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  1. So it is about how much time you spend? And I make a point to not just slam anything together for the logos. I spend at least 30 minutes and usually an hour in the app finding the right art and coloring.
  2. I’m not sure how creating something of value, that was generally received as high quality is bad just because I didn’t spend 6 hours struggling in illustrator to create it “from scratch”. It took me 30 minutes to pick all the colors, font, and correct art and get it how I wanted. Someone talented in illustrator could create this exact thing from scratch in the same amount of time. So is this only about time spent? Would you value me making something in mspaint that took 6 hours but looks like shit? If I recorded a video of me thinking about the vhl and staring in the camera would that count as enough effort? I guess I’m just wondering if these tasks are to generate good content for the site or simply to “prove” that you spent some time thinking of vhl? Seems to me like high quality is more important than spending lots of time doing something unproductive.
  3. Not sure what the oof is about? Yeah, I have a pro subscription.
  4. 1. Of course. Being given a chance to play in the big leagues and start right away is an incredible opportunity. 2. I think it’s going to be focusing on consistency. If I can keep my head down and keep grinding, everything else will take care of itself. 3. I don’t know many of the guys on the new team, but I am excited to see what we can get going. 4. I think it’s pretty good, but don’t be surprised if you see a couple alternates coming along. 5. I am never one to bet against myself. 6. I think I will have a better view of that after we get through training camp.
  5. Bruce Grimaldi Goalie WINS/5 = 26/5 = 5.2 TPE 40 Games Started = 5 TPE Save % Sub 0.900 = 2TPE Shutouts = 3 TPE per SO = 6x3 = 18 TPE Capped 20 TPE
  6. 2. No, lol 4. The current logo is ok. I personally prefer a more minimalist approach though. 5. Hockey, because obviously. 6. I think it is a good thing for the league. It gives more players more opportunities to play. Nothing will cause inactivity more than riding the bench with no chance of playing in sight.\ 3. I have no idea who that is or why he was banned. So, I guess indifferent. 7. I would like to get bigger. It's tough to score on me when I take up more of the net. After that I think I need to work on my skating in order to feel more confident in the net.
  7. 1. No way! I can barely skate in net, much less on open ice! 3. I think we are doing far better than anyone expected heading into the season. We came into the season with no draft picks and are middle of the pack right now. That's impressive. 4. I think things are more or less where they are going to be heading into the playoffs. Unless something unpredictable happens then the standings will most likely hold. 6. Nashville Predators. Because I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. 7. What kind of fan says something other than their team? GO PREDS. 9. I feel like the seasons are pretty short as it is. I wouldn't want them any shorter.