all must climb together!
  8. Thursday, July 11th - San Diego, California With little experience and not much to go off of the managers of the San Diego Marlins held a team vote to decide their captains, it was getting close to the afternoon and emails were being sent to all players so they could get everybody together to make the decision before they went to training camp. All players attended the voting process and the locker room was active, a good sign for the newly formed club, each player took their turn going into the voting booth (bathroom) and made their selections, the last player was ready and as the door closes behind him the managers walked back into the dressing room to read the results.. And the first Assistant Captain for the Marlins will be.. And the second selection and a rarity to see in the Assistant Captain spot, the Marlins have decided.. And the player leading the way for San Diego next season is.. That's a captain in each position and leadership throughout the line up, some an inexperienced club will most definitely need. We caught up with GM Gagnon after leaving the San Diego facility and he had this to say after we asked him how things went.. "It went amazing," as he smiled with glee "the guys are all so active it makes my job easier."
  9. #6 = 1223 TPE Top Players RW Dalton Wilcox - RW Koda Adok - LW Teemu Lehtinen Jr. - D Khalabib Stiopic - D Banko Mulleto Like most teams on our list Houston is offense first and probably the most offensive oriented team but they do have defense to back it up. What they need to improve on would be getting strong players to defend their scorers and somebody that can man the middle on the top line. The Bulls have an interesting roster and one you could gamble on, they are well ready to be a top team right now and with a few minor adjustments they could see themselves at the top of the standings, specially if their already talented player can get a little bit more TPE. Finally, expect to see some sweet plays and good chemistry from their top line, they have 220 scoring between the three of them. #5 = 1419 TPE Top Players RW Erik Draven - C Frans Eller - LW Brendan Plunkett - D Lance Flowers - D Wolf Stansson Jr. Yukon has a lot of talented players to fill the whole roster but are lacking a goaltender. If you look closer at the players you'll see very good scoring and defense with outstanding skating which are three vital skills you need. They have very low discipline and I can see that being a problem during the season. At the end of the day I'm sure we will see plenty of competitive games out of this roster.. if they can find a competitive goaltender to match because defender Flowers is going to be blocking a lot of pucks if they don't. #4 = 1548 TPE Top Players RW Anton Edvin - RW Emil Passerelli - RW Kenji Hachimura - D Pierre Persson - G Thorvald Gunnarsson The 21st have a very strong offensive starting line up, the forwards have a pair of scary scorers in Edvin and Passerelli and Hachimura threads the needle. Their defense is offensive as well and Persson takes the shot most nights while two-way defender Gage works his tail off. Goal-tending isn't an issue for Halifax, Gunnarsson ranks 3rd among TPE earners on the team and will be the right man to hold the fort for them this season. If the team can acquire some shut down defensive players and possibly a center they can make a legitimate run at the cup. #3 = 1553 Top Players C - Zeno Miniti - LW Hunter Wagner - LW Anthony Hawk - C Thorny Underyew - D Cody Parkey Right off the bat I notice the team has only a few lines of talent but can put the puck in the back of the net, the team is lacking defenders and defensive forwards which has been a trend so far but if they could get somebody to fill that gap the Lynx could be in the finals. Anthony Hawk is going to be a problem and his shot is scary, they have a little bit of everything they need in skill for offense and don't need to improve on that at all. The only area I see that needs an improvement is depth defenders and forwards that can grind it out, if they can find a few or train a prospect to develop a different skill set this roster could be very dangerous and nightmare shift after shift #2 = 2064 Top Players LW Berocka Sundqvist - D Andreas Sundell - D Hugh Chan - D Danny DeYeeto - G Justin Cole The Storm have the best defense in the league and just enough offense to go along with it, making them a huge threat and the bottom teams should prepare themselves. They will hit and skate past you and goaltender Cole will most likely be making the VHLM highlights. The only thing Minnesota is lacking would be a top center and are going to need one if they want to get chances to capitalize on, they are far ahead of other teams and are going to have a great year. #1 = 2493 Top Players C Alex Pearson - LW Dylan Doyle - C Scotty BigShotty - D Brandon LeBlanc - D Conor Adrienne The Reapers have by far the most players and best talent and has enough TPE to split the team in two, definite cup contenders and award winners all over their roster. If the team could acquire any type of player it would be somebody to fill their already great depth but other than that expect to see them dominate next season because their top line all has 1,275 TPE between them and they have depth players bottom teams would dream to have along with a back up goaltender. Is there anything this team cant do? Seriously.. They deserve to be in a different league!