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  1. 1. Change of lines might help maybe find some players that fit together 2.buy everyone dinner, that would be cool! 3. Sneaky good goalies 4. I love clapping bombs in practice 5. yes but it was meh at best 6. Yeah i got a shea weber jersey
  2. as of right now we're 13-13 thats pretty good for a young low tpe team. us we're doing much better then last year very happy with how i'm playing for my first season, only gripe i have is i wish i could get more SB no clue to be honest i guess i'll go with screw Seattle A guy sits down in a Cafe' and asks for the hot chile. The waitress says, "The guy next to you got the last bowl." He looks over and sees that the guy's finished his meal, but the chili bowl is still full. He says, "Are you going to eat that?" The other guy sa
  3. i'd put my money on Rhynex Entertainment leading us with points Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Americans locker room discord much easier to see what's happening starting strong is always a good thing to show what we've got as a team us winning it all easy peasy to much surprise of a younger liberty cabbage, Bluegrass especially some of Tejon street corner thieves band
  4. I mean i guess a little better but not by a lot honestly yes beating us and Houston is pretty impressive. its gotta be canada!! sigh canada again foolishly no team play nobody wins alone i guess black bears just because they usually get into the trash i know they're technically not bears but i always liked pandas
  5. 4-0 sweep hopefully we ca keep him to a low amount of points but its gonna be hard to shut him down someone on there team is gonna surprise us if only we could know who it would be yeah screw those jerks not a lot no hard to separate all the games i think teams can feed off of crowds but its probably not as game deciding hopefully a lot
  6. 1. Nashville so it’s been a rough year:( 2. Yeah pretty much I don’t follow any other sport 3. A jousting league. 4. Maybe the trapezoid rule i get why its there but would be cool to see goalie puck handle more. 5. Its cool for a one off season but I prefer the divisions last season 6. Honestly i can’t think of anything to change 7. Lunch because it usually means a break from work
  7. 1. The juiciest head of cabbage i can find. 2. probably game with some friends and ignore my responsibilities. 3. I guess a goal. Depends on how fir sure the shot I blocked was going in thou. 4. Probably an eagle or a falcon so I could just zoom around all day. 5. “Hey guys I’ve posted a new line change” 6. nah we got this! They should be worried about us!! 7. Never winning a cup
  8. @Telkster has been an absolute fore this season! any opponents defence should be shivering in there skates when they face him! @drewowo is not only putting up points but he's hitting anything that moves and blocking every shot he can get in front of! NO....but maybe might go out of our team for this one just because Kjell Nilsson is putting up stupid numbers this season! at least 12 possibly 30 easy hoist the cup!!!!! some ginger with an absurdly long beard and absolutely massive forearms!
  9. goalies are usually pretty flexible so i bet either one of them could kill it on the dance floor. a burger and fries we are killing it and we continue without a doubt only improve as we keep getting better and better captain grapes is the best captain name in all of the VHL i played with the phantoms the most so them
  10. Season 76 of the VHLM is underway and the signs of what this season will hold for each team are starting to show and one team looks to have quite the promising season ahead of them. The Minnesota Storm have come out of the gates swinging and showing the league that they mean business this year. In there six games played so far, they have a record of 4 wins one loss and one overtime loss for a total of 9 points. Those 9 points are good for second in the league and first in the western Conference they are one point above both Halifax and Philadelphia with a game in hand above philly. Minnesota c
  11. Brussels Sprout Brussels Sprout was born on the hard streets of Belarus to a loving mother and father and two older twin brothers Dylan and Cole Spouts. He grew up working on the family cabbage orchard where he would work from dawn until dusk picking bushels of cabbages from each tree. Sadly, Brussels was never very tall so he had to bring a ladder with him if he wanted to get the fresh cabbages from the very top of the trees. During one winter when cabbage was out of season and Brussels had plenty of free time he decided to learn to skate and took a
  12. Alright I won’t lie sometimes it’s pretty good in smoothies
  13. very well a little boring but in these days boring is a-ok with me. win most of my faceoffs and be productive on both ends of the ice. go on a deep playoff run and hopefully win it all!!! play me a lot i guess at the very least don't scratch me i always like to beat the hounds just because they were my first team any kind of Asian food goes straight into my stomach. kale its disgusting and I don't want it even if its a super food.
  14. Forever happy I ended up signing here for my last season with perry!