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  1. 1. lots and lots of thinking about training but probably getting lunch and watching tv. 2. Hopefully keep improving on my guy, Honestly I'll take being drafted by any VHL team. As for VHLM PLEASE DRAFT ME OR KEEP ME 3. Checks team list UUH the Minnesota storm 4. ...........Minnesota storm 5.pretty funny i'd say! Hopefully i don't ever have to do that. 6. I think it's great that the league can support new teams and i would love o play for the new vhl team
  2. 1. If they haven't already developed into the player they want then they've got a few more opportunity to gain some TPE to make what improvements they need. 2. I have no idea why he was banned so i guess i don't have an opinion. 3. He's not a Band but shawn james has a bunch of great songs, He made the song for the last of us 2 trailer. 4. Rowing i use to do it in high school (far from my rowing body now) but i like following it during the Olympics. 5. sell everyone for draft picks every year nonstop 6. for your first year just sign with whoever seems the most fun or the first person to send you a offer like i did.
  3. 1. I would have to wait and see who the the second round turns into, It sucks to lose a guy like Walker but this stuff happens in a rebuild. 2.I loved this Move having a guy like him is awesome and we didn't lose much in the other direction. 3.I'd absolutely come back to this team i had a blast all season so far. 4.Hopefully my Offense Bumps up a bit and maybe a ton more hits 5. Husky easy next question 6. If he needs a cool aggressive defense man who can score yes please draft me.
  4. 1. I scored a goal and discovered i'm top ten in hits. 2. Wayne from letterkenny his stare alone would paralyze the other team. 3. I know absolutely nothing about them hopefully a good team picks me up. 4. Might make a winger to change it up a bit but who knows thats in a long time. 5. Luxembourg Lucky Irish. 6. Maybe but not yet i'm sill learning the league and how it works.