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  1. So the season's begun! We're currently tied for 3rd in league standings. How do you feel about our performance so far? We got this in the bag The Aces haven't won a cup since S64, does this add to the pressure of succeeding this season? Not really because I didn't join the site until S68 and I know nothibg about team histories.. Just finding that out now actually. We are going to win even if the team never won before Who's your favourite locker room buddy so far? My old pair of bauer skates.. Bauer! Bauer!! Where did you go?!? What sort of ni
  2. D - Guy Saskamoose G - Greg Eagles @TXC
  3. Chikn has been skipped, no biggie because you can still pick whenever but if you miss another and get skipped again fishy will make your last picks for you @wcatsIt's your turn
  4. Interesting backstory, you explained so much I feel like I know ya. Should take a look at career tasks because you could easily do them.. Not too wordy at all, if anything it's perfect for my eyes/brain, just enough text plus you stayed on topic the whole time. Excellent job my fellow Ace
  5. TXC has been skipped after failing to reply in 12 hours.. You can make a selection whenever but don't miss your next pick or fishy takes control the rest of the way That means.. @wcats is up!
  6. Humble, I like it.. You'll be a star next season, just keep consistently training and writing articles like this. Also, thanks for the mention dude. The championship is ours!
  7. F - Ola Vikingsrad D - Michael Gary Scott @TXC
  8. He's already picked by Mongoose. Select someone else
  9. @fishy Guess you get to make some picks. Forgot to tag you in my last post
  10. Eso has been disqualified after missing 2 picks in a row @Mongoose87 it's your turn to pick twice
  11. Fan of the spacey background and smoke wrapped around the player, they go great together as a base and helps the cut by creating a glowing effect. Text is looking good, the white outline makes it easier to read with all the dark so smart move there, size and placement are looking good too. Things I can say need a few tweaks would be the Titan logo, yeah it has a black background clearly but it does blend in better than most can do, the text colour is totally off though, it shouldn't rusty yellow! Make it blue inside and try to get rid of the weird blur or turn the color of it.
  12. F - Mikko Lahtinen F - Brock Louth @TXC
  13. It's been 12 hours since the last selection so @chikn you're up @Eso pick a player whenever.. Just don't miss the next pick or you get disqualified